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Everyone does not have the choice to reside and grow up in their native countries. Humans have been forced to seek life possibility in non Native countries due to various reasons. However, Immigrating to a different country and the settlement there can be a very difficult process, as during this process you are forced to adapt to a completely new culture and language of the new country. In this case, Richard Rodriguez and Amy Tan talk about their experiences with...
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Although English is not the most spoken language in the world, it is overwhelmingly the most studied language and is also the most common second language. Brought over from Britain hundreds of years ago, English is now the most common language in the United States of America. In 2019, the topic of immigration in the U.S. is more prevalent than ever, sparking many discussions about bilingualism and designating an official language. Martín Espada and Richard Rodriguez are bilingual authors that...
3 Pages 1217 Words
What does literacy mean to you? Can you recall that very moment of realizing being literate? Literacy, in general terms means—the ability to read and write. But do we think that often about this term and its importance? Well, the authors of “Scholarship Boy” and “Disliking Books” surely have a lot to say about literacy. In the articles: 'Scholarship Boy' by Richard Rodriguez and 'Disliking Books' by Gerald Graff, the main topic discussed is education’s impact on the authors' lives...
2 Pages 1040 Words
Exploring the text questions- According to Richard Rodriguez language can define a community positively by allowing intimacy with people with that same language. For example, it allowed Rodriguez to feel in a way that he was safe and that he was comfortable hearing the same language in his household. It can define a community negatively by the community becoming isolated due to the fact that others usually don’ t speak the same language. Rodriguez means in the statement that one...
3 Pages 1400 Words
As a young reader, I always was left empty and dis-satisfied after reading for academic or pleasure purposes. By no means was I ever an “avid” reader. I could never feel the words “come to life” as many of my elementary school english teachers proclaimed. Growing up, I was alone and segregated in my academic progression. I did not receive the proper help I desperately needed. As we read “The Lonely Good Company of Books” by Richard Rodriguez, readers learn...
2 Pages 970 Words
A good education is something that all children, teens, and young adults across America deserve, but what’s the point of it? Over time, people learn the basic skills needed to function in society such as reading, writing, and basic arithmetic, but beyond that, what’s the purpose? Although people are going to college more than ever, so many more are asking why they’re even there. They may ask themselves, “why am I wasting four years of my life for a piece...
3 Pages 1194 Words
Language can define a community in a negative way by making those who do not speak the language well or overall can not understand it, feel left out and alienated from the members of the community. However, language can define a community in a positive way by empowering cultural values and embracing one’s ethnicity and origins. This can also create a stronger and closer community. What Rodriguez means in the statement is that when using a family's language in school...
3 Pages 1456 Words
In his essay, Richard Rodriguez takes a look at diversity and culture, specifically the American culture and how it affects the culture of others. He also takes into consideration how the term of diversity forces us to look at others differently, furthering separation between one another. After white Americans label someone as “diverse”, as in, nonwhite, they force American ideals and ways onto the people who do not look like them. Eventually, we become the same with a different outward...
1 Page 503 Words
Several days ago, I went to People’s Forum on West 37th Street and watched a multilingual show named Somos Más (it means We are more in English). The story happened in a dystopian nation where all people were forced to assimilate, and six intergenerational immigrants united secretly to plan a revolution, fighting against assimilation, race inequality, and the idea of supreme culture and identity. Feeling deeply touched by the performance composed of six languages, I started to wonder the role...
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