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The Analysis of The Article 'Panopticism' by Foucault Michael

In the article “Panopticism in discipline and punish,” by Foucault Michael. The author objective was to help really emphasize on this idea of that you were constantly being observed. He utilized the term Panopticism which gleaned from this prison idea the panoptikum. Where detainees were continually being watched through a reflective glass. The author perceived that present day society was establishing itself based off of this idea of panopticism. In order to perpetuate order and discipline in present day society....
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A Study of The Panopticism Concept

The Panopticon is Bentham’s architectural model of a potential prison. This model includes a large watchtower in the middle of a cylinder shaped tower of cells. Each cell is back lit by windows on the outside of the prison as well as clearly visible from the watchtower through windows inside the prison. So when in the watch tower the guards could potentially have an eye on any cell at anytime. Due to the layout though, the members of the cells...
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Analysis of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid's Tale Based on Panopticism, Theory of Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema and Interpellation

A best-selling novel widely regarded a modern classic, Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, has fascinated readers since its 1985 release. The novel depicts a dystopian society set in the land of Gilead, once known as New England, USA. This society acts as the manifestation of contemporary misogyny, resulting in a patriarchal civilisation in which the rights of humanity¬¬¬ and particularly women, are oppressed. Through the lens of the narrator ¬– Offred, a handmaid whose sole purpose is to act as...
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Michel Foucault’s Theory of Panopticism: General Overview

Wars occur every day around the world. A battle that is practically unknown to many, is the drone war. This may sound interesting if you’re a science fiction buff, but unfortunately, this war is no tale of fiction. In an article called “Merry Christmas America! Let’s Remember the Children who Live in Fear of Our Killer Drones” by The Intercept from 2019, the authors discuss the drone wars and how the political powers at the time of the strikes did...
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Overview of Foucault's Critical Analysis of the Theory of Panopticon

In addition, Foucault (1977) dedicates an emphasis on analysing the theory of panopticism. Designed in the late eighteenth century, Jeremy Bentham exemplified the architecture of the prison called Panopticon. Essentially, this is a proposed idea of a prison that introduces a new mode of power using power of mind over mind in the process of ensuring that the prisoners would improve in discipline and behaviour (UCL, 2016). The structure of this prison does not abide by the conventional principles of...
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Application of Panopticism Theory and Taylor’s Scientific Management Principle in Roads and Maritime Services

Introduction to Management Synopsis: The newspaper specified a stuck heavy truck on the bridge about 12.15 pm on Tuesday which caused traffic chaos and minor damage to a girder under the bridge. The driver had been slapped with a $2319 fine and stripped 6 demerit points, also $661 for operating the wrong area and $661 for not keeping a working dairy required. Many Paniagua, the Wollongong crane supervisor, reported about how the stuck truck with complicated both height (about 4.6...
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Panopticism as Privacy Prohibition

And while London is in urban decay, the whole of Oceania is a totalitarian society that can also be described as a Panoptic society. The Panopticon is a prison model created by Jeremy Bentham where the inmates are under constant surveillance by guards, who are not seen by the inmates. The inmate does not know whether he is being looked at in any moment but must assume that they are always being watched. Now, we know that the Party’s main...
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