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Broken Windows Theory, Psychopathy and Domestic Violence: Annotated Bibliography

Broken Windows Theory: St., J. P. K. B. (2007). Pockets of crime: Broken windows, collective efficacy, and the criminal point of view. ProQuest E-book Central. Essentially this chapter states the key ideas of the broken windows theory and collective efficacy. The broken windows theory predicates that high levels of a disorderly neighbourhood can unknowingly influence crime which can lead to effects such as fear and a lack of social control which then serves a foundation for more pressing crimes, as...
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Essay on Broken Windows Theory: Critical Analysis of Articles

Literature suggests that 311 data alone may not be sufficient to measure collective efficacy and similar social constructs, rather big data combined with individual surveys and qualitative data are a more effective measure of behavioral constructs. Daniel O’Brien (2015) examines the use of 311 data as a measure of custodianship in Boston. Custodianship is a concept similar to collective efficacy that refers to the practice of an individual taking ownership of repairing physical disorder in public space. O’Brien pulled data...
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Essay on Broken Windows Theory: Analysis of Police Violence against Women of Color

In the book, ‘Invisible No More: Police Violence Against Black Women and Women of Color’ by author Andrea Ritchie takes a look at the issues of police violence against women of color. As police brutality against black men and women of color has come into the national spotlight, we only sometimes hear how ladies of color are influenced by police viciousness and sexual maltreatment. In the main section of Invisible No More Ritchie investigates history and the controlling dynamic of...
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The Effectiveness of the SARA Model and the Broken Windows Theory in Policing

In 1983, the four-step approach ‘SARA’ was initiated. It served as a “problem-oriented” approach to combat crimes. Community-oriented policing is a way for law enforcement officials and neighborhood leaders to work together for the good of the community, in which it would help identify and find solutions to problems occurring within that community. The first from the acronym ‘SARA’ is scanning. Scanning looks at reoccurring criminal activity, victims involved, common areas where crimes take place, and the kinds of crimes...
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The Broken Windows Theory in the Context of Social Problems in Bangladesh

A temporary market for short time in a day or in a week is known as street market. Selling a variety of goods, including flowers, fruit and vegetables and ice cream, even cloths, mobile accessories and other handicrafts at street or beside traffic road is the marketplace of this street market. There is no requirement for a street trader to show the license or membership in public, only authorized officers of the council and the police may request to see...
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Crime Prevention with the Broken Windows Theory

Broken domestic windows concept, academic principle that turned into made by James Q. Wilson and George Kelling in 1982. It used broken windows as a metaphor for crimes internal neighborhoods. Their concept hyperlinks to disease interior a community to the next time there may be a crime. Broken windows idea had an impact on police policy at some point of the Nineteen Nineties and within the twenty first century. This concept had a significant impact on the policies of Police...
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Broken Windows Theory, Opportunity Theory and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design: Comparative Essay

In order to explain what this project consists of, it was divided into five sections which are introduction, methodology, literature review, findings and discussion and conclusion. Theories were also used to correlate with the data that was collected. Broken Windows theory, Opportunity theory and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design were in fact the theories used. Besides the writing of this report a crime map was designed using Geographic Information System. Geographic Information system or for short GIS is one of...
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Community and Police Relations in Ottawa: Analysis of Broken Windows Theory

Over the past decades, police brutality has become more common in Ottawa. Whether it be homeless people being beaten, black men being stopped and investigated for no reason and blaming black men for drugs. I’ve chosen this topic because listening to news like this makes not just me, the whole community uncomfortable near cops. This relation between cops and community gives not just Ottawa but Ontario a bad name as this is spreading like wildfire across Canada. In general, I’ll...
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Policing at Its Finest: Argumentative Essay on Broken Windows Theory

When a person who lives in a community, whether it being safe or dangerous they would know at the end of the day if they needed a Police officer, one would show up. In life or death situations since 1838 our police have constantly been there. Police have become a big part of communities and have built trust with community members and created a close bond. Using different styles of policing procedures, mainly community based policing, has proved to be...
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Critical Analysis of Theories: Strain Theory, Social Disorganization Theory, and Broken Window Theory

Introduction The following theories listed below are believed to play an appearance in crimes committed in the United States. All of these theories can be useful and help us better understand and explain the world around us. However, this can be used for good or bad purposes. Strain Theory Strain theory is a theory in which an individual is very much to commit a crime for acquiring acceptance and have credentials. For example credit card skimming is used for financial...
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Injustice in The New York City Criminal Justice System: Analysis of Broken Windows Policing and New York City Criminal Court

Introduction Racial inequality in the New York City Criminal Courts, only exacerbates and help metastasize the mass incarceration epidemic in the United States. Instead of protecting the rights of the accused, New York City Criminal Court is an institution of injustice, marked by assembly justice, a lack of due process and racial bias. One of the topics discussed is how “Stop and Frisk” has also played a key role; It have made a negative impact in our society based on...
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The Issue of Lethal Force by the Police

In 1982 James and Kelling proposed the idea of broken windows. The theory ties disorder and hatefulness within the society to subsequent events of serious offence. One of the principles represented in the broken principle of windows is that there is little empirical evidence that conditions are causing crime when left unchallenged. Law enforcers tend to concentrate on serious crime involving crimes that are perceived to be serious and significant to the victim, such as rape, robbery, and killings. Police...
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Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Use of Electronic Stun Devices by Police Officers

In order to reduce the instances of death from assault by firearms, the electronic stun devices have been developed which causes trauma and eases the efforts of the police officers to nab the assailant effortlessly. In light of this statement, the discussion in this essay shall be focusing upon the hypothesis that police use of electronic stun devices are said to be a benefit to both police and public safety in arresting violent offenders. This research essay aims to falsify...
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Review of the Main Theories Explaining the Crime of Graffiti

“The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” (O’Leary & Spring, 2008). An expression of the untrained masses, Graffiti is also known, as street art is an expressive art form that is a reflection of people’s sociological issues of the past, present and near future. A hand of self-expression, such an art is usually in scripted on public surfaces, subways, staircases and areas. The Grove’s Dictionary of Art states that “Graffiti” is derived from a...
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Key Triggers of The Birmingham Prison Riot of 2016

The Birmingham prison riot of 2016 has been commonly described as “the worst prison riot seen since the Strangeways riot” (, 2016) that irrupted in 1990. After the disorder there was a rough estimate of 500 inmates involved as four wings out of a total eleven wings filled into a full-scale riot. It lasted from 12 to 15 hours until negotiations started and the prison was safely under control by authorities. During the over 12 hours of disorder inmates destroyed...
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The Main Theories of Causation of Crime

Kimmel and Aronson outline the 4 major theories of crime. They also consider the explanations of why the United States has such a high crime rate. Crime is an act that it illegal and that breaks a group norm. An example would be homicide. However, not all crimes break group norms, such as smoking marijuana, but are bad because they are illegal. There are two categories of crime: violent crime and property crime. The first theory that Kimmel and Aronson...
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