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Community Essay Examples

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Peculiarities Of Hacker News Virtual Community

In this paper, through very close observation and investigation in the Hacker News social news virtual community focusing on entrepreneurship and computer science, I argue that through each comment made these people within this virtual community gratify one’s “intellectual curiosity”, verses real community’s in which...
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The Problem Of Obesity In Hartlepool Community

Introduction The aim of this Community Profile is to assess the needs of the population within a geographically determined area. It will evaluate the resources that exist, and assess the needs of those within the community, to help improve the quality of life for the...
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The High School Community

In life, there are many communities that a human being will be through in their life, one that I will always remember is the homeschool community which is the community im in now. Everyone has a community that they will be in, in a part...
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The Features Of Community Social Work

There are many different types of ‘community’. For example, it could be people sharing common interests, or people who are brought together by their geographical location. A community is something that people have in common that brings them together. A prime quality of a community...
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Community Values In Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart, written by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe, was written in 1958. The novel’s plot revolves around the clan of Umofia, a culmination of nine villages on the lower Niger in Africa. The clan is quite powerful, populated, advanced, and skilled at war. Okonkwo,...
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Indigenous Community Project Development

INTRODUCTION TO INDIGENOUS COMMUNITY Indigenous community refers to the culturally distinct societies and communities and include are 370 million people around the world. Indigenous community people can also be referred to aboriginal people and are generally more poor and vulnerable. Further, indigenous community people also...
5 Pages 2201 Words

The Concept Of Community Consciousness Raising

Many women in the early days of the Women’s Liberation Movement felt bewildered about what it meant to be a woman, what they were doing with their lives and why. Discover how consciousness-raising groups helped participants to discuss their feelings, needs and desires. Consciousness-raising and...
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Volunteering In The Community

Abstract This paper reviews the importance and impact volunteering brought to my personal experience and development. The paper begins with the understanding of volunteering, the organization and the motivation for me to be part of the organization. The report also provides a detailed explanation of...
5 Pages 2258 Words

Community Gardening In Canberra: Benefits And Challenges

Introduction All around the globe, there are a large number of gardens for instance, in North America community garden ranges from the victory garden areas to street beautification planters. Additionally, in many places around Europe, there are various places which have “allotment gardens“ whereby there...
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