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Billie Holiday’s Song 'Strange Fruit'

Art works as a vehicle as a means of bringing awareness, change, and self-expression. Billie Holiday’s ‘Strange Fruit’ shed light on the maltreatment of the African American community which revolutionized the way the public perceived the issue. From cruel backlash to public appraisal, ‘Strange Fruit’ made a lasting impression. Jewish communist, Abel Meeropol, wrote ‘Strange Fruit’ under the pseudonym Lewis Allan. Meeropol was a high school teacher in the Bronx and often wrote songs, poems, and plays. He first published...
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Billie Holiday's Song ‘Strange Fruit’ and Its Impact on Society

Music has influenced people for centuries and keeps on doing so today. Musicians have an excellent way of expressing their feelings, thoughts and opinions in their music. Because of this wonderful talent, musicians can impact their listener’s feelings, thoughts, and opinions. A great example of opinions being expressed through music is the song ‘Strange Fruit’ (1939) by Billie Holiday. The song was produced at a time that was dangerous for black people in America and sheds light on a significant...
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Transcendentalist Ideas in Eminem's Song '25 to Life'

Transcendentalism, the idea of being yourself, ridding yourself of your materialistic values, acknowledging your uniqueness, and doing things on your own, not letting others do it for you. Transcendentalism was practiced during the 18th century and their ideas are still being practiced to this day. The changes in society and advancement in technology have given birth to a need for transcendentalism because of our dependence on technology to do things for us. The ideas that the transcendentalists believed in about...
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Analysis of the Song '21 Guns' and Anti-War Protests

The thing with today’s society is that when people listen to a song, they don’t think twice about what the song really means. For decades there have been different social issues going on in the United States, one example of a social issue is from ‘21 Guns’. Unfortunately, the USA has not been thinking outside the box of using peace during a war instead of just sending an army. The song ’21 Guns’ by Green Day was released on May...
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Essay about My Favorite Song: 'Body' by Jordan Suaste

Big thighs? Curvy with wide hips, large feet, round bellies, cellulite, stretch marks and folds? Crooked teeth, thin lips, flat nose, acne? Yes! They are all normal bodies. I chose the song ‘Body’ by Jordan Suaste because I think it’s the most spectacular and pure song ever made in human history and because I relate to it in a very personal level. Each person has different taste and reasons for liking music and even though, all songs are very different...
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‘Eye of the Tiger’ by Survivor: Analysis of Song with Deep Meaning

Music has been a major impact on some of our lives since the beginning, there are all kinds of songs and music based on your preference. When we are happy, we listen to music, as and when we are sad. Most importantly, every song has a message; it tells a story of someone’s pain and suffering or even an event that occurred. Research has shown that music has the power to improve our health, such as improving your mood, reduces...
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The Song Bohemian Rhapsody and the Novel The Stranger: Reflective Essay

Bohemian Rhapsody, a song, made by the band, Queen, is an old British hit song from the 1970s. This song has been largely been known as just another popular song from that era, until someone started to look closely at the lyrics. The lyrics show the constant thought of “fantasy” and “reality”. This of course is some of the main themes of The Stranger, by Albert Camus. The Stranger stars the main character Meursault as a young man who despises...
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Thoughts on Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's Song 'Shallow'

‘Shallow’ is a love song by both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. They used the word ‘shallow’ to describe how overwhelming and profound their love for each other is. “I am off the deep end” in aspect, they are deeply in love and involved in each other. The words “I’m falling” are the emotional peak of the song and have a dual meaning for me, reminding me of going off the deep end but also of falling in love. “I’m...
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Essay on African Americans: Jazz, and Their Contribution to America

A type of music that is usually played in the major key and quite popular in America is jazz. It was originally invented in the late 1800s by African-American musicians. However, it didn’t become very popular until the 1900s. By this time, jazz had become an inherent part of American culture. In the 1920, there was a time period known as the ‘Jazz Age’, since jazz music flourished and became extremely well-known especially among the younger generation. Jazz also spread...
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Essay about Songs of the 1960s

The 1960s was the time of revolution. A lot was happening in the world, but especially in the United States. The 60s was the decade of revolutions in politics, society, civil rights, war, and music. During the 60s, people protested for the civil rights movement, race equality, and women’s rights. Sociologist Daniel Bell stated that the beginning of the 1960s was a time of post-industrial values, with an emerging emphasis on personal pleasure, self-expression, consumerism, materialism, and instant gratification. The...
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Violence Vocalised in Songs

We all love a good story. The juicier the better. Told through old media, new media, social media, the arts: we just can’t get enough. And when it comes to good old-fashioned gossip, we’re secretly in our element. We’re only human, after all. Spectators and tellers of titillating tales; passing performers in the bittersweet melodies of social exchange. As for music? Well, “Without a song or a dance, what are we?”, ABBA asks. Songs vocalize our human wants and woes...
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Work Songs and Spirituals Strengthen the Weak and Weary

While exploring how people cope with intellectual and emotional stress by listening to work and spiritual songs strengthen and uplifted their psychological well-being. A study was done on some older African American living in the southeastern part of the US. The results revealed participants experiencing stressful life events and how the coping strategies expressed through listening to spiritual songs like praise and worship music uplifted and gave them strength and endurance. In ‘Spirituals to Rock and Roll: The History of...
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Magnetic Tape Recording Technology and Its Influence on Creation of the Beatles' 'Strawberry Fields Forever'

Big changes in technology bring big changes in the music world. With every new discovery in the technological world, we find a way to improve the quality of our music and the techniques behind it. One of those inventions which paved the way for more complex audio recordings was the magnetic tape recorder. The use of it brought big changes in the radio and the music recording industry. The biggest advantages of this technology were the possibilities of re-recording, combining...
2 Pages 784 Words

Comparison of 20th and 21st Century Songwriting English

Music is sound that is composed in such a way that contains rhythm, song, and harmony, especially sounds that is produced by instruments and can produce rhythm. Although music is a kind of intuition, phenomenon, to create, improve and present it is an art form. The reason I chose this topic is because music is important for the balance of our minds, music is also art and as an entertainment. There is a difference in the type of English used...
1 Page 586 Words

Profanity and Influence in Modern Music: Christian View on Secular Songs

Perhaps you have had this conversation with a close friend. Maybe you have run across this Secular vs. Sacred argument on online forums or social media. Regardless of background or context, many people have been confused by this topic and are perplexed by the lack of clear, undeniable facts. In my research, I have discovered that as there are very few actual facts to answer the question, the journey to a conclusion has been long and difficult. The sides are...
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Music Preferences And The Effect Upon Suicide

The World Health Organization estimates that over 800,000 people die by suicide each year, with the 15-29 age group particularly affected. Studies show that adolescents listen to music for approximately two to three hours per day, especially when feeling distressed (Limited, 2019). Different types of music have an effect on all kinds of people. Fans of “Emo” music for example are associated with depression and drugs which can lead into suicide. Sad music has a high psychoticism which means there’s...
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