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Cussing or Profanity: Psychological Benefits in Everyday Communication

Why you should be friends with people who Cuss a lot according to psychologists: Why does using a swear word make people feel better? Is cursing a sin? Nope. It’s just a way to take out your aggression. People who curse tend to be straight shooters who don’t care about anything. Psychologists say people who curse a lot possesses some commendable qualities. They are honest, expressive and more intelligent than others. Those who are proficient in curse words are more...
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Censoring Profanity in Teenage Literature: Modern Social Issues

Censorship is the suppression of anything considered objectionable, and often target topics such as sexuality, racial issues, religion, drug usage and violence. In adolescent literature, there are many novels that are challenged can be due to language usage, personal views and values, and social issues; book challenges often request schools or libraries to remove that material. This paper will discuss the issues on banning adolescent literature in middle and high school classrooms, literature on LGBTQ+ content being challenged/banned, and the...
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Profanity and Influence in Modern Music: Christian View on Secular Songs

Perhaps you have had this conversation with a close friend. Maybe you have run across this Secular vs. Sacred argument on online forums or social media. Regardless of background or context, many people have been confused by this topic and are perplexed by the lack of clear, undeniable facts. In my research, I have discovered that as there are very few actual facts to answer the question, the journey to a conclusion has been long and difficult. The sides are...
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The Effect of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports on Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities: Use of Profanity

Introduction One aspect of teaching is educators’ abilities to effectively manage their students’ behaviors. Many teacher education programs expose teachers to numerous strategies for managing students’ behaviors. One of the most challenging aspects of teaching is classroom management and discipline (Yost & Mosca, 2002). According to Witzel and Mercer (2003), ‘The area of behavior interventions in classrooms receives more attention than many other aspects of schooling. This is not surprising as teachers are expected to deal with discipline problems that...
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Critical Analysis of the Use of Profanity

Introduction 1.1 Background of the Research Problem The use of profanity is not an uncommon phenomenon. This term is also known as swearing, obscenity, foul language, taboo words, and the like. In this research, all of those terms would be included as profanity. Many people from various ages, educational backgrounds, cultural backgrounds, or social statuses use and/or understand the use of profanities. They are usually cautious in using it since it is seen as rude and offensive. The term profanity...
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Detection of Inappropriate Anonymous Comments Using NLP and Sentiment Analysis: Analysis of Profanity

Abstract The world became interactive and socially active nowadays because of the increase in different types of content-sharing applications. These content-sharing applications are social media platforms that provide various features so that users can effectively interact and share their thoughts and ideology. One such platform is a discussion forum that promises the anonymous posting of users’ views and complaints. As the growth In the craze of the forum, they are being targeted by spammers for their work. Though these platforms...
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Usage of Profanity by Malaysian Teenagers: Analytical Essay

Research Methodology 3.0 Introduction This chapter described the procedures and methodology utilized in the course of this research. The research design, participants, sampling method, data collection methods, research instruments, and data analysis procedures are also explained in this chapter. 3.1 Research design 3.1.1 Pilot Study In order to determine the possibility of conducting this research, a pilot study was conducted in March 2018 where a preliminary study was developed to determine if Malaysians use bad language in English. The preliminary...
4 Pages 1986 Words

Relationship Between Profanity and Honesty: Analytical Essay

Abstract The overall purpose of my research was to look into the use of swearing by facilitators during group sessions as a method of improving group members’ engagement with session materials and examples but also helping them more fully understand and internalise the learning. To do this I have looked mainly for studies which have been carried out by psychologists and industry professionals using the scientific method. Whilst there is some dissenting opinion, the overall consensus among those is that...
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