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Into The Wild Essay: Life and Achievements of Chris McCandless

There was a man who embarked on a journey in one of the most frigid and glacial areas in the entire world. That man was Chris McCandless. Critics will claim that McCandless was a delusional fool who traveled to Alaska just to have his life cut short. While others claim that he was a brave young warrior who traveled to Alaska but was not able to survive long enough to find his purpose that he came to the state to...
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Representation of Chris McCandless's Adventures by Jon Krakauer: Philosophy Essay

McCandless’s adventures throughout the film represents issues faced in society today. Are we idolised by the technologies or companies of others? Obsessing over how we are viewed by society, even for those, our peers who care so much about us. Early on it was visible that McCandless wasn’t infatuated with such items that consumed his parent’s world. In the film McCandless discovers about himself the true meaning of life, or what really does consume our society? Was McCandless really an...
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Importance of Education: Views of Richard Rodriguez, Frederick Douglass, Chris McCandless

A good education is something that all children, teens, and young adults across America deserve, but what’s the point of it? Over time, people learn the basic skills needed to function in society such as reading, writing, and basic arithmetic, but beyond that, what’s the purpose? Although people are going to college more than ever, so many more are asking why they’re even there. They may ask themselves, “why am I wasting four years of my life for a piece...
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The Life of Chris McCandless: Discursive Essay

The style of Chris McCandless’s life represents the theory that Thoreau mentioned in his book called Into the Wild. Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience” had an obvious effect on Chris’s life. The fact that Chris didn’t renew his License plate and just didn’t want the government to regulate his life and make him follow the rules like everybody else and to protect his personal values and his freedom. Thoreau is the same because he despised the government and the human-made laws they...
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Christopher McCandless’s Journey into the Alaskan Frontier: Critical Analysis of Ito the Wild

In life and education, individuals who stray from the norm are branded as delusional outcasts instead of innovators or visionaries. Jon Krakauer investigates this in his book, Into the Wild. The book explores the final months of adventurer and transcendentalist, Christopher McCandless; McCandless abandoned the trappings of wealth and higher education to explore the Alaskan wilderness. While some Americans have questioned McCandless’s motives and legacy, Krakauer’s Into the Wild shed light on McCandless’ desire for enlightenment and what inspired his...
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Issue of Escaping in “Into the Wild” and “The Metamorphosis”: Chris McCandless and Samsa

Introduction: The unique writing styles of simplicity and irony are intermingled with an interview style, employed by John Krakauer in “Into the Wild” serve to exemplify the main themes of existentialism and materialism. “Into the Wild” is a biography written three years after the events transpiring within the novel. “The Metamorphosis” is a social commentary written in the form of a novella. Both books follow the predestined stories of young men struggling to embrace the materialistic demands as well as...
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Chris McCandless Character Analysis

Krakauer’s novel ‘Into the Wild’ is a controversial yet intriguing work in which questions remain about the main characters goals and inspirations. The views of McCandless’ Alaskan adventure are seen as either arrogant and ill advised or heroic and motivational, but my personal views remain split between the two differencing sides. Instead of viewing McCandless as a ‘Bush Stereotype’, I prefer to believe that Chris was idealistic and searching for a worthy challenge in life. To begin with, in order...
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McCandless’s Adventure of a Lifetime

The adventure of a lifetime ends with a devastating conclusion. Such is the case in ‘Into The Wild’ by Jon Krakauer, which follows the journey of a wanderlust-driven man named Chris McCandless. His travels take him across the United States to reach his ultimate goal of Alaska and finding his true ‘self’. McCandless challenges society by abandoning his old way of life and starting a new, pure life. To his dismay, the journey ends with him realizing that he is...
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Chris McCandless: Hero or Fool

Have you ever regretted any of the decisions you have ever made? Chris was a smart and athletic person. He had parents who he wasn’t in a great relationship with. After he graduated from high school, he wanted to live on his own and have nothing handed to him. He wanted to find out who he really was. Chris McCandless, main character of Jon Krakauer’s book ‘Into The Wild’, is a fool because he was smart, and athletic, and his...
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Chris McCandless as a Person to Be Admired

Jon Krakauer, an author, wrote a book called ‘Into the Wild’, it portrays Chris McCandless, a young man who went on an adventure into nature, inexperienced and foolishly to find his true identity and dignity. Chris McCandless wants to evade and fled the claustrophobic confines of Society and his family. He has a grudge toward his family, except his sister, which prompted him the desire to vanish. Nature, the wild, is a place where he believes he can find his...
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Personal Identification with Transcendentalism

To me, transcendentalism explores the pursuit of endless happiness and adventure. After observing the actions and beliefs of the infamous Chris McCandless, I can connect through our shared urge and fantasy of traveling isolated in the innocent, tranquil wilderness. After years of elongated education to please society, McCandless felt as if his true path to success was exploring the great outdoors, rather than acquiring a surplus of capital and acceptance from others. McCandless’ freedom and contentedness as described in the...
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