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Exemplification Essay on Vocalized Pauses as an Example of What to Avoid in Public Speaking

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Vocalized pauses are a break in verbal communication that interrupt a person’s thoughts and occur when a speaker fills the silence between words with vocalization, such as ‘like’, ‘you know’, and ‘um’.

In public speaking, we use a mixture of techniques to get a point across. The main purpose of giving a talk is to inform the audience of something and to persuade them. We want to be able to do that effectively. In my opinion, vocalized pause in public speaking is not acceptable, and as a speaker we should not use pauses in public speaking because they make the speaker unconfident, lacking knowledge and interest in the topic of discussion. A speaker who uses vocalized pauses is also reflected to have unsystematic arguments that controvert each other and their ideas are not well-communicated, which designates the nervousness and unease of the speaker. Vocalized pauses disrupt the flow of communication and do not carry any significant meaning, but can serve as a signal to separate the speaker’s thoughts. Speaking to a group of people in a structured manner to entertain or inform the audience requires a lot of practice. Fear of public speaking may cause sweating and headaches.

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Lessening vocalized pauses can be rebellious, but can be reduced and eliminated with efficient practice and preparation. Vocalization pauses reduce credibility and cause difficulties for the audience to compered the message. It can create a negative reaction towards the speaker if they occur too frequently. Therefore, without a vocalized pause speaker will be able to convey meaningful and comprehensive information effectively in public speaking, and that will impact the behavior and attitude of the audience.

Vocalization pauses can be avoided by using an organized method of speech, and a proper presentation which helps to improve the speaker’s vocal performance and prepare them for a clear sense of purpose and strategies that will fulfill the purpose. With effective practice and preparation, the speaker can eliminate or reduce them over time, and if the speaker becomes aware of his or her speech issues, he or she is more likely to improve his or her speech habits. Speech practice with little or no vocalized pauses is considered persuasive because the speaker addresses the issue with authority and credibility. By practicing recording yourself you will just know that you sound more confident, and the audience will able to follow you more easily.


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