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What Philosophy of Life Comes Across in the Gilgamesh Story

To Be Human is to Be Flawed Are humans inherently flawed? Is there something fundamentally imperfect with human nature? These questions have been asked by philosophers from as early as 2000 BCE when the first book was ever written, Gilgamesh, was transcribed. Gilgamesh is an epic poem written by the Sumerians and eventually translated into other languages in the 1900s. The epic tells the story of Gilgamesh, a man who is ⅔ god and ⅓ human. He rules as the...
2 Pages 844 Words

Informativeness of ‘Hesperus = Phosphorus’ as a Problem for the Referential Approach to Meaning

Explain why the informativeness of ‘Hesperus = Phosphorus’ is a problem for the referential approach to meaning. Critically compare Frege’s response to this problem with Russell’s. The referential approach to meaning is the idea that the meaning of every expression is its referent. A referent is an object referred to by the utterance of a word. For example, “the capital of England” refers to London. There are a number of issues one can highlight with this approach, and due to...
3 Pages 1518 Words

Essay on Philosophical Approach to Meaning

The informativeness of ‘Hesperus=Phosphorus’, commonly referred to as the ‘identity problem’, is an issue for the referential approach to meaning, which both Gottlob Frege and Bertrand Russell subscribe to. This essay will outline what the identity problem is, and why it is a problem for the referential approach to meaning. Generally speaking, a theory of reference is a theory that pairs expressions with the contribution those expressions make to the determination of the truth values of sentences in which they...
3 Pages 1561 Words

Essay on Jacques Derrida's Approach to Meaning

We’re thinking about the particular word that Derrida uses to destabilize the very meaning of words, the very meaning of life, the very meaning of everything. The term ‘Deconstruction’ was coined by philosopher Jacques Derrida because it is a useful practice in preserving hidden meaning and perception in text. It is an interpretation style that sometimes leads to expecting to mean. Deconstruction is both a literary theory and a philosophical language that stems largely from the 1967 book Gramartology by...
1 Page 449 Words

Essay on Determinism: Are Human Beings Fully Determined

Introduction Every day things happen to us; sometimes good, sometimes bad. This is something we’ve come to know and experience in our daily lives. The question, however, is not whether things happen to us, but rather how they happen and what causes them. This question has been on the minds of philosophers for a while now and no matter how much we’d like one solid answer to the question, there are a number of theories and philosophies that attempt to...
5 Pages 2306 Words

A Writer's Choice of Words: The Truth That Lies Beneath

What is the controversy? The controversy is a disagreement in opinion relating to events. It is meant to not only bring awareness but also to allow others to voice their opinions. This becomes a problem because it is hard for people to agree or disagree. Dave Chappell is infamous for being the focal point of controversy. Not because he does not agree with society but because he brings light to the current events that may not be the best conversation...
5 Pages 2267 Words

Conflict Between Illusion and Reality in the Movie 'Midnight in Paris'

Are illusions a negative or positive aspect within one’s life? Set in 2010, the film begins with Gil and his fiancee Inez vacationing within the city of Paris as Gil struggles to finish his first novel. As Gil is walking back to his hotel after dinner one night, he finds himself lost in the streets of Paris. Eventually, as the clocks hit midnight, an antique car pulls up that takes Gil to a bar, where he realizes he has been...
2 Pages 725 Words

What Does It Mean to Be Human: Opinion Essay

Sociologists, Anthropologists, and Psychologists have all attempted to answer the big question, “What does it mean to be human?”. This essay will be referring to the contributions of Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology and how they helped determine what it means to be human. The Sociology concept of Structural functionalism focuses on how humans are the only known species to have social institutions and classes such as the rich and the poor. The Anthropology concept of primatology and special human characteristics...
2 Pages 910 Words

Tell the Truth: Argumentative Essay

In order to maintain a good, healthy relationship with another person, there are many considerations. Some are more important than others. Personally, I think that always telling the truth is the most important aspect of any relationship between people. This is because lies hurt people’s feelings, no matter how innocent the lie may seem. Telling the truth is better for everyone involved, for, if you cannot trust someone it is difficult to get close to them emotionally. First, telling the...
1 Page 512 Words

Essay on Technology in the Future

What is Robotics? How does robotics work? Will Robotics technology actually be able to take over the future of technology? Robotics is the Technology that involves the design, maintenance, and use of robots. According to, “Robots are directed by microprocessors, which are tiny computers that are installed in these machines. Why were robots created? Robots were originally created to make life easier for humans and advance technology and help humans understand the power of technology. Robots were created in...
3 Pages 1340 Words

Essay on Similarities between Humans and Animals

The evolutionary biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky once said, ‘All species are unique, but humans are unique.’ What makes man unique from other animals? Are there special characteristics that are unique to us humans that separate us from other animals or their animal ancestors? We, humans, consider ourselves highly intelligent, innovative, and progressive. Are we really as unique as we think? Human origins began with primates, over a period of time humans underwent biological evolution and cultural development. Traits such as bipedalism,...
3 Pages 1196 Words

Essay on Future of 2D Animation

In a modern world where everything is now digital, what does this mean for the future of 2D animation? This essay discusses the differences between 2D to 3D animation and examines the widely debated question, ‘Is traditional animation a dying art form?’. The History of 2D Animation From ‘Despicable Me’ to ‘Frozen’ and ‘Finding Dory’, the bulk of contemporary animated films are created using CGI or computer-generated imagery. This is a stark difference from the popular animated films throughout 20th...
6 Pages 2944 Words

Presentation of Fictional Future in Andrew Niccol’s ‘Gattaca’ and Nancy Fulda’s ‘Movement'

Science fiction texts imagine a future where technological boundaries are pushed and often discuss the costs of these advancements on humanity. By extrapolating from trajectories of present concerns that arise as a result of the negative evolution of technology, the endurance and power of the human spirit is revealed. Andrew Niccol’s 1997 film ‘Gattaca’, introduces the societal ideology of genetic determinism that discriminates individuals based on their genetic makeup. Whereas, Nancy Fulda’s 2011 short story ‘Movement’ reveals how a society...
2 Pages 827 Words

Exploring Fictional Futures to Comment on the Present in the Film 'Gattaca' and the Story 'Movement'

Science fiction texts effectively utilize a variety of textual forms and features to explore fictional futures, which cooperate to develop a commentary on the present. ‘Gattaca’ (1997), produced by Andrew Niccol, and ‘Movement’ (2011), by Nancy Fulda, are two texts that reveal the ongoing rivalry between Earth’s creator, God, and the evolvement of scientific technology. However, as a consequence of the rivalry, whilst ‘Gattaca’ exhibits the importance of resisting conformity, ‘Movement’ emphasizes self-acceptance and staying true to your own identity....
2 Pages 845 Words

Bright Future with Artificial Intelligence

With the development of technology, humans’ intelligence is been used very wisdom, with the highly developed techniques we created the AI. Artificial intelligence is the most powerful technology in the world without a doubt it will change society and the whole world, in fact, it is not only a high technique but a new way of living. The future will be changed by artificial intelligence to a better place from a lot of different areas such as work, health, domestic...
4 Pages 1779 Words

‘The Truman Show’ and the 'Reality' of the World

Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one in which we are stuck and forced to live with. We have an innate belief, or faith in our world, and our reality. This is evident in ‘The Truman Show’, directed by Peter Weir, where Truman Burbank, the protagonist, is born and raised in a mock reality. He grows up having faith that his world is reality, and never questions it. He grows up in a world where his destiny...
2 Pages 881 Words

The Truman Show’ and the Discovery of Reality

‘The Truman Show’ offers viewers a great insight into the concept of discovery by presenting themes of Descartes’ perception and reality and the power of media are prevalent in the process of discovery promoting a sense of reality and awareness of one’s place in life. In this film directed by Peter Weir, the viewers are confronted with the eponymous character’s quest for reality as he experiences countless setbacks in his search for definitive answers to questions of reality. By portraying...
1 Page 498 Words

Existing Theories in Physics Might Lead to Real Time Travel in Future

Time travel have been the idea humankind interesting in for century. Since the ancient time, fairy tale about, time travel has always been relevant. From the Hindu epic, King Revaita accepts an invitation to Brahma’s place, when he returns to earth, he finds many century have passed. The story of fisherman name Urashima Taro, having saved a sea turtle, he gets invited to the sea-kingdom; when he return home he became a centuries old man although he just stay there...
3 Pages 1337 Words

Two Mirrored Slavery Fates Described in Oroonoko and Voltaire´s Candide

Slavery was an economic and cultural standard in this era when these two stories were written: Oroonoko by Aphra Ben and Candide by Voltaire. In the story of Oroonoko; or, The Royal Slave, the captain of a transport vessel persuades Oroonoko to board the ship under the pretense that he would be reunited with his partner and later delivers him into slavery. Not only was he forced into slavery, Imoinda, his beloved companion also is marketed into slavery. Oroonoko later...
1 Page 505 Words

The Age Of Innocence: Fate of Two Different Characters of Ellen Olenska and May Welland

Countess Olenska is the talk of the opera audience because she grew up in New York and has had a controversial past which has brought her back to her roots under mysterious circumstances. The majority of the Lovell Mingott’s formal dinner invitations are declined. New York’s high society is sending the message that Countess Olenska is not welcome. The Archers turn to Mr. and Mrs. Van der Luyden because of their elite and revered status in New York’s high society...
1 Page 398 Words

Philosophy of Freedom and Existence of God in The Brothers Karamazov by Dostoyevsky and Works of Sartre

In contemporary society, the issue of freedom holds a priority among most individuals. As a result, people have different opinions regarding the manifestation of freedom at the local and international level. Jean-Paul Sartre provides his thoughts on freedom in Existentialism is a Humanism. Also, Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky presents his argument on freedom in his novel, The Brothers Karamazov. The arguments of Sartre and Dostoyevsky’s are compared based on the existence of a God, the nature of the approach in achieving...
2 Pages 1014 Words

Theoretical Physics in Past and Future: From Speed of Light to Time Travel

The exploration of the universe is endless, and the duty of physics is to understand our origins by understanding the universe. Over the course of decades of science, great scientists have worked hard to advance physics and gain a better understanding of human existence. However, what tools do physicists use to carry out this magnificent project? Throughout history, ancient thinkers, in order to study the existence of the universe, created a series of guesses and perspectives, which are combined to...
5 Pages 2100 Words

Theory of Relativity and Black Holes: Time Travel Might Happen Some Time in Future

When you look up at the sky in a clear night, you see a bunch of stars shining in the sky. All the starlight are unknown worlds waiting for us to study. After reading The Illustrated Brief of The Time by Steven Hawking, I saw the mysteries of the space and time. Albert Einstein’s formula E=MS shut the door of time travel down. It means that we need more energy to reach higher speed. Time travel requires light speed to...
4 Pages 1853 Words

Lessons Taught from the Fate of Caesar and Clemene

The narrator has clearly seen many events and the story of each event is told throughout the novel. The story starts off bearing true faith that it is true, because she has either seen the events unfold or have been told firsthand by the involved characters. The way in which this novel is written gives a reader a more intimate encounter with the unfolding events. In the beginning, we are painted the picture of the South American colony Suriname; where...
2 Pages 911 Words

Despair and Lack of Agency Embedded in Fates of Behn's Oroonoko and Evaristo's Zuleika

My chosen texts are Bernardine Evaristo’s ‘The Emperor’s Babe’ and Aphra Behn’s ‘Oroonoko (The Royal Slave)’. Ultimately, the characters have no control at all, as they are figments of their author’s imaginations. However, upon closely examining the texts, the two characters which I will focus on have little to no agency and gradually lose all of their freedom, whereas most of the surrounding characters have comparatively more autonomy. Starting with Zuleika from The Emperor’s Babe, her low social class, ethnicity...
3 Pages 1227 Words

Future Plans and Goals Essay

My name is Mariam, I am a student at Zayed University. I will be graduating in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in financial management. I have plans that I believe will lead me to a well-heeled future. Three years from now, I am planning to get my master’s degree from the University of Mannheim in Germany after graduating from Zayed University. Moreover, I am planning to broaden my knowledge in my major field by getting a master’s degree in human...
1 Page 530 Words

Comparative Analysis of Themes in Art: Ophelia and The Awakening Conscience

The paintings being compared and contrasted within this essay include Ophelia and The Awakening Conscience, both of which can be found in the Tate Modern Museum, located in London, UK. Ophelia was created by Sir John Everett Millais, Bt between 1851-1852 using oil paint on canvas, with the dimensions coming in at around 30in x 44in. The Awakening Conscience was created by William Holman Hunt in 1853, who also used oil paint on canvas to create his masterpiece with dimensions...
7 Pages 3409 Words

Analysis of Berger’s Theory Revolving around the Idea of a Female’s Nature

Throughout Berger’s documentary, Ways of Seeing, Berger discusses how the female body is perceived by a male eye, and how women are automatically objectified and dehumanised in a way that makes them appear simply as an inanimate object for men to admire for their own benefit and lust. The way a photograph is lit, how the photo is taken and the angles the image has been captured at, as well as the way women are positioned, made up and dressed,...
5 Pages 2374 Words

Organizational Communications, Culture and Change: Importance of Communication Skills

Introduction Communication skill is an important essential skill that each human being should have to use for daily life. According from Ravelry’s policy banned Trump supporters in their business websites can affects the business two sides important for their organizations such as advantages and disadvantages from doing this policy. ravelry received credit rules executed from 2018 for writing the new policy (Catherine Shu, 2019).Bad communication skills can make people hate and love you in the same time. Which CataLink...
5 Pages 2394 Words

Depths of Human Nature in The Grapes Of Wrath

In what ways does John Steinbeck use the societal circumstances of ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ to convey the depths of human nature? Through “The Grapes of Wrath”, Steinbeck is able to illustrate two concepts in great detail. The first of those is opportunism and oppression, and how they coincide. As Steinbeck is able to successfully demonstrate the reactions that occur as a result of changes within the economic and social circumstances. During the text, Steinbeck uses the oppression of the...
2 Pages 1066 Words
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