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The Difference Between Equity And Equality Essay (with Examples)

Equity – the quality of being fair and impartial. Equality – the state if being equal especially in status, rights, and opportunities. To elaborate on the differences between the two, equity means fairness, but not necessarily meaning it is equal. For example, there are three guys. An eight year old, fifteen year old and a 45 year old. They all want to look over the fence to watch the dogs play in the field. There are three crates. To have...
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Equity Goals And Policies

When is equity achieved? According to the Portland Plan Progress Report, it is “when identity such as race, ethnicity, gender, disability, or sexual orientation has no detrimental effect on the distribution of resources, opportunities, and outcomes for group.” (Sustainability, 2017). Regions with greater inclusion and smaller racial income gaps attain more economic growth, yet most communities of color in the Portland metropolitan region experience the worst economic and social disparities (Metro, 2016b). Portland’s racial equity journey started with the Portland...
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How Islam Promotes Equity Than Equality In Inheritance

In 2012, an elderly Muslim woman who lives in Canberra, Australia had left will after her death for her three sons and half shares to her five daughters. One of her daughters, Fatma Omari fought for a bigger share in court claiming that her mother has dementia upon writing her will and ultimately won the case. Unfortunately, this case had sparked a misconception among the community in Australia that Islamic law of inheritance is unfair for women. In the Quran,...
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Bakingpages' Brand Equity: Elements And Importance

Bookstagram, the book-related niche of Instagram, has become a global platform for reviewing and displaying books, with over 34 million #bookstagram posts (Instagram, 2019). My brand ‘bakingpages’ creates customer-based brand equity through strong positioning, high awareness, and strong, favourable, and unique brand associations in consumers’ memory. Brand Positioning Importance of identifying a differentiated and motivating positioning Brand positioning involves devising a company’s offerings and image in order for it to occupy a distinct, unique, and valuable space within the minds...
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The Principles Of Equity

Many have classified our current geological epoch as the Anthropocene, an era in which humans now act as the primary creators of geological change (Allen et al., 2018). This concept is captured in human-induced climate change; since the invention of agriculture and rapidly following the industrial revolution, we have altered our planet, and the consequences are presenting themselves more clearly now than ever. Therefore, the greatest humanitarian and existential threat to our societies has brought about ethical issues when it...
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Gender Equity In Professional Sport

The state of sport in Australia has progressed much faster than many countries around the world. Gender equity is well on its way to being a major factor that influences Australian sport. The current situation with gender equity is that most women’s sport teams are not getting the recognition and/or support they need. To be able to be as successful as male sport teams, the women’s team need equal pay, funding, resources and airtime (includes advertisments and tv shows) Over...
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Equity And Equality: Similarities And Differences

In this essay I am going to be explaining the difference between both equity and equality, and I will also say what both words mean. Equity and equality are very similar but very different from each other. Both words are very detailed and have very strong meanings from each other. These definitions could be very a like but it could mean something very different. Equity means that you are being very fair to your surroundings like your peers and others....
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Racial Equity And Racial Equality

Before I started writing this essay I was very confused on the difference. I did not know what to write about because I did not know the difference between racial equity and racial equality. After researching racial equity, I started gathering notes until I understood the difference. Racial equity is when a race gets help or resources to get them equal to the other races. This may differ depending on how good or bad people are doing in life. Some...
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Drawbacks Of Home Equity Loan

A home fairness advance is an advance in which the lender use of his land as a security. If the investor is unable to repay the advance then his land can be captivated therefore he is liable to return back the amount. The lands possess of low-interest rates. The home equity loans Ottawa determines the value of the home along with the balance that needs to be availed. This scheme operates in a way where if the home costs 2...
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Equity And Trusts: Evolution And Development

Equity refers to right doing, good faith, honest and ethical dealings in transactions or relationships between individuals. The ordinary conception of equity is,therefore, based on morality and is linked to what is normally exhorted in churches, mosques and other religious establishments. It is also captured by objective XI of the National Objective and Directive Principles of State Policy contained in the Constitution of Uganda 1995 which enjoins Government to take steps to realise balance development of the diverse areas of...
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The Effect Of Corporate Philanthropy On Customer-Based Brand Equity

Introduction Over the recent decades, the issue of the benefits and risks associated with Corporate philanthropy (CP) has been an evolving topic on shareholders and the society as they have developed stronger expectations of firms behaving in a socially responsible way. Houqe at el (2016) purport that society’s perceptions play an important raw in contributing to firm’s success in the current business environment. In addition, society’s perception over a firm act as a stimulus for the organisation to grow its...
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Concept Of Equity And Its Principles

Introduction Equity is accepted as a wonderful creation of court of chancery which expects the perfection of the justice for all, surpassing the boundaries of Common law and it came to ensure the fairness in Common law system where justice delivered through rigid and inflexible series of actions. The concept of equity derived from of natural justice because it mainly encompassed unbiasedness and equal access to the tribunal and documents cited as evidence enshrining fairness, reasonableness and the very idea...
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Sustainable Equity In Learning And Education

Just as human beings cannot survive without water and food, so too do they need to develop the ability to communicate their desires to access the basic needs of life. Thus, language serves as an essential tool not only to get meaning across, but also to learn and acquire knowledge and skills. Formal education in various subject areas has made it possible for human being to acquire such knowledge to ensure survival and hence personal and social development. Education was...
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The Relation of Equity and Social Justice

Social justice has been part of the discussion within Scottish Parliament since it was established in 1999 with one of the first policy programmes focusing on social justice (‘Social Justice: A Scotland Where Everyone Matters -Scottish Executive, 1999). Social justice is concerned with socially marginalised groups and how society responds to this. Inclusion is education’s response to social justice and social justice can only be achieved through inclusive schools and teachers (Dyson, 1999). A key feature of social justice is...
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The Meaning of Justice as Equity

The word justice is associated with many aspects of society today; social justice, criminal justice and environmental justice just to name a few. However, all of these subsections have one thing in common, a societal outlook past individual gratification or concern. All of these groups or movements seek changes within their communities to reach a state of justice from a societal standpoint. Justice may only be achieved when all aspects of society are in fact made to be just. As...
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Emotional Intelligence and Gender Equity

Gender Equity, as previously discussed, is ensuring equal opportunities, obligations and rights. This term was first tossed at the Beijing platform for Action by Islamic fundamentalists in 1995. Also Vatican followers joined hands who sought to divide their property to their kids according to their needs not equally, in their gender specific roles. According to our study, emotional intelligence plays a crucial role in achieving the forediscussed goal. Early studies define emotional intelligence as the ability to perceive accurately, appraise,...
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The Critical Evaluation of Costco's Financial Statements

Costco Wholesale Corporation has performed well over the last five fiscal years (2015 through 2019). Net sales have increased by 30 per cent over the last 5 years. Comparable sales growth is accomplished by increasing the frequency of shopping from both new and existing members. Comparable sales growth is accomplished by increasing the frequency of shopping from both new and existing customers and the amount they spend on each visit to any of Costco’s outlet across the globe. The higher...
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Rise of a Nation of Billionaires

Money is a little bit different for a billionaire. Compared to an average american, a trip on a yacht is like a subway ride. A sports car is like a toy car. And a private island is like buying a home (Business Insider). Billionaires aren’t the 1%, they’re the .0001%. They can make a call and meet with a world leader. Many of them are world leaders. Billionaires are booming. In 1987, there were an estimated 140 billionaires. In 2019...
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Issues of Equity and Shortcomings of Common Law: Critical Analysis

1. Equity was created to supplement not to supplant the common law. Do you agree? The issue in question is whether equity came to take common law’s place or assist the common law in the judicial system. To understand this, we need to look at the creation of equity and how it came to affect the common law system. In the Earl of Oxford Case (1615) 1 Rep CH 1at 6, the common law had awarded a judgment against a...
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Merge of Equity and Common Law: Historical Analytical Essay

To explain the evolution of Equity with regard to cases and statutes and to discuss whether the argument over the doctrine of fusion is relevant today. Introduction The law is a body of rules that applies to certain defined circumstances and situations and does not provide for changes and variations presented by unprecedented circumstances. This unpredictability of the future may at times render the law defective in dealing with new occurrences and strict legal enforcement thereof would animate injustice- this...
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