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The Concept Of Personal Philosophy

When you are in a profession as important as I am, it is principal to be in touch with your “why”. Understanding your reason for choosing a career allows you to uncover what fuels your passion by helping you become connected mentally and emotionally. The foremost thing about personal philosophies is that every single person is different. People who choose the same profession have many different reasons for pursuing it based on their values and beliefs. Philosophy roots from the...
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Me as a Student-Teacher and Analysis of My Personal Philosophy of Education

Aspire to Inspire Me as A Dream Teacher Introduction A dream teacher is someone who is successful in their profession. This raises the question in which ways can a teacher be successful? Is the most important part of being a successful teacher ensuring students are happy? Some believe this statement is untrue, as it is not the role of the teacher to ensure the happiness of their students. Instead, the role of a successful teacher is to create a positive...
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Discursive Essay on My Personal Philosophy of Education Based on the Principles of Progressivism

Abstract This paper will discuss my personal philosophy of education which is based on the principles of progressivism. The pragmatist and progressivist approach to academic curricula support the individual values and differences of each student and believes that knowledge gained should be practical in the real world. This progressivist approach corresponds with my strong belief that the whole child must be considered, which includes social and emotional learning, career, and life skills. Education is crucial to developing capable, resilient, and...
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Personal Philosophy of Education: Opinion Essay

When the author reflects on her experiences in various school settings, it is evident that there has been progression and development from the author’s first partnered placement to the most recent 12-week extended placement. The author has seen progression in not only her teaching but in her favoured strategies and methodologies to use. Similarly, her confidence to attempt something different in her pedagogical approaches in the classroom has also improved. On reflection of the authors, reflective portfolios from previous school...
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Personal Philosophy: Definitions of Coaching Philosophy

In the academic literature, researchers are defining the coaching philosophy in different ways, and not a single definition is similar with other ones. To enumerate some, Wilcox and Trudel define the philosophy as: “A coaching philosophy is a set of values and behaviors that serve to guide the actions of a coach.” or “A coaching philosophy is a personal statement that is based on the values and beliefs that direct one’s coaching.” as defined by Kidman and Hanrahan 1997. Lyle...
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Educational Ideology and Philosophy: My Own Personal Philosophy As an Educator

Approaches to teaching comes in many different forms. There are many theorists and more than a few ideologies telling teachers how to teach and what to teach at what times. The purpose of education has been debated for many years, stretching even beyond the forming of the United States of America. Why should we provide an education? Is it to enlighten or to prepare children for the riggers of the ‘real world?’ Education was reserved in the past for the...
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Personal Philosophy In Working With Disabled Children

Abstract The Philosophy of education has been a wide international forum since the beginning of mankind. I believe the student-centered approach in my teaching. I believe in a safe environment so learners can flourish. A strong teaching philosophy will make clear claims of your teaching, reach one, teach one is a belief if you’re reaching your students its clear concrete examples and evidence, you’re reaching them. When I have received my Master of School Counselor, I want to teach and...
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Personal Identification with Transcendentalism

To me, transcendentalism explores the pursuit of endless happiness and adventure. After observing the actions and beliefs of the infamous Chris McCandless, I can connect through our shared urge and fantasy of traveling isolated in the innocent, tranquil wilderness. After years of elongated education to please society, McCandless felt as if his true path to success was exploring the great outdoors, rather than acquiring a surplus of capital and acceptance from others. McCandless’ freedom and contentedness as described in the...
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Personal View on the Philosophy of Education and Its Main Purpose

Education may be described as a collective and a social manner which incorporate skills, beliefs, attitudes and philosophies. The triumph and enhancement of education result in the appropriate society. So, the purpose of education is to inculcate in children the knowledge, skills and values required for them to convey tremendous adjustments in their life and to become a useful citizen within the destiny. According to Parankimalil (2012) education is a systematic process through which a child or an adult acquires...
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Education as a Tool to Empower the Society

Education needs to instill the belief in its recipients that they are the master of their lives, have sizeable control over events happening to and around them and empower them to be valuable and respected members of the society. This paper seeks to illustrate how education can be applied to achieve empowerment amongst the masses and in effect help alleviate and eradicate certain societal inequities including poverty, substance abuse, criminality, illiteracy, and marginalization. I believe that children are different especially...
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Personal Philosophical Views on Education

My philosophy on education was formed quite early as a result of my day to day learning in public school, and consequently, it has been undeniably inaccurate. I was a hard-working, driven student, with little inclination to question the nature of my education. I simply came to school, soaked in the instruction of the day, and committed myself to perform well – whether that was in adding and subtracting fractions or finding the theme throughout the latest fictional novel. All...
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My Philosophy of Education

“The great world, the background, in all of us, is the world of our beliefs. That is the world of the permanencies and the immensities” – William James. Education from Socrates to Dewey has been an attempt to find the secrets of this natural world. The definition of education is a basis for all the philosophies of all these great philosophers. To define education is too general and is a wide range of opinion. One cannot give the true definition,...
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Respect Life: Essay

After going through an in-depth reflection on my life, it opened my eyes to how greatly holding respect in high regard has significantly constructed various aspects of my life. Respect has acted as a prime shaper of my life because it has been very important to me in numerous things in everyday life and I didn’t even realize it. It is important to me because it plays a significant role in addressing disputation with other people around me and it’s...
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The Fabulousness Of Structured Procrastination: Arguments For

Pro-Procrastination As always, there is an Absolutely Crucial task that you must complete. That task always fills you with utter dread. Anything but that Crucial, Crucial Work. Here I propose a step that resists the flood of normality: Do not start on that task. Let procrastination take hold. Whilst you skip the Crucial Work, Re-examine your Register of Work. No matter what there’s always something to do, whether it’s crucial or not, and you always need to get those tasks...
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Argumentative Essay on Procrastination

I am studying master at Electric Power Engineering Program in the second semester now. I am used to delays in my task including study and others household activities that are needed to complete on time. When someone ignores a task or delays completing it on time is called procrastination. Further, it can be said that when someone avoids doing the more important task and leave them for the future is called procrastination. It’s a common problem of human life which...
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Nursing Philosophy Paper

My personal philosophy stems from the life values instilled in me as a child. These values consist of integrity, trustworthiness, connection, and compassion. From childhood, my passion has always been to care and make a positive impact in the lives of others. My personal philosophy is rooted in dignity, service, and evidence based practice. It focuses on the holistic wellness and empowerment of each patient while showing the upmost respect regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, or...
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My Personal Teaching Philosophy Essay

Introduction: Forming a Personal Philosophy in Teaching My personal philosophy is still being formed and organised as I discover my way through the teaching field. I believe that it will grow and change as I explore my career and discover who I am as a teacher. As of now my philosophy is built by my personal beliefs, values and experiences within primary school settings as well as my own life experiences. Throughout my work I have come to develop a...
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Philosophy of Education: Opinion Essay

Education is the greatest innovation of mankind that had been transformed our lives and the behaviour in a preferred way. It is my belief that education is the development of assisting in one’s learning and stated as the act of developing the brainpower, critical thinking capabilities, social and cultural understanding which brands us to be a true humans. According to (Parankimalil, 2012) John Dewey stated that “Education is the process of living through a continuous reconstruction of experiences”. Education is...
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Personal Credo Essay

Introduction In life, we are constantly navigating through a myriad of choices and experiences that shape who we are. Throughout my journey, I have come to embrace a personal credo that centers around the value of authenticity. This narrative essay will delve into the essence of my personal credo and how it has guided me in living a fulfilling and meaningful life. Body Authenticity is the cornerstone of my personal credo. It is a commitment to staying true to myself,...
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Ethics and Health Management

My personal healthcare management philosophy is underpinned by my personal values and ethics. I am a registered nurse and I follow the Code of Conduct (2018) and The Code of Ethics for Nurses in Australia (2018). I am committed to uphold the fundamental rights of people receiving healthcare and to provide and promote quality care for all patients. I help all patients access quality healthcare. I try to provide nursing care with respect and kindness for myself, my work teammates...
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Leadership Philosophy Essay

Every person develops a philosophy based on their sense of life, which is expressed through interactions and framed by our worldview. One’s philosophy is based on many factors such as politics, relationships, education, family background, and much more (Ugquozor, 2019). A personal philosophy of leadership helps guide one’s thoughts and decisions on a daily basis. One’s personal philosophy is seen through the choices and actions he or she makes. These choices and actions are developed based on positive and negative...
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Personal Leadership Philosophy Essay

Leadership Philosophy: A leadership philosophy is basically a conviction framework that manages your dynamic. It comprises your center standards, viewpoints, and qualities. At the point when you characterize what they are, and use them to shape an authority reasoning explanation, your practices and choices will stay steady. A similar idea applies to solid authority. Those you lead will have more regard for you on the off chance that they can unmistakably observe you settle on choices dependent on center rules...
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Leadership Definition Essay

Leadership has been an ever-changing concept for me. The people that I have encountered while serving in ministry have greatly influenced my definition of leadership. I have seen my paradigm on leadership evolve as a result of their influence in my life. In this paper, I will discuss three revelations that have shaped the way I approach the idea of leadership. In high school, my friend Mike started a community outreach ministry and put me in charge of the ministry...
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Personal Nursing Philosophy And Why It Is Important

My Personal Philosophy of Nursing Nursing is a noble profession of caring for an individual, family, group or community to uplift their health status. Since I was a child the two main values I have inculcated is caring and empathy for other who is need by any means when I joined nursing in first year after studying fundamentals of nursing as a course I developed my philosophy and according to my point of view the prime component of nursing is...
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