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Prison System Essays

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The Problem of the Intersection of Race and Gender in the American Prison System

Policing race is something that has been around in the United States since the times of slavery and now exists in the form of the prison system. It’s been put before us by those in power that some people are more human than others, but this fact isn’t something we have to accept, it’s something that needs to be challenged if we want to see anything done about it. This dominant view that black men are less human and therefore...
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Prison Reform Essay: The Reasons And Significance

It is a proven fact that once someone from a family is imprisoned, family connections and relations become weaker. This means that every time someone is imprisoned, their family will not necessarily disperse, but grow apart. Prison systems in the United States should be reformed because medical care is lacking, guards are not getting the proper training, and prison programs (for drug rehabilitation, GED/college, and reintegration) are not available or need funding. Prison reform was started in the early 1840’s...
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The Role of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialists Within the Prison System

Substance abuse and addiction is a major problem across the United States and in almost all juvenile correctional systems, jails, and prisons. Substance abuse is such a serious problem because it can lead to both significant mental health problems and physical health problems. Just over forty percent of inmates in state prisons and forty-seven percent of inmates in jails are dependent on drugs while over fifty-five percent of inmates in state prisons and over sixty percent of inmates in jails...
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A Brief History of Prisons

Prior to the 15th Century, incarceration itself was not considered a punishment, but rather a way of holding those who were in debt or awaiting trial. As well as common criminals, prisons at this time were also used to detain political prisoners, prisoners of war, slaves and those convicted of treason. Particularly in the case of the traitor, the prison provided a venue to exhibit the prisoner prior to his punishment. Many of these early prisons were built partially underground...
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Reintegration Of Ex-prisoners Using The Human Rights Approach

Overview The preceding chapter presented the findings of the study using a thematic approach. This chapter discusses the findings presented in chapter four. This chapter is arranged based on subtitles arising from the major findings of each objective in chapter four. The subtitles in this chapter are arranged as follows; the international and national legal framework in relation to prisoner’s rights to remunerable employment, the extent to which the Zambia Correctional Service complies with international instruments in relation to prisoner’s...
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Key Triggers of The Birmingham Prison Riot of 2016

The Birmingham prison riot of 2016 has been commonly described as “the worst prison riot seen since the Strangeways riot” (, 2016) that irrupted in 1990. After the disorder there was a rough estimate of 500 inmates involved as four wings out of a total eleven wings filled into a full-scale riot. It lasted from 12 to 15 hours until negotiations started and the prison was safely under control by authorities. During the over 12 hours of disorder inmates destroyed...
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Social Issues in the United States Prison System

We call it prison but in reality its modern-day slavery. There are many Americans who are incarcerated every day whether they are wrongfully accused or not. Some do not even have the possibility of obtaining freedom again. The United States has a high incarceration rate with over two million people behind bars (Sawyer, Wendy). The courts have had many cases where they wrongly convicted individuals, therefore they were forced to serve time. After being sentenced some inmates are sent to...
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Analysis of the Prison Justice Reform Act

The Prison Litigation Reform Act is a U.S. federal law that was enacted in 1996. Congress executed this act in response to a significant increase in prisoner litigation in the federal courts. It is just one fix for the inadequacy of our justice system that many states and the federal government have delved into. Reports have shown that for every 100,000 people living in the U.S, about 655 individuals are behind bars. Since 1978, the increase has been around 390%....
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