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Uber Drivers in Los Angeles are in Protest Over Pay Rates

Changing the way people live and making everyday life convenient are essentially what technology aims to do. In the era where most everything is automated and digital is ruling several industries, the rest of the world is forced to catch up and find ways to optimize life from the average smartphone. Mobility and peer-to-peer transportation is a system in society that has not yet been mastered. Public transportation is constant chaos whether you’re in a first or a third world...
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Social And Protest Movements Of The 1960s

Introduction Social and protest movements throughout history, specifically in the 1960s, have significantly affected American culture and politics by pressuring elected and appointed officials to make changes. America was founded from a revolution; the original colonists of this country used protest tactics that led to the Revolutionary War and formed an independent country. Social and protest movements began the country, have shaped its history, and continue to presently shape American politics and culture. A social movement is formed when a...
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Apolitical Apathy Vs. Protest Voting

Voter turnout has increased in recent elections, but the issue of non-voting remains a prominent concern. According to van Deth’s (2001) model of political participation, almost every activity by a citizen can somehow be understood as a form of engagement in politics. However, activities such as: party membership, contacting politicians, signing petitions, demonstrations, blocking streets, reading information and volunteering amongst others do not necessarily lead to the problem of non-voting being reduced. The issue of non-voting can be due to...
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The Underestimated Method of Fighting Back

Ever since the first human civilization was established, the imperfections of humanity are prone to give birth to injustices amongst ourselves. With the inveterate inclination for humans to take the best of everything for themselves, throughout history, stories of oppression from one party to another are common. However, when the exploited party becomes aware of the inequality, people begin to stand up and voice their opinions. Protests, the public demonstration of strong objection and disapproval, would be carried out by...
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Protesting is Healthy in Democracy

Protesting is defined as a demonstration of disapproval or objection to something. It is our right to be able to protest peacefully and be able to show our opinions through individual or mass demonstrations. Countries where you can not protest usually depict the same story of people in power doing what ever they want in their agenda against the peoples wishes. It is proven that protest can sway and change the publics opinion on certain ideologies. But protest can also...
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Social Media's Impact on the Hong Kong Protest

The Hong Kong protest, being presented world wide threw various types of social media such as twitter, facebook, and several others. Social media impacted this severe violent act from the protestors side. The Hong Kong protest all began in June of 2019 when Taiwan went against plans to allow Hong Kong’s extradition from a runaway murderer. Although the protest went viral on every type of popular sources of media, it hit twitter a lot and caused a lot of hate...
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The Problem of Systemic Racism and Abuse of Power in Modern American Society

In the Merriam Webster dictionary (2020), the definition of systemic racism is broken down into two words. Systemic meaning “fundamental to a predominant social, economic, or political practice”. Racism also defined by Merriam Webster definition (2020) means, “the systemic oppression of a racial group to the social, economic, and political advantage of another”. I believe systemic racism occurs today. People treat people differently due to the color of their skin, and that is the sad, disappointing truth. At the start...
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Confronting Germany’s Nazi Past as the Main Motive of the Student Rebellion of 1968

The wave of rebellion that swept across West Germany in 1968 is commonly documented to be an attempt to confront the Nazi past. This was exhibited through the mass of student protests by the so-called ‘68ers’, dragging the issues they were passionate about into the public sphere so they could no longer be ignored. As a result, the reasons conjuring this tempestuous movement should be explored. Firstly, the statement in question suggests that confronting Germany’s Nazi past was the main...
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Essay about Thirty Meter Telescope Protests in Hawaii

The scope of the problem I am going to discuss is on the issue that is happening in Hawaii about the building of the TMT. This social problem is becoming a big headline in Hawaii news because the protesters have blocked builders from proceeding with the building of the TMT. The TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) is a project to build the biggest telescope and put on top of Mauna Kea. However, there is already 13 telescopes on top of Mauna...
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Hong Kong's Social Movements: Economic Impact

Hong Kong is one of the countries which actively involved in social demonstrations or protests. The protesters are young and old alike with a diverse mix of families in Hong Kong. Based on a crowd survey by three scholars, almost a fifth of the population were 45 years old and older, whereas about 60% of the people involved were under 30. Journalists stated that many shopkeepers, drivers and others helped the demonstrators with their water supplies and financial support. It...
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Analysis of the Causes of University Students' Discontent in France in 1968

May 1968 saw some of the largest protests in contemporary French history witnessing a month of demonstrations, university buildings being taken over and economic standstill resulting in a snap legislative election. An article published in The Guardian on May 13th highlighted a number of reasons why these protests had broken out such as a lack of lecturers, the expansion of student numbers, authoritarian regulations and the loss of freedom suggesting that “France [had] only herself to blame…” for the unrest....
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Analysis of the Song '21 Guns' and Anti-War Protests

The thing with today’s society is that when people listen to a song, they don’t think twice about what the song really means. For decades there have been different social issues going on in the United States, one example of a social issue is from ‘21 Guns’. Unfortunately, the USA has not been thinking outside the box of using peace during a war instead of just sending an army. The song ’21 Guns’ by Green Day was released on May...
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“Shaheen Bagh's Protest”: Black and Fake Truth For the Country

This beauty of democracy is that everyone has the right to speak their own words. But this need to think: not to violate the freedom of speech of anyone else. Peaceful Protest is the right of every citizen. Baba Sahib Ambetkar said that if Constitution will be used for the right things, then everyone will get the benefit.If we start using it wrongly then this provision will have no meaning.But for a few days, what is happening in Shaheen Bagh...
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Analysis of War and Protest Poetry

Imagine if the person you had followed your whole life was dying. That they never saw the victory they were fighting for finally won. O captain o captain by Walt Whitman was written in the last year of the American civil war; 1865, with the poem being one big metaphor. The repetition of “o captain o captain,” emphasises the melancholy, despaired tone, that their leader has died. The grief and death “you’ve fallen cold and dead” compared to the celebration...
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The Success of Civil Rights Activism in Australia

For generations, Indigenous Australians have had to endure acts of discrimination, prejudice and injustice. Since the arrival of European settlers in 1788, traditional customs and way of life for Indigenous Australians have been majorly altered. When Australian colonies federated in 1901, public policy revolved around the concepts of segregation and assimilation. The inhumane treatment of the Aboriginal people was heavily influenced by the assumption that they were inferior to the Europeans. When the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was ratified...
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Protests

Indiginous Australians and Torres Strait Islander have been fighting for their rights and freedom for decades. With the help of Fred Maynard, Eddie Mabo and the tent embassy event, Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders were able to gain back many parts of their original land, their freedom and their right to do everything, everyone in Australia can do. However there are still many problems that need to be solved but we are still able to enjoy how far we have...
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The Tiananmen Square Massacre: What Really Happened?

China is one place that has never surprised the world, not when it achieves something great or even when it does something the world should naturally think crazy. However, from April 15 to June 4 1989, it managed to shock the world when it carried out what would be known as the infamous Tiananmen Square Massacre. The massacre which mostly had students and young people as the victims saw the Chinese government kill thousands who have gathered to protest against...
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Explore the Causes of the Protests and the Forms Protest in Algeria

It is essential to point out that Algeria is the largest country in the African continent after the nation of South Sudan obtained its independence. Therefore, in terms of population size, Algeria is the most populated country in the African continent. The state also serves as the most significant supplier of gas to the European Union. However, it is remarkable to acknowledge that this country could take a more substantial role, only if its political stability was in order. The...
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Slacktivism As Means of Effective Protest

The constant creation of newer and more captivating technological devices draws in individuals and captivates them. For organizers behind activist causes, this calls for new techniques to draw attention from the public in order to gain support and attention. Enter slacktivism, the solution to every lazy person’s wish to join a movement, to have a hand in a committed objective that sounds good to be a part of whether it be cancer research donation or saving animals from extinction. Slacktivism...
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Hong Kong Anti-Extradition Protest Overview

Many people take what they have for granted, when it comes to excess food that is wasted, luxuries that are discarded, or certain rights abused, many people don’t know how lucky they are. For example, citizens in the US have many freedoms that other people are still fighting for. Currently in Hong Kong, people are fighting for the rights that they feel they deserve and they either never had or feel are being taken away. Though the conflict is quite...
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A Spark of Protest Creates New Movements

In the wake of the African-American civil rights protest that inspired new legislation and laws to be made in order to follow in its own legacy, four more movements (created by different ethnic groups and cultures) emerged in order to fulfill their own demands and ambitions within a given amount of time. One of these groups were Native-Americans, who (due to the fact that they were forcibly removed from their natural-born lands) gained a sense of unity and collective resentment...
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Graffiti As A Means Of Protest In The Philippines

Definition Decker and Curry (n.d) define graffiti as a method of visual communication done by individuals or groups. Graffiti may be taken as an expressive art form, however, this act is often considered illegal as it involves writing or imprinting symbols or phrases on public spaces. The authors also construe that it is a type of rebellious behavior that seeks to gain attention or thrill. History The origins of graffiti can be traced back to prehistoric times in the form...
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Why Should Students Skip School To Protest For Climate Change

Would you believe me if i told you that we only have 135 months left before our planet passes a point of runaway global warming? Meaning to say we have less than a century to pack up our belongings, find another planet and start popping out the sprogs? Have you seen how long it takes for us to pack for a holiday, for crying out loud? Students should skip school to protest because no one else seems to be taking...
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