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Technology, while connecting us and letting us share our feelings with the world, it also seems to suck up feeling, leaving us apathetic. With the technology we have today, we see a lot of world events all the time on reality shows and the news. All of this constant media desensitizes the viewer and makes these events seem every day and normal. This is shown in Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 when our main character is yelling at one of his...
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One of the most important factors to staying independent as an older adult is the ability to perform daily tasks of living and self-care. The progression of Parkinson’s Disease (PD) leads to an increasing inability to perform daily activities, loss of independence, and a decreased quality of life, and it generates socioeconomic and occupational impairments (Morris, Watts, & Iansek, 2009). The most effective interventions that are beneficial not only for PD prevention, but also for most other common chronic diseases,...
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Introduction It has been years since the alarm of the climate crisis has been ringing, a cascade of catastrophes following in its wake while civilization remains either aware and alert but also unaffected. There is a constant discussion in media about the alarming trends that speak for themselves; the rising global temperatures, warming of oceans, rising sea levels, shrinking of ice sheets, increase in extreme events, population growth and many other global phenomena, the prove evidence for climate change is...
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Voter turnout has increased in recent elections, but the issue of non-voting remains a prominent concern. According to van Deth’s (2001) model of political participation, almost every activity by a citizen can somehow be understood as a form of engagement in politics. However, activities such as: party membership, contacting politicians, signing petitions, demonstrations, blocking streets, reading information and volunteering amongst others do not necessarily lead to the problem of non-voting being reduced. The issue of non-voting can be due to...
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The ever growing effects of political disenchantment are more than evident upon analysing the attitudes of populism alongside the dangers of apathy within modern society. Evidently within the youth, the underlying consensus of apathy displays distinctly, attitudes towards voting that pose a threat to equal representation under a democratic system. Whereas one may also assess further disenchantment arisen from the extant stigma against democratic politicians as liars, the lack of public confidence condemning them whilst encouraging apathy towards politics to...
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George Orwell’s 1949 satire Nineteen-Eighty-Four, ignites new ideas about human behaviours prompted by totalitarian government’s degradation of individual and collective experiences and thus invites the reader to see the world differently. Orwell explores how oppressive authorities suppress societal expression and freedom to maintain power. He then reveals how this suppression brutalises human behaviour and motivations because it undermines emotion and complex thought. Ultimately, Orwell argues that we must resist the political apathy that enable such regimes to maintain power and...
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Negativity is unfortunate and misfortunes endeavors that majorly results due to some people’s undoing or ignorance. Normally, human beings are exposed to all manners of emotionally, physically, and psychologically disturbing events and activities that might either lead to a state of indifference or apathy. The state of indifference is characterized by a lack of interest, concern, or even sympathy about an individual, society, event, or even a State policy. Equally, apathy is the inability to have enthusiasm or zeal for...
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Any action that humankind takes is a decision that could lead to either progression or degeneration. A civilization is comprised of a system that is created to serve the well-being of a people, not a corrupted one that has been succumbed to indifference, lack of morality, deception, and materialism, etc. Looking back at history, we can discuss the struggles of African Americans during the early 20th century. The novel Invisible Man written by Ralph Ellison, is about the trials and...
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