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Using Technology to Breed Perfect Cows

Slow walk through the fields and high-tech cows seem out of place, but the sensors , artificial intelligence , big data analysis, networking and the Internet of things other elements are beginning to have a significant impact on milk production. By 2050, the world’s population will reach 9.7 billion – more than 2 billion more than now, and the global food production system will increasingly be subject to urbanization, climate change, reduced arable land and the search for workers in...
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Cruelty to Dairy Cows

How would you like being separated from your mother the minute you were born? Never being able to see her again. Or your expected lifetime being 20 years shrunk down to 4 or 5? For dairy cows that is their harsh reality. Factory farming animals suffer in harsh conditions. Such as, neglective and abusive behaviour, the overcrowding of lots and the milking myth. These actions are currently still legal to this day under the face of the law. These animals...
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The Dark Side of Dairy

Introduction Milk production is the darkest and most wicked part of farming. The dairy industry totals unethical, systematic cruelty. Cows are continued to be subjected to abuse in the name of increased profits. More than 9 million, cows compose the U.S. dairy herd. Repeated reimpregnation, short calving intervals, overproduction of milk, restrictive housing systems, poor nutrition, and physical disorders impair the welfare of the animals in industrial dairy operations. Once their productivity decreases, the cows are often weak and are...
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Cow Essay

Factors Affecting Dairy Cow Productivity The productivity of a cow refers to the quantity and quality of a cow’s production in a specific period (days, months, lactation period, year, lifespan). Productivity is determined by genetics and depends on the characteristics of a given animal, species, breed, and age. Heifers should be managed to reach an appropriate breeding scale when they are 13-15 months of age to maximize final production. Postpartum calf mortality This refers to the death of a calf...
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Obesity and Mad Cow Disease

Information on obesity According to world health organisation (WHO) obesity and overweight is defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that leads to various health problems. Obesity can be measured by a taking a person weight in kilograms divided by square of height in meters. An individual with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more is generally considered as obese. Obesity is the major reason for the cause of various chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood...
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