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Discursive Essay on Prison Issues

Women prisoners and their problems Everyone who is in prison faces so many obstacles, but when it comes to women prisoners we cannot say it in words as they bear so much pain. For the past 15 years, the number of women prisoners is increasing. Not every prisoner is accused of a crime, some are innocents, some are under trial and for some prisoners, and they don’t even know the charge made against them properly. Most women prisoners in India...
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The Problems and Ways of Improvement the Prison System in the UK

In England and Wales, the prison system is in crisis. Self-harming in prison has reached a record high of 61,461 cases in the past 12 months up to September 2019; compared to the previous 12 months that’s an increase of 16% (Government, 2020). The National Probation Service are also under pressure to provide appropriate rehabilitation and supervision services to prisoners who have left prison; however, there is a shortage of staff, which means there is a higher case load which...
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Should Felons Be Allowed to Vote: Essay

In comparison to the rest of the developed world, the United States of America has one of the most punitive prison systems. The government claims that its prisons focus on rehabilitation, yet on average, 60 percent of all inmates will return to prison (Chung). Felons’ lives are thereby deemed unlivable because they are perceived as morally corrupt, “social contract” breakers. As a consequence, most state governments, aside from Maine and Vermont, prohibit felons from participating in democratic processes. While the...
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Essay on Why Should Felons Be Allowed to Vote

According to Martin Luther King Jr. “No nation can long continue to flourish or to find its way to a better society while it allows any one of its citizens to be denied the right to participate in the most fundamental of all privileges-the right to vote”. A prisoner, who is also referred to as an inmate, is anyone who is deprived of liberty against their will and can be lawfully confined or unlawfully confined (Justice and peace commission, 2011)....
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The Peculiarities Of Prison Officer Work

Previously the role of a prison officer was merely a turnkey, expected to ensure that prisoners were behaving in a disciplined manner and safety was kept (Bennett et al., 2008). In the late nineteenth century and beyond, the role of the officer developed and changed, to a moral reformer. Previously seen as ‘invisible ghosts of penalty’ (Liebling, 200, p. 337), prison sociology depends on depiction of the guards as merely shadowy figure, peripheral influence (Sparks et al., 1996, p. 60)...
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Essay on School to Prison Pipeline

Literature Review The “School-to-Prison Pipeline” is an incessant trend, particularly within urban schools in America. It has increasingly been influenced by discriminatory policies causing disproportionate effects on certain adolescent groups and families on the basis of color. The implementation of a zero-tolerance policy has further mitigated the cause. Consistent Methodology and Methods Current Research goes to show the best possible way to conduct research with reverence to this particular subject has been a qualitative approach. Over fifty works of literature...
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The Challenges And Issues Prison Face As A Criminal Justice Agency

This essay will aim to critically discuss some of the challenges prisons face as a criminal justice agency in the present day and it will also discuss some strategies put in place to ease these challenges within prison. Prisons are the harshest form of punishment for an individual who has committed a criminal offence, The Ministry of Justice (2018) explains the purpose of imprisonment and some aims put in place. Firstly, protection of the public – prison protects the public...
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Prison Reform Essay: The Reasons And Significance

It is a proven fact that once someone from a family is imprisoned, family connections and relations become weaker. This means that every time someone is imprisoned, their family will not necessarily disperse, but grow apart. Prison systems in the United States should be reformed because medical care is lacking, guards are not getting the proper training, and prison programs (for drug rehabilitation, GED/college, and reintegration) are not available or need funding. Prison reform was started in the early 1840’s...
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The Reasons, Types And Effects Of Drugs In Prison

For decades, illegal smuggling of drugs has been a severe problem in England and Wales prisons. According to Alex (2018), approximately 40% of incarcerated individuals test positive for drugs. Prisoners who use drugs suffer from mental and physical health complications, and their likelihood of recovering are minimal. Also, addicted prisoners pose a severe threat to the society since on release they often commit crimes to fund their habits. In a nutshell, the core purpose of the prisons is to reduce...
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Should Prisoners Be Allowed to Vote: Essay

Can you imagine what it would be like to be dumb? Not being able to express your opinions because no one cared to pay attention to your gibberish. For many inmates, disenfranchisement, which is the act of depriving one’s right to vote, is identical to being democratically dumb. The issue of felon disenfranchisement has been a long-standing one in our Jamaican history, and in support of that, many have argued that prisoners are not responsible citizens so they should not...
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Critical Evaluation of the Functions of and Concerns around Prisons

The image most individuals have of prison comes from how they are depicted in the media and reports. Prisons are often presented as violent institutions that are dangerous for the staff and inmates (Coyle, 2005). It is important to consider the origins and history behind prisons in order to understand what the prison’s key purpose was and how that has developed through the years. Prison after the nineteenth century had a more rehabilitative approach to the inmates that were incarcerated....
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A Brief History of Prisons

Prior to the 15th Century, incarceration itself was not considered a punishment, but rather a way of holding those who were in debt or awaiting trial. As well as common criminals, prisons at this time were also used to detain political prisoners, prisoners of war, slaves and those convicted of treason. Particularly in the case of the traitor, the prison provided a venue to exhibit the prisoner prior to his punishment. Many of these early prisons were built partially underground...
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Essay on Punishment Vs Rehabilitation

Society and Crime The purpose of this paper will serve to provide an overview of how the impacts of crime affect public policy, sentencing, practices, and operations of correctional institutions, along with a societal response to those impacts. We will attempt to examine why there is a need for punishment and crime (or not), take a look at the emphasis on current punishment and/or rehabilitation, and how multiculturalism and diversity may affect the responses to crime. Society’s views of crime...
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Segregation and Stigma of HiIV Positive Prisoners

Human immune-deficiency virus HIV (human immuno-deficiency virus) is a virus which damages a person’s immune system and weakens the ability of a person’s body to be able to fight infections (Haas, 1993). Segregation of HIV positive prisoners was a common practice during the first discovery of the disease, due to added pressure on prison officials to reduce the growing spread of HIV in prisons. The lack of education and understanding of the disease led to segregation and stigma of prisoners...
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Overview Of Criminal Justice System And Explaining Imprisonment

The purpose of this essay is to explore the criminal justice system and its operations as well as dissect a chosen agency from within the CJS, considering the many thriving, hopeful developments that have been made in this field as well as the scrutiny of some decisions made and thus discussing where clear areas of improvement may lie. The agency chosen is imprisonment, this process sees a gap in research, proving many positives right as well as leaving much room...
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Fahrenheit 451 And The Count Of Monte Cristo: Freedom Inside Of A Prison

One of the most compelling aspects of a story is the rebirth of a character. Rebirth is often compared to the Phoenix, the mythical bird that would burn itself up and then experience rebirth from the ashes of that same fire. Ray Bradbury, the author of Fahrenheit 451, used the comparison of the Phoenix several times throughout the novel to describe the main character Guy Montag and the repressive society that he resided in. This novel is an example of...
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Analytical Essay on Application of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Prisons

Introduction Prison is defined as “A building in which people are legally held as a punishment for a crime they have committed or while awaiting trial” and in which inmates are involuntarily detained and have many of their freedoms restricted under the law. And the concept of them is designed to achieve four main purposes; “retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, and rehabilitation.” However, there is a constant debate worldwide surrounding most countries’ prison systems and their effectiveness in achieving the four purposes...
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The Prison Industrial Complex and the New Jim Crow: Analytical Essay

The Prison Industrial Complex is seen as the new Jim Crow. Jim Crow laws started as early as 1865, after the slaves were freed due to the thirteenth amendment, which freed about four million people from slavery. The laws around slaves, how, when, and where freed slaves could find work and for how much, was strict. These ‘codes’ throughout the South would appear as a legal way to take away African American’s right to vote, take away their own control...
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Reintegration Of Ex-prisoners Using The Human Rights Approach

Overview The preceding chapter presented the findings of the study using a thematic approach. This chapter discusses the findings presented in chapter four. This chapter is arranged based on subtitles arising from the major findings of each objective in chapter four. The subtitles in this chapter are arranged as follows; the international and national legal framework in relation to prisoner’s rights to remunerable employment, the extent to which the Zambia Correctional Service complies with international instruments in relation to prisoner’s...
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Exploring the Prison Crisis: Influence of Radical Theory on Abolitionism

This literature review will overview current theory and knowledge regarding the crisis facing the British prison in the UK. It will utilise prison based literature to highlight a radical theory of penality (Paris, 2007) presented by Angela Davis, Joe Sim and others. The current situation surrounding the British prison is often cited in official reports and academia, alongside the strong presence of mainstream media control (Ibid). Using prison based literature, this review will use existing empirical evidence to draw data...
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Essay on Why Prisoners Should not Be Allowed to Vote

Should prisoners retain their right to vote? Stewart in his article “Terrorism and Human Rights” defined human rights as the essential rights and freedoms that belong to each person within the world, from birth until death. They apply despite where you’re from, what you suspect, or how you select to measure your life. They will never be got rid of, although they will sometimes be restricted – for instance, if someone breaks the law, or is within the interests of...
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Argumentative Essay on Felons Voting

Voting Rights for Felons On November 8, 2016, an estimated 6.1 million citizens were barred from engaging in casting their votes because of felony charges (Cheung). This disenfranchised population included people currently in jail and also millions of people under parole or probation, and those who had completed their sentence. It is estimated that 3.1 million people are denied their right to vote because of laws that restrict them even when the sentence is complete. According to a report by...
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Zoos are Prisons for Animals

‘We would consider it cruel to confine a dog permanently in a kennel. Yet we visit zoos where hundreds of wild animals are kept permanently in the equivalent of a kennel.’ Virginia McKenna. The existence of zoos goes back many years, but people are beginning to express concern for the welfare of the animals within the zoo. This is due to the unfortunate lack of effective protection and enforcement that ensure their well-being. The idea of zoos was meant for...
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Essay on Prisons: Solitary Confinement in the United States and Austria

Prisons exist around the world and every prison is different in each country. Individuals that defy the law will be subject to different punishments and every country implements different forms of punishment. In Austria, fines and incarceration are two punishments for offenders who break the law. Offenders who have a poor financial status have difficulty paying their fines, so they will be incarcerated for a certain amount of time (Bruckmüller & Graft, n.d.). However, 2008 was a turning point because...
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Impact of Prisons on Prisoners' Recidivism

The oxford definition of recidivism is defined as, the act or habit of continuing to commit crimes even after being punished (Oxford, 1879) and is such an important topic in society because of the danger and impact that prisoners by using restorative justice, repairing the harm done by the criminal and helping them through a rehabilitation process to prepare them for post-release societal integration. (STERBENZ, 2014). The Norwegian prison system takes the approach of rehabilitation whereby the aim is to...
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Essay on Effectiveness and Role of Prisons

Does prison work? 1. Introduction Prisons, most commonly known as correctional institutions, have been an integral part of the Criminal Justice System along with the Police and the Courts. Even though prisons and sentencing vary from country to country, they all operate in same manner, for example to sentence criminals and prevent further damage to society. Offenders are usually sent to prison when a legal penalty is imposed on them. Prison is considered to be as the last resort. In...
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