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Racial-Ethnic Differences in Offending: Labeling Theory Explanation

There are some major differences in criminal offending, particularly in the ethnic-racial differences among offenders. Studies over the years have shown a correlation between race and crime (Gabbidon, 2015:4) But, why is that? There are three theory’s that adequately explain and justify the ethnic-racial differences in criminal offending. The first theory that adequately explains these differences in the social disorganization theory. This theory was created in the Chicago School during the 1930’s (Gabbidon,2015:50). The second theory that explains the differences...
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Essay on Labeling Theory: Analysis of American Me

In the film American me directed by Edward James Olmos, the film follows a chicano youth by the name of Montoya Santana whom at the age of sixteen first enters the California penal system. He is introduced to the criminal justice system which in turn causes him to be caught in the path of lifelong crime until his premature death. The film being based on the Mexican mafia, portrays how Santa our main character is introduced to a racially segregated...
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Analytical Essay: The Essence of Labeling Theory

In an attempt to understudy the causative effects of deviant behaviors, the context of labeling came about. (Goode, E. 1975). Before this period, juvenile delinquent behavior was considered a product of the society, environment or an attribute of the youths, linking this with socioeconomic deprivation with a need to punish or treat these juveniles. This led to a shift in the focus of labeling theorists to the juvenile justice system, seeking a better understanding of how social control agencies react...
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Discursive Essay on Labeling Theory and Criminal Behavior

This assignment is a review of the five articles given. In this assignment, topic on “Labeling Theory” will discussed first. The topic on “The Normal and Pathological”, “The Social Construction of Crime”, “The Reach of the Law: Sin, Crime and Poor Taste and Culture”, “Crime and Cultural Criminology” will also be discussed respectively. For the Labeling Theory discussed by Howard S. Becker, it stated that deviance is the violation of some agreed-upon rule. The Labeling Theory focuses on society reaction...
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Reflective Essay on the Essence of The Labeling Theory

The labeling theory defines how people view themselves based on how others view them. This theory was coined by Howard Becker in the 1960s. Becker’s theory of labeling stated that an outsider view of person can lead to deviant behavior. If a group of individuals begin to label a person as a deviant, that individual will begin to view themself as a deviant. This can lead to mental illness, propensity to engage in criminal activity. Once an individual is labeled...
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Psychiatry Should Do Away with Diagnostic Categories and Labels

Recent research into the prevalence of mental health disorders in the UK has found that 1 in 4 people suffer from a current mental health disorder (Parkin & Powell, 2018), with 1 in 6 people experiencing a common disorder, such as anxiety or depression, in the past week alone (Baker, 2018). This extremely high prevalence of mental health disorders requires a reliable process for diagnosing, treating and preventing these disorders. Psychiatry therefore uses consistent diagnostic categories and labels for people...
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Catfishing: Background and Main Causes

The way that people interconnect using the Internet has truly transformed since 1990. Social media has introduced new means for people to communicate with each other and stay connected. People chat with one another and share memes via Facebook, post pictures on Instagram and Snapchat, etc. Technology has significantly altered the way that people search for love. In this modern era, it is not unusual for people to online date. Popular dating apps include: Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc. Many might...
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Negative Effects of Labeling on Women

An individual identity may sometimes be defined or influenced by terms that are used to define the individual. The world we live in is ever changing and is characterized by gender labels. This is referred to as labeling and it is premised on the labeling theory. Labeling entails that the identity assigned to an individual is in some respect altered to his discredit. Certain qualities connected with the behavior are attributed to him. The behavior which becomes the object of...
6 Pages 2914 Words

Social Differences in Criminal Behavior: Theories and Models

Social class and crime behavior relationship is a long-standing basis of discussion in criminology. The society has this perception that crimes are to be committed mostly by a lower class group of people in the society, forgetting the fact that even the upper and middle-class people commit serious crimes too. These social classes are a result of emerging divisions in the society which are supported by the social and economic background of the people. As opposed to the social norm...
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Career Features in Medical Sociology

Sociology is a field that I find very interesting because it forces me to look at things from all sorts of perspectives, not just my own. I’m used to viewing the world through my particular biases and leanings that it is exciting to see the world in different ways as well as understand why those views (including my own) are held. Because I eventually intend to become a doctor, the field of sociology that most interests me is Medical Sociology....
1 Page 604 Words

Review of the Main Theories Explaining the Crime of Graffiti

“The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” (O’Leary & Spring, 2008). An expression of the untrained masses, Graffiti is also known, as street art is an expressive art form that is a reflection of people’s sociological issues of the past, present and near future. A hand of self-expression, such an art is usually in scripted on public surfaces, subways, staircases and areas. The Grove’s Dictionary of Art states that “Graffiti” is derived from a...
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Juvenile Diversion Programs in South Africa

Children who commit minor unlawful behaviors were exposed to harsh punishment, therefore this is the inappropriate treatment for children in conflict with the law, as it disobeys act 108 of 1996 in section 28 of the constitution. In the 1990s South Africa introduced diversion to focus on the best interest of the child, providing appropriate treatment and punishment for children in conflict with the law (Steyn (2010). Z. K. Hamilton et al. (2006) define diversion as channel out, children in...
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