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Effects of Language on Culture and Identity: Essay on Speaking English

Around the world 7,000 languages are being spoken, and most of us only speak one or two. Our identities are formed by a lot of aspects: by the people around us, the books we read, the music we listen to and the work we do. But, speaking a second language, can lead one to create a different disguise and help to understand who we are. The beauty of multilingualism lies in the ability to express yourself in multiple ways. Even...
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The Differences Between The Novel And Film Speak

There were many differences made in the book like the length of the film. In this novel, the directors of the movie Speak made it shorter because of time issues. The author states “Anderson’s idea for the protagonist in Speak came to her in a bad dream. Her nightmare, which she wrote down upon waking, became the story of Melinda Sordino, who alienates everyone in her high school by calling the police during a drinking party the summer before her...
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Language Autobiography: Essay on Speaking English

“Immigrants should speak English in their own homes to help prevent ‘schizophrenic’ rifts between generations of their families as almost a third of British Asian speak only their native language”. It is ironic that David Blunkett is demanding immigrants to speak English, yet in my household the language English was not allowed. Despite having a father born and raised in London and a mother who was fluent in multiple languages including English, the presence of English was not in my...
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Concept of Linguistic Identity: Essay on Speaking Foreign Languages

Linguistic identity refers to a situation whereby a person considers himself or herself to be part of a certain group that speaks the same language. Most people become fluent in a second or third language at risk of losing their identity. My linguistic background is that I was raised in a linguistic environment where I used Xhosa as my home language and English at school. After that, I found myself in a different language where I need to use isiZulu....
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Effects of Public Speaking Anxiety among Senior High School

Public speaking was described as the act of conveying a speech to the audience (Spencer, 2018). Based from the definition, it appears that conveying a speech to an audience is a simple exercise wherein it’s involuntary to address around a certain matter with someone to orate. Yet, it is quite distinctive nor connected with various factors to get into account when a person conducts an oration (Novakovic, 2015). Novakovic also delineates oration as a basis of the overall message. Oration...
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Teaching to Promote Listening and Speaking English as First Additional Language

it is important for every child to acquire listening and speaking skills before starting to attend their primary school stated darwissyah irwan d nunun indrasari 2019 there are many strategies and techniques that promote and encourage listening and speaking skills in the foundation phase in this assignment i will critically analyse the types of listening and speaking skills activities to promote listening and speaking skills strategies to promote listening and speaking skills techniques to promote listening and speaking skills and...
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Being Afraid To Making Mistake As The Difficulty To Learning Speaking

The ability to speak is one of the English language skills that any foreign language learner will master. The main question coming from someone who wants to learn their foreign language skill is whether or not they can speak English. In Webster New World Dictionary, speaking is to say words orally, to communicate as by talking, to make a request, and to make a speech (Nunan, 1995). At the school or college level. When students learn speaking, many difficulties they...
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Speaking Up And Society

Speaking the truth is something a lot of society doesn’t do. People tell lies, spread rumors, and gossip. In this case, this was happening to Starr’s friend Khaili, and even to her. She was the only witness at his death, and couldn’t bare what was being said about him after his death, so she did something about it. Who is Starr Carter? Well, Starr Carter is an amazing young woman who made such a big impact on her community. She’s...
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Challenges And Strategies In Speaking English

Speaking is imperative to human communication that it provides us to express our opinions, ideas, and feelings( Riverse1978: 162). Huebner (1969:203) states that speaking is the most critical communication skill. In our life, mostly, we use speaking skills rather than others, for instance, reading or writing. Good communication skill leads to success in every aspect of our life, whether it is education or work. Nunan (1991) noted, ‘success is defined in the ability to carry out a conversation in the...
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Challenges and Strategies in Speaking English: Analytical Essay

Speaking is imperative to human communication in that it provides us to express our opinions, ideas, and feelings( Riverse1978: 162). Huebner (1969:203) states that speaking is the most important skill in communication. In our life, mostly, we use speaking skills rather than others such as reading or writing. Good communication skill leads to success in every aspect of our life whether it is education or work. Nunan (1991) noted, ‘success is determined in terms of the ability to carry out...
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Speaking Challenges Faced By Introvert English Education Study Program Students

INTRODUCTION Background People talk everyday where ever they live. They use language as their tool to interact and communicate with another people. Marzulina (2018) states language is a means of communication to connect people. Thus, language is required for interaction and communication. Talking about language, there are many languages in this world. Based on page of UNESCO, there are around 6.700 languages that spoken by people in this world (Hardyanto, 2018). Every country must have its own language. But nowadays,...
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The Importance Of Speaking Skills

Speaking Fluency Speaking is not merely a matter of using words, but it needs a more complicated process of producing speech. Speaking is a productive skill that needs a lot of practices. In addition to listening, speaking is mostly taught to the students before reading and writing. By using spoken English, the students will be able to convey their idea. Therefore, speaking is a direct route from one mind to another and is the best way to ask a question...
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Use of Animated Short Movies to Enhance the Speaking Skill of the Students at Elementary Level

Abstract The aim of this research is to investigate the student’s weaker areas in spoken English and improve the speaking skills of the students through the short animated films at the elementary school level. ESL learners face many difficulties in expressing the ideas and thoughts. They lose their confidence when they are supposed to speak in the target language. Sometimes students remain silent in fear of making mistakes, and this job leads them away from learning. Animated films are great...
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The Peculiarities And Importance Of Public Speaking

Public speaking is a skill that every person has whether they have mastered it or they lack the skill due to anxiety and anxiousness, we all have gone through it at one point in our lives. When you have good public speaking skills, it can be beneficial and essential when communicating your thoughts and ideas to a group. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of awareness training to reduce nervous habits when speaking in public. Targeting...
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