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The High School Community

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In life, there are many communities that a human being will be through in their life, one that I will always remember is the homeschool community which is the community im in now. Everyone has a community that they will be in, in a part of their life, such as hobbies community, family community, academic communities, and a lot more communities. Communities can grow you into the person you need to be, as long as that community has a good structure and has good rules for it. An academic community makes you ready for the future and can make a lot of great memories. The one community I have been in for the last year is the high school community, which has good academics, helps me find who I truly am, also helps me be the person I want to be in the future. With this community helping me through highschool I can achieve my goals such as going to college.

In my high school community, people are very welcoming and most of the people are very nice in my high school community. This community consists of around 400 people in my high school, so you get to know people way better than a larger high school. Most of the people are friendly and want to get to know their peers at their school. Also, the people in the school help each other through hard times. For example, when I was in 10th grade I was in a wheelchair for part of the year, people helped me through my hard time with opening the door for me and helping me get around the campus. So if anyone is going through a hard time they will for sure get help from one of their peers. One main rule in this community is to treat others the way you want to be treated. Also with that, the school wants us to get to know each other by having fun activities, such as field trips, rallies, and sport games. My highschool community is very different since it is a charter school, some activities we do are going to a haunted house in autumn, rallies before sports games, school dances, and sport games. This school community not only has good activities but very good academics.

In a high school community, academics need to be very good and makes the community great. Overall in an academics are very important in this type of community, because it helps us for our future. “Members of this community can share their experiences, help one another through academic or personal struggles, and can build a network that may lead to employment opportunities.”,(LSAMP , inspire program). Academic is what can lead us to the future that we want and in my high school community, we have a lot of academic opportunities. Such as media classes, singing classes, instrument classes, dual enrollment college classes, and ap classes. With having classes like these make the community good since you get to learn things that are in your interests such as media. These academics can grow us into the person we want to be. But with trying to become successful with academics there will be setbacks, and that’s when you can ask people in your school’s community, such as teachers and students. “Many peer groups can be a positive influence on their friends as well. It is thought that intelligent students help their peers bring up their grades.”,(Delp, Valorie). With academics in the school’s community, the people we know in this community can show us who we truly are.

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In high school, you may not know your purpose yet, and you might not know what to do after high school. Being in high school it can be so stressful because you may not know what to do yet with life after high school, such as, what college will I go to? Or, what career should I pick after highschool? With these questions teenagers may go through, they might be able to get help from people in their school community. Within the high school community, someone could ask a peer, a counselor, or a teacher for help for finding a school that is their fit or a job that they might want. Overall, academic communities help you finding your purpose and helps you find what you want in your future. But with knowing what you want in life you may need help achieving those goals.

When you’re in high school or in college, you may have some goals in life, such as getting a good grade, getting into college, getting a new job, etc. with having these goals in life you may want help from the people in the community. The academic community can help you through all the hard obstacles when trying to achieve these goals. “Studies show that when you’re held accountable for your goals, you’re much more likely to achieve them. Beyond achievement, I think its way more fun to do things together than alone.”,(Miller, Hailey). An example of people in a community helping you achieve goals is when you are thinking of something you want in life, such as a college you want to go to, a counselor can tell you steps to achieve that goal. “School counselors offer individual counseling to help students resolve personal or interpersonal problems.”,(good therapy). Overall, the people will help you through the hard times of achieving the goal.

Lastly, this community has made me a better person by helping me with my academics and helping me find friends that I will remember for the rest of my life.this community has given me so many great memories with the great activities it has. So an academic community helps people in so many ways and can lead the people into successful futures. Overall, an academic community can find you are, achieve goals, have memorable memories, and make lifetime friends.

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