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Philanthropy Essay Examples

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Philanthrocapitalism: Saving The System Or Saving The People?

In his article titled The New Elite’s Phoney Crusade to Save the World Without Changing Anything Giridharadas argues it is becoming increasingly obvious that particularly within America, the capitalist system – otherwise the ‘service machine’ of human progress – is broken, with rising levels of...
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African Business Philanthropy

The world is at a pivotal moment for global development cooperation. While many stakeholders are brought increasingly into international development processes, philanthropy stands apart, despite the scale, ambition and potential of philanthropy’s contributions to international development. Its resources are growing as a proportion of total...
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Philanthropy: Definitions, Effects And Improvements

Modern definitions of philanthropy According to Johnson (2016), philanthropy is defined as the “love of mankind; good nature”. It is the thing done for a good cause with a good heart to help someone. “One old-fashioned view of philanthropy holds that it should simply alleviate...
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Strategic Philanthropy In Business

The term Philanthropy means doing some or volunteering a charity work and strategic philanthropy refers to the organization which practices the charitable activities which are related to their business or a specific issue. Summary In the last decennia, the discussion around firms undertaking philanthropy has...
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How Corporate Philanthropy Can Harm The Communities They Try To Help

Abstract Despite the numerous amount of study done on the impacts of corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility from a business’s perspective, not enough attention is being paid on the community’s perspective. Corporate philanthropy could potentially result in intentional and/or unintentional negative consequences for the...
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Greek Life: Do The Pros Outweigh Cons?

Think back on history of presidents all the way to the very first, George Washington. What do almost all of them have in common? How about the Apollo 11 crew… What do they all share in common? Lets include the eighty percent of the top...
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Selfishly Generous: The Sham Of Philanthropy

With rolling green hills and rivers, Davos looks like the Von Trapp family’s paradise. Just a tiny village nestled in a Swiss valley, Davos is home to the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting. Each year, the worlds’ elite business, social, and political leaders – including...
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Philanthropy: For Or Against?

These days, when we hear about philanthropists, people generally praise them and call them heroes or “angels”. When wealthy people use their money to help those in need, people are expected to give utmost gratitude and praise them for their selflessness. People or communities, more...
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How Can Philanthropy Change The World?

Capitalism in the 21st century has resulted in dividing the rich and the poor. A majority of the population falls under the working class and sustain on either daily wages or monthly. Philanthropy is an idea which could help the rich make efforts to ensure...
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Philanthropy In A Global Context: The Langar

The Gurdwara is a place where Sikhs will gather to worship the Guru Granth Sahib which is their form of holy book (Religions – Sikhism: The Gurdwara, 2009). The Gurdwara allows the Sikh community to learn spiritual wisdom, faith, ethics customs and traditions (Religions –...
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