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Ethics The word “ethics” is taken from the ancient Greek word known as ēthikós (ἠθικός), which means relating to one’s character. Ethics is a branch of philosophy that includes systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of wrong and right. Ethics, aesthetics, and matters of value comprise the branch of philosophy known as axiology. Pragmatism Pragmatism is derived from the Greek word “pragma” which means action/affair. Pragmatism is a philosophical tradition that first appeared in the United States during the time period...
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‘Modi has articulated India’s concerns and interests without falling into the familiar ideological traps that Delhi used to set for itself ’ What is Pragmatism? ‘pragmatism’, as applied to shifts in India’s post-Cold War foreign policy, has generally been interpreted substantively: that is, to denote a foreign policy that has expunged one form of ‘content’ (earlier ideational frameworks) and adopted a new ‘content’, namely a set of realist assumptions that frame the national interest in terms of material power. The...
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The real purpose of education is to build an environment with people enthusiastic to learn more every day because they not only feel they are obligated to but because they are interested. The purpose of education is to introduce new information to students while encouraging them to discover more on their own. The role of educators in this is to make students realize that education goes beyond knowledge from books. It is making students ready for life outside of school....
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What works best It is without a doubt that the world is a work in progress. As our society changes, the needs and outlook in life of the people also evolve. Nothing is permanent, so they say. This inevitable change then gives way to a continuous reconstruction of existing realities in order for us to cope with our unending demands. Here, comes the substantial role of pragmatism as a philosophical basis of rejecting or embracing ideologies solely for the betterment...
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Defining education According to (Victor Ordonez November 2000)Education is a social responsibility for the transmission of knowledge, skills, and culture with a formally organized structure. The development of human talents and personal characters for better citizenship. (b)Philosophy Philosophy is a well-coordinated and systemized attempt at evaluating life and the universe as a whole, concerning first principles that underlie all things as their causes and are implicit in all experience (Swimi Krishnananda) (c) Education Philosophy Is a branch of philosophy that...
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Pragmatism is the Theory that the intelligence function is not to know to find, but to know to act. William James defended an idea is true only when it has been proven, but can he argue that an idea is only true because it is already true. We can also understand that an idea is true only if it is useful, which may mean that any idea is born of a practice, that is to say that abstract representations of...
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Pragmatic theories of truth are usually associated either with C.S. Peirce’s proposal that true beliefs will be accepted “at the end of inquiry” or with William James’ proposal that truth be defined in terms of utility. More broadly, however, pragmatic theories of truth focus on the connection between truth and epistemic practices, notably practices of inquiry and assertion. Depending on the particular pragmatic theory, true statements might be those that are useful to believe, that are the result of inquiry,...
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