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In today’s globalized world, cultures intertwine and influence one another in previously unimaginable ways. The beauty of cross-cultural exchange can lead to enriching experiences, inspiring art, fashion, and even culinary delights. However, when the exchange happens in a manner that trivializes or commodifies significant aspects of one culture for the ...

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‘’If you don’t understand cultural appropriation, imagine working on a project and getting an F and then somebody copies you and gets an A and credit for your work’’ Cultural appropriation is defined as the ignorant adoption of the styles, patterns or designs of a minority group or society, by a majority society, (e.g. the West). For hundreds of years multiple cultures have been exploited for their native designs and styling while the fashion and media industry have remained ignorant...
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Today I’m here to explain and to make sure people understand a questionable topic that is constantly misunderstood in all communities. Cultural appropriation is something that many don’t understand but many do. It may be intentional at times and other know that they are doing so, but just don’t care enough to stop. First, I’m going to explain what this concept is. Cultural Appropriation is the adoption or use of practices of one culture by members of a different culture....
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Introduction A series of discriminatory events have brought attention to cultural appropriation in fashion. Many major fashion houses (Gucci, Prada, Dior and more) have been accused at being at the forefront of such appropriation. Cultural appropriation as defined by Cambridge Dictionary states that it is “the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without showing that you understand or respect this culture” (Cultural Appropriation). Cultural appropriation is often used in academia to...
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“How can cultural appropriation at music festivals be understood in terms of style, place and popular culture?” The culmination of thousands of people inevitably results in cultural exchange; regardless of whether it is done consciously or unconsciously. However, modern music festivals have proved to be a perfect environment for cultural appropriation to occur. The Encyclopedia of Human Services and Diversity (2014) defines cultural appropriation as being “the taking of one culture's artifacts, artistic subject matter, traditional knowledge, rituals, symbols, or...
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Introduction Korean music or K-pop has become a global phenomenon recently in the music industry. It is important to determine the cause of success in K-pop that enables a small culture to be recognized by other cultures on a global scale. This is because of the globalisation strategy that is utilised predominantly in Korean music. One of the strategies is the use of cultural hybridisation or the process of creating a new cultural form as a result of mixing existing...
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Should the use of cultural codes and garments within the Western fashion industry be regarded as a legitimate source of inspiration or a blunt theft of cultural richness for the commercial use? Should culture be legally protected? Should Western designer limit their inspiration sources to the West? INTRODUCTION Style is an outlet for inventive articulation and an impression of individual and social character. Fashion designers progressively utilize cultural codes and garments as inspiration for their designs. Past media studies took...
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There is a fine line that separates cultural appropriation from appreciation. In the fashion industry, this has been a controversial issue for a while now between models and the message that they are sending, on the runway and on magazines, by wearing cultural symbols as fashion items. The media has brought this issue into the light and shown a wide variety of views that society has on this topic; however, this is not a new occurrence, this subject dates back...
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Cultural appropriation is a crime in the fashion industry that many fashion designers can be considered guilty of. It is defined as “the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without showing an understanding or respect the culture” by the Cambridge dictionary. One of the perpetrators of this act being Valentino through his Spring 2016 collection; inspired by tribal African motifs from which the collection derives its name - ‘Wild Africa’. Another...
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Postmodern studies focus on the issues of an individual than on a group or community. But in an era which tries to establish ' Personal is Political' (1970 Carol Hanisch), individual problems become social and cultural issue. Barsa by Khadeeja Mumtaz is a novel that focuses on Sabitha and Rasheed who leave their homeland Kerala to work in the holy city of Mecca. It portrays the cultural ambivalence faced by Sabitha who is not a Muslim by birth, but converted...
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Cultural assimilation is the process by which a person who immigrates to another country learns to adapt to and accept the culture and customs that are dominant in that country. This process is not easy to undertake, and many immigrants often struggle with assimilation. This struggle is one of the central storylines in Jhumpa Lahiri’s The Namesake. In this novel, Bengali couple Ashoke and Ashima Ganguli move from Calcutta to America to make a life for themselves and raise a...
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In the twentieth century, the United States of America has transitioned into a more diverse nation. Immigrants arriving from around the globe combined with African Americans to challenge the American identity. As a result, prominent figures including Theodore Roosevelt believed every American should indeed be Americanized. Throughout the twentieth century, Americanization, which means to sacrifice an old culture in favor of American culture, remains an issue amongst authors in particular. Authors in the twentieth century expressed their stance on the...
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