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Depression Limits Young People's Abilities to Reach Their Goals

Everyone wishes to be somewhere. We all want to succeed in life and live the future we dream of. And for us to achieve that setting goals is one factor which have to be done first before you can proceed which is not always easy as we have to strive hard to get there. This is because challenges will always be in the way. Some try hard to get to that road, some give up on the way while others...
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Essay on Dreams Vs Goals

Dreams and goals are not the same. The difference between dreams and goals is that dreams are ideal goals, while goals are realistic, measurable, and attainable. Although they are very similar, some significant differences still exist. Dreams can be anything from ideas to pure fantasy. Dreams may never be possible, but goals are plans to actually make something happen. Dreams are anything a person can imagine. It can be as fantastic as time travel or as common as having a...
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Goals Setting: Reflective Essay

One time, I was talking to my students and they said: “Mrs. Jumana you always find ways to be optimistic about the future and that’s so beautiful but the reality is different, life is so hard! We’re living in a bad situation, we are surrounded by social and political crisis…… Look all around you, everything is a disaster and no one cares!”. At that moment, I was wondering. Who said life is easy? And why do we focus on the...
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My Goal of Forming Useful Behavior

One beneficial constructive behavior that I would like to make a regular habit that is part of my life routine is exercising more while maintaining to eat healthy. I decided to use my personal goal that I had already planned to set for myself for this upcoming semester. When it comes to your body it is important that you be careful what kind of food that you put inside your body because failing to take care of your body can...
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My Goals after Graduation

Even though I want to put all my effort into my future, I want to improve my skills so that my potential can be achieved. Time has flown when my alarm clock screams at me to get out of bed every morning as a young girl, my best memory was to describe myself as a marketer. After graduation, I want to move out of town to develop myself, get more experience, and focus on myself. I have always loved traveling...
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My Goals and Ways to Achieve Them

As Tony Robbins once said, “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”. Every one of us are born with a purpose in life. This being said, in order to achieve that particular purpose, it is must to set a goal. We can’t just go through the motion of something without knowing where we want to go. Therefore, we have to map out our goals in life, no matter what they are. Once these goals...
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Essay on My Goals in Life

It is true that success required a strong desire to achieve. Everyone has goals in their life which they want to fulfill. Nobody has seen the future but if a person has true dedication and passion then he can achieve anything in his career. Sometimes some people do not have any goals for their future and I think their life is thus meaningless. To set in, we must admit that desire is the perfect motivator. It makes one focus all...
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My Values and Goals

Values reflect our thoughts, words, and actions, they help us develop, broaden and create the future we want to experience. Some of the values that are of importance to me: healthy lifestyle, education, friends and family, religion and happiness. My long-term goals are that I want to complete my bachelor’s degree in hospitality management, though the major goal in education is to gain knowledge about the hospitality industry, be able to communicate with a strong customer focus and confidence. I...
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Positive and Negative Experience of Goal Setting and Achievement

Goal setting is by having the right attitude to execute the desired results. There are many instances I have set goals and they seem quite unreachable. One example of which I’ve always desired to own my home. I have been to the National Housing Trust quite a few times but was unsuccessful. After my visit to the National Housing Trust, I thought base on the information I received would enable me to achieve the same, but even with all the...
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Goals of My Life

To accomplish anything in life, everyone needs to be plan and a path to get there. This especially applies to my carrier path. I personally have many goals that I would like to achieve in my lifetime. The three main goals of them are to become a vegetarian cook, own a restaurant and to travel around different countries to expand my business of restaurants as well as to enjoy everything after being successful in my life. I would like to...
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Importance of Goals and Values in Our Lives

As a grown-up child, setting goals and values are one of the key opponents to a successful future. Having a strong belief in life can impact oneself and their social statuses. Every human being makes a lot of decision throughout their life. These decisions are the reflection of their beliefs and value towards a specific object. Not only are values great but having goals in life grants long-term and short-terms desires. Values such as religion, family, friends, education, and hope...
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Essay on Why Is Setting a Goal Important

Planning refers to the primary activity, which offers direction and reduces the chances of uncertainty. Goals are one of the important elements of planning which provides an evaluation of performance criteria. In this report, the focus has been shed on illustrating the importance of goal setting and the identification of three important conditions that are included in Miles and Vergen’s landmark study. Along with this, contingency factors, types of plans, and MOB are other important areas, which have been discussed...
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How Can I Change the World: Essay

Our objective is to change the world into a united, color-blind society. Instead, we intend for, as my father advocated, people, to be “judged by the content of their character.” As a little boy, I remember receiving inequitable treatment. As naïve as I was, I never understood why I was treated so differently from the white children. As far as I was concerned, we were all the same; human. I remember constantly moving, and never residing in the same house...
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Essay on Importance of Goals in Life

With all the lessons that I have in this training “TEACH ON: Keeping the Passion Alive”, I’ve learned a lot that will help me in my teaching profession as a newly hired teacher. And before it ends, there’s one word that always stuck in my heart; the word “Passion”. I’ve realized that once you teach from the heart and not just the use of the book, there is a passion that keeps burning in you. Meaning, we don’t need to...
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Where Do I See Myself in 10 Years: Essay

Personal and Professional Goals As an international student, my ultimate goal for me is to live in the USA within the next 10 years. In order to achieve this goal, I have already broken it into small personal goals and professional goals. As for my personal goals within the next 10 years period, I have made the plan for the following Completing and obtaining a university degree Find the girl I love and get married (in 5-8 years) Purchasing my...
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Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years: Scholarship Essay

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, and cloud computing, you can name many new terms that our parents never heard in their childhood. It is truly the era of technology. Every new innovation that made the impossible possible makes you salivate just imagining how they work. It is just like childhood magic. Yes, you can also say it is the era of magic. In this new era catching up with a developed country as a developing country is a big hurdle. Every little...
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Why I Want to Be a Supervisor: Essay

My Philosophy of Supervision is having clear goals of supervision, which is based on the following: My Values and beliefs of being a Therapist: As part of my training, I had very little opportunity to observe senior practitioners at work, apart from a few role-plays and watching Gloria films. The transition from the classroom-based didactic nature of learning to the actual application of knowledge and techniques causes a sense of achievement and anxiety. When I first started my training I...
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Marriage as a Dubious Goal in Mansfield Park

Jane Austen’s 1814 novel Mansfield Park begins and ends with the topic of marriage. In this regard, it seems to fit into the genre of the courtship novel, a form popular in the eighteenth century in which the plot is driven by the heroine’s difficulties in attracting an offer from the proper suitor. According to Katherine Sobba Green, the courtship novel “detailed a young woman’s entrance into society, the problems arising from that situation, her courtship, and finally her choice...
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My Decision to Pursue Studies in Art History: Opinion Essay

My decision to pursue graduate studies in art history originates from a strong desire to teach and do cutting-edge research within the discipline that I would define as my raison d’être. While attaining my undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Art History at the University of South Alabama, I became inspired to specialize in ancient Greek and Roman art. I am therefore applying to the University of Iowa’s graduate program in art history to further my knowledge of ancient Greek and...
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Origins of the European Union and the Goals Established at Its Creation: Analytical Essay

Try to imagine what historians will recall about the European Union in 100 years regarding its future – does it still exist? Were all the common goals achieved? Did a war ever threaten the safety of the member states? The first goal ever set by EU was to achieve peace among its member states after the second world war, which coincides with the hopes of its founders when it was established in 1993. Since that time, all member states have...
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