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Personal Experience The situation that I decided to experience is being told that I am pregnant with a child that most likely has Trisomy 21, also known as Down syndrome. As I place myself into this situation, I begin to wonder how I would feel and what I would do if this event was to happen to me. If a doctor was to tell me that my son or daughter most likely had Down syndrome, I think that I would...
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Abstract Gratitude has consistently been shown to be beneficial in individual practice, producing a greater appreciation for the things one has and a more positive overall outlook on life (Emmons & McCullough, 2003). But only in recent years have the effects of gratitude been studied in the context of marriage and long-term partnerships. It has been discovered that gratitude strengthens the bond between couples by first, fulfilling the inherent need of the individual to feel valued and appreciated (Lambert &...
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In life, everyone is permanently filled with choices. You may decide and determine to have a pessimist’s view and live a self-defeated life or you may decide to accept the optimist’s path and take a challenging and fulfilling life. Twins born on the same day from the same womb may have different opinions and choices to make. In their looking unto the sky, one may see the mud and while the other may see stars. Happiness is a matter of...
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You, me and all of us have probably faced various forms of fear in this life. I think the number is no longer counted. Tens of thousands or even millions of times throughout our time, alternating like day and night. Like graphs, fluctuations up and down. In the past, when we were at school, for example, we were afraid during the school exam. When we enter university, we are very afraid of the thesis. And when we start looking for...
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No, I am not a snob. I am an introvert, a father successful in a career that provides me the means to support my family comfortably a human with all my frailty and folly. Ah, humans the greatest creature that ever lived? No, I am not thinking about myself as a person, I am trying to address the question of what I am thankful for as a human. What did we do or achieve in our history that should make...
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You are the partner that has constantly been there for me, paying little respect to what time I call, paying little respect to what degree it's been since we've talked. You are the sidekick that cries with me as we yell the stanzas to our principal tunes on those late-night drives. You are the partner that supports the lion's share I had constantly needed and makes me feel fit for accomplishing them, despite when the vulnerability sneaks in. You are...
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