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The Ruthless Horse Abuse In Races

The hoofed herbivorous mammal called Equus caballus (horse) is made up of different species and has many breeds. Before the year 1769 when mobilized vehicles were created, horses were used as animals for transport using a horse and cart. The horse and carts would transport goods from town to town, since there were no trains or mobilized vehicles. Different breeds of horses: thoroughbred Mustang Arabian horse Shire horse American quarter horse Andalusian horse Akhal-teke Miniature horse Friesian horse Mongolian horse...
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Solution to Wild Horse Overpopulation

There’s an animal that’s been kicking up controversy, and that is the wild horses of America, we call them mustangs. Although their origins are unknown, their overpopulation has been a long-standing issue in the US. With large herds of these wild horses overrunning lands and resources, the controversy lies within our government BLM to control them. Today’s wild horses are not truly native. The early forerunner to the mustang is said to have first appeared millions of years ago but...
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Study Of Horse Behavior In The Herd

Introduction Throughout the duration of a week, a herd of 18 horses that formed the group of riding school horses at Wallington Park Equestrian Centre were observed for the exhibition of behaviours, these behaviours are then discussed below including the root and reason for their existence. The herd had a range of breeds and sizes containing ponies and horses together, however, for ease, all will be referred to as horses. The names of the horses in the herd and Banjo,...
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Horse Husbandry: Nutritional Requirements

This essay is going to evaluate nutritional requirements when feeding horses to prevent or manage impaction colic, laminitis and obesity. Horses (Equus caballus) are non-ruminant herbivores that graze throughout the day. As this species has a small stomach there is a limited amount of food that can be eaten before changes occur within organs, leading to many health issues. Obesity, the excessive accumulation of fat, can be noticed easily when examining the body. Muscle and bones being hard to see...
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Mercantileness And Cruelty To Horses For Profit

Racehorses are pushed to race at younger ages than they really should, so that the jockeys, trainers and owners can make as much money from that horse as they can. Sounds good right? Making loads of money? Well, maybe in this case it is not as good as you think. Horses are expected to race before their bodies are developed which puts lots of force on the cannon bone of the horse (a bone in the horses lower leg) and...
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