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Rhetorical Strategies Essays

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Analysis of Rhetorical Strategies in “Best In Class” by Margaret Talbot

“Best In Class” can be seen as full of rhetorical strategies and rhetorical appeals. Margaret Talbot uses exemplification as a rhetorical strategy in order to capture the audience’s attention. Throughout the essay, she introduces many rhetorical situations, many being about becoming valedictorian. Talbot writes about issues of naming students valedictorian. She states that there are too many factors that can play a role in a students classification. Rules, regulations, circumstances, and agreements are made to title students as number one...
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Analysis of Rhetorical Strategies in Speech on the Women's Right to Vote by Susan B. Anthony

In the 19th century, women in the United States had few legal rights and most of all did not have the right to vote. This speech on the women’s right to vote was given by Susan B. Anthony after her arrest for casting an illegal vote in the presidential election of 1872. Anthony was then tried and fined $100 but refused to pay. Not only was she a women’s rights activist but she also fought for the equality of the...
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Analytical Essay on Types of Rhetorical Strategies and Devices

Introduction Rhetorical strategies are words or phrases that are used to inform, educate, convey meaning, provoke a response from a listener or reader and persuade during communication. Although the strategies are ordinarily used in literature, we often use these types of words in our everyday conversations without notice. For example, the metaphor, it’s raining cats and dogs. This is a common metaphor that describes a heavy downpour. While we are curtained that cats and dogs are not falling from the...
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Analysis of Rhetorical Strategies in Music Videos from Past and Present

Genre is defined as typical rhetorical ways of responding to a situation that repeatedly occurs within a scene. To help better understand that a scene is a place in which communication happens among groups of people with some shared objectives. Lastly, a situation are various rhetorical interactions happening within a scene, involving participants, subject, setting, and purposes. To further analyze genre, we look to music videos, which is when an artist creates a short film to go along with the...
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Analysis of Rhetorical Strategies in Jeremy Rifkin's Article “A Change of Heart about Animals”

Journalist, Jeremy Rifkin in his newspaper article “A Change of Heart about Animals,” published in Los Angeles Times (2003) addresses the topic of animal science and argues that animals are similar to humans in multiple aspects as in emotional, somewhat mental, and behavioral. Jeremy Rifkin supports his claim by presenting multiple animal studies conducted at different research institutions. Questioning old assumptions of animals mental and physical stimuli, quoting a behavioral scientist on natural selection, and concluding multiple questions towards animal...
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Analysis of Rhetorical Strategies in Letter from Cherokee Chief John Ross

Imagine a situation where you were subjected to unpleasant terms or conditions that you never agreed to in the first place. Nonetheless, you must go through the said situations since an individual claiming to be a representative of yours accented to it, thereby making it a binding agreement. Now, imagine not giving up the power to be represented to the imposter who put you in that position. Such is the situation the Native American tribe, The Cherokee, found themselves in...
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JFK Steel Speech Rhetorical Analysis

In 1962, the United States was emerging from a recession and the biggest steel organizations raised its costs by 3.5%. Kenndey, alongside numerous different Americans, was irritated encompassing the choice to raise steel costs. While Kenndey addresses the choice he utilizes numerous instances of rhetorical strategies such as cause-and-effect and comparing and contrasting, to represent his disappointment and irritation with the corporations. He provides the individuals of this nation with the expectation that this national issue will be settled. Since...
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Analysis of Rhetorical Strategies in the Articles by Alex Tapscott and Jong-Hyouk Lee

The financial crisis of 2008 bred a new technology. Blockchain technology was born from a desperate attempt to try and alleviate trust from big banks and government after they failed to protect people’s money when the market crashed. Hundreds of millions of dollars lost, families broken, and lives destroyed. When blockchain was invented in 2009 naturally at first, barely anyone even noticed this technology existed. As time evolved and people saw the value of this technology applied in Bitcoin, people...
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Analysis of Rhetorical Strategies in The Speech of Miss Polly Baker before a Court of Judicature

The speech “Miss Polly Baker, before a Court of Judicature,” was given in a court in 1747. Miss Polly Baker who lives in New England was prosecuted for the fifth time for having children without marriage. She represents her financial instability, so she is unable to hire an attorney to argue for her. She is addressing her difficulties and the worse time she is suffering from and making an effort to convince the court to pass out with her punishment...
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Analysis of Rhetorical Strategies in “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander

Throughout “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander, we see how the author uses claims and evidence as well as rhetorical strategies to make different appeals to the audience. This educational text serves the purpose of providing information to white individuals who aren’t familiar with the criminal justice system, which works to force blacks into literal cages and this is mentioned throughout the article. It also appeals to those who believe that they and their children won’t face the risk...
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Analysis of Malala Yousafzai's Speech

At the very young age of 18 years old, Malala Yousafzai had become the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala is a voice for women who don’t have one. She stands up for children’s rights as well. Her speech that she gave on the 10th of December 2014, shows that she is very thankful for her parents and all the people that support her. To get her point across she uses logic and emotional language to ensure...
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Rhetorical Devices of Mark Antony's Speech

It is unbelievable how much we are affected by others around us. Not just by their words, but by their actions. Some people can be so influential that they change someone’s views on a topic in just a couple minutes. This is exactly what Mark Antony did to the people of Rome at Caesar’s funeral. As a matter of fact, Antony uses three rhetorical devices in his speech with the hope of secretly persuading the plebeians to be on his...
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Inspiring Speeches by Henry V and John F. Kennedy

The timeless qualities associated with these two historical leaders inspire young leaders up until today despite the evolution of time. William Shakespeare’s play ‘Henry V Speech St. Crispin’s Day’ and John F. Kennedy’s speech ‘We Choose to Go to the Moon’ use motivation, vision, and determination. For leaders to be effective we carry out these qualities to become effective leaders. Shakespeare depicts a profound lesson in leadership. King henry’s persuasive address is a rhetorical masterpiece. His speech is not only...
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Researching the Effectiveness of Rhetorical Appeals

When attempting to persuade an audience on your outlook on a topic, how acceptable is the use of illogical reasoning in order to give more credibility to an argument? How does the art of discourse affect audiences with the intent of learning more about a topic? The issue of gender equity is one which has sparked a plethora of debate, revealing differing perspectives on the topic whilst collecting large amounts of controversy due to its contentious nature. According to The...
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John F. Kennedy's Effective Use of Rhetorical Strategies in His April 11, 1962 Speech

John F. Kennedy had a very powerful response after the increase of steel price in 1962. In his speech made on April 11, 1962, he is extremely effective in his use of rhetorical strategies to convey his message. Kennedy gives off a disapproving tone and strong diction in order to clearly get his point across. His main goal is to make the steel companies reverse the increase. John F. Kennedy was very skilled at taking situations and allowing all of...
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Rhetorical Devices of President Roosevelt's Speech

Sometimes, a person can hear a speech and be so moved from the words that they act on what was said. That was how America felt about the two speeches we discussed in class. Those speeches came from a time of tragedy and were separated by many decades, but still carried the same emotional value. One was able to convey feelings through his face and body language, while all Franklin Roosevelt had was his voice to use. Between the two...
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Rhetorical Analysis of John Lennon's 'Imagine'

‘Imagine’ presents the argument by John Lennon that world peace is a necessity. This song has become a large part of pop culture, Lennon proves his argument through the use of several different examples of throughout history. He uses rhetorical strategies like ethos, pathos, and logos. ‘Imagine’ is a song about a better world, he sings of peace, equality, and love. The song’s lyrics contain several references to war, such as “imagine there’s no countries/ it isn’t hard to do/...
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Purpose of Emma Watson's and Malala Yousafzai's Speeches

Emma Watson and Malala Yousafzai both speak to their specific audiences to strive for their common purpose which is having gender equality worldwide. Emma Watson is launching a campaign called ‘HeForShe’. She wants to end gender inequality for good. By presenting her campaign to the United Nations members she is getting the attention of the highest power that she can and informing them on her hopes and dreams for women everywhere. Malala Yousafzai is advocating for women all over the...
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Scott Russell Sanders' Position on Human Migration

Scott Russell Sanders, American novelist, responds to an essay by author Salman Rushdie in his novel ‘Staying Put: Making a Home in a Restless World’. Rushdie maintains the perspective of the human race constantly migrating, rooting themselves in places rather than ideas, and praises these ideals. Sanders chooses to refute this, discussing the dangers of finding solace in ideas as opposed to places. His conflicting opinion to Rushdie may have been what prompted him to write this passage, but the...
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Martin Luther King's Rhetorical Techniques to Convince His Audience

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, leader in the Civil Rights Movement, in his letter ‘Letter from Birmingham Jail’ (1963) argues that white moderates are the real barrier to equality for black people. King develops through use of various pertinent examples, both extended and hypothetical supplemented by thought-provoking rhetorical questions and effective references to outside literature. King appeals for the unity against the racism in society and right for Human Rights, using ethos. Similarly, King uses pathos to trigger the American...
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Malala Speech Rhetorical Analysis

Malala Yousafzai suffered very brutal wound to the head, but yet she continued to further her education and made strides in the education field. Malala is the youngest person to win this honorable award along with being the first Pashtun to do the same. Malala’s speech was very efficient in how she can be very persuasive with her use of words and rhetorical devices. Her points throughout can be very persuasive and as a kid she puts things in it...
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Nicholas Carr's Firm Conviction About the Detrimental Impact of Modern Technology on Society

‘Is Google Making Us Stupid’ by Nicholas Carr, it expresses how technology has affected our lives and changing the way we think and process things. It is also argues how the advancement of technology has affected our ability to read long pieces or to be able to keep information for a long period of time. The article exposes to what degree the Internet has affected our attention span and society. In addition, Carr uses the rhetorical strategies to try to...
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W.Scott Poole's and Richard Kearny's Unique Take on Monsters

Monsters, as explain by Richard Kearney, are, “…something in us, made manifest in our response to certain experiences of ‘chaos, disorder and desolation’ in nature’” (Kearney, 39). In this sense, our responses to situational conflict can provide the building blocks for monsters; our anxieties from tragedy, horror, and terror will transform reality into fictional and horrific monsters. Poole further solidifies this argument in his essay ‘Monsters in America’ by providing us with a brief examination of America’s bloody history, and...
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Rhetorical Analysis of John F. Kennedy's Moon Speech

September 12th,1962, the height of the Cold War, tensions between the US and Soviet Union were at a high and both nations were trying to outdo the other. It was a common belief that the Americans were losing the ‘Space Race’ since the USSR had become the first nation to put a man in space. John F. Kennedy was determined to not allow the Soviets to go down in history as the pioneers of space exploration, he was determined to...
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Rhetorical Strategies Used by Olaudah Equiano in His Autobiographical Article

The non-fiction piece “The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano” was written by Olaudah Equiano. The memoir is about Olaudah Equiano who got kidnaped by a slave trader when he was 11 years old. When he was on the way to another country, he met a different slave trader and got terrible treatment. In this journal, it shows slavery’s horrible experience and feelings. The author’s purpose is to inform the abolition of the slave to their society by...
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Analysis of a Fake News Article on the Notorious Website ‘The Onion’

In the article, ‘Obama Sinks Family Savings into Developing Presidential Tabletop Game’, an anonymous author discusses, as the title states, how the former president Barack Obama is sinking all of his financial gains into the development of a board game. This article can be found on a notorious fake news website called ‘The Onion’. The article achieves its purpose as a piece of fake news because it does not have a certified publisher to back up the article and the...
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The Land Ethic': Rhetorical Analysis

In Aldo Leopold’s piece, “The Land Ethic” it creates an effective rhetorical analysis with its moral responsibility to the natural world. The idea of a land ethic is simply caring about the community, the land and restoring the relationship between them. Leopold states, “An ethic to supplement and guide the economic relation to land presupposes the mental image of the land as a biotic mechanism. We can be ethical only in relation to something that we can see, feel, understand,...
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Rhetorical Analysis of Patrick Henry's 'Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death' Speech: Essay

During the late 18th century, a large-scale revolution swept across North America, eventually forming the United States. One of the most prominent advocates of this revolution was a man named Patrick Henry, who gave a defining speech at the Second Virginia Convention, pushing many to revolt against the British Crown. This convention was attended by many important figures including George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Furthermore, this convention was attended by members that did not necessarily side with Henry’s ideology. Considering...
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Rhetorical Analysis on Cumming and Muggah

Fia Cumming’s (2000) “Higher fuel tax slows us down; NEWS EXTRA” published by Sun Herald; a Sunday counterpart of the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH), illustrates the conflict between truck drivers and the dishonesty of the Australian government on the issue of increased excise rates for fuel. Cumming achieves this via applications of rhetorical appeals, predominately logos with statistical data, tone and structure. Likewise, Robert Muggah’s (2019) SMH “Amazon fires: the world’s lungs are filling with smoke” also demonstrates the divided...
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