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Social Media Fake Information Spread And Truth Discovery

Abstract— Now a days sources of data from online social media may be consist of some data which are noisy and sparse. While handling of big data related social sensing media applications their challenges like misinformation on spread are data sparsity and fake news. The system is going to use of advanced algorithms to discover the dynamic truth information and frequently used information. Addressing misinformation spread in big data (e.g. WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram) is difficult task in the current era....
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Subjective And Objective Truth

Truth, in metaphysics and science philosophy, the property of sentences, assertions, beliefs, thoughts or propositions that are said to agree with the facts or state what is the case in ordinary discourse. Truth is the belief’s goal; logical fallacy is a fault. Citizens need the world’s reality to survive. It is important to know the truth. Believing that which is not true is capable of spoiling the plans of a person and may even cost him his life. It can...
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Essay on Why Is It Important to Tell the Truth

The different principles and core fundaments of any society should be based on truth. Truthtelling should be a standard rule to judge someone on his deed. And I believe that no one should not be indifferent to the notion of truth regardless of his social status. In the book, Post-Truth, Mcintyre explains to us how we got to the “post-truth” era where telling the truth does not matter anymore and how can we stand against this cynical movement. While, On...
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Philosophical Concept Of Truth

For as long as human beings have been able to think, they’ve had the desire to understand the truths of life. In ‘The Allegory of the Cave’, when referring to these desires Plato states, “God knows whether it is true”. When trying to answer many of life’s questions people usually have conflicting views that can never be proven true. Which makes you wonder, is truth even meant for humans to understand? It has been proven time and time again throughout...
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Concept Of Post-Truth: The Rise And Spread Of The Post Truth Phenomenon

What is meant by ‘post truth’? 1. The book describes post-truth as ‘Relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief’. My understanding of it is that facts themselves don’t matter as much as the interpretation you are giving concerning those stated “facts” to the public as well as the context in which you decide to use those so called “facts” to your advantage. It means...
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Tell the Truth: Argumentative Essay

In order to maintain a good, healthy relationship with another person, there are many considerations. Some are more important than others. Personally, I think that always telling the truth is the most important aspect of any relationship between people. This is because lies hurt people’s feelings, no matter how innocent the lie may seem. Telling the truth is better for everyone involved, for, if you cannot trust someone it is difficult to get close to them emotionally. First, telling the...
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The Concept Of Truth In The Play The Glass Menagerie

Before entering a discussion concerning truth, one must first establish the definition of truth. For this, I offer the definition simply as reality. For example, we can prove that the existence of gravity is a truth using experiments, observations, and calculations. Truth is synonymous to reality. It can be proven through logical deduction, and should be predictable, or at the least traceable. Any deviation from this is a deviation further from the truth. Furthermore, total truth is unattainable. Since our...
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The Importance Of Truth In People Relations

The word ‘truth’ originates from the Anglo-Saxon word ‘treowe’ meaning ‘believed’. ‘Believe’ itself is from the word ‘gelyfan’, which means ‘to esteem dear’. Etymologically, ‘truth’ would be something accepted to be of some value, instead of essentially being right. ‘Believe’ is used in the more established sense, as in ‘I believe in communism’ which is different to ‘I believe that trees are used to make paper’. How do we know what truth is? Most importantly, we need to utilize reason....
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Concept of Truth in James Frey's Memoir A Million Little Pieces: Critical Analysis

According to the Webster dictionary, truth is “a transcendent fundamental or spiritual reality”(Merriam-Webster). Is this definition the real meaning of truth? Yes, this definition explains truth very well, because truth is not always what people think it is; truth lives in its own reality. Truth is different to every single person depending on his or her perspective of events. Actually, the Webster Dictionary gives four different definitions of truth, and the Oxford English Dictionary provides thirteen different definitions for truth,...
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Definitions of Truth: Comparative Analysis of Views of Martin Heidegger, A.J. Ayer, and William James

What is the truth? Is there an adequate concept to define the truth? Many would be tempted to say that the truth is what corresponds to the facts, but perhaps doesn’t this depend on the level of knowledge of people, the moment, the environment, and even religion? How long was it true that the earth was flat? Joseph Goebbels said that a lie properly repeated a thousand times becomes a truth. So, is the truth changing? The truth can refer...
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Critical Analysis of William James's Essay on a Blindness to the Truth

Explain: From the beginning of his essay, “Now the blindness in human beings, of which this discourse will treat, is the blindness with which we all are afflicted in regard to the feelings of creatures and people different from ourselves”(WJ). William James is making the argument that we all have a blindness to the truth, and that blindness is all depending on how much the truth really affects us as a person. To go more in dept, giving the example...
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Truth Doesn't Always Triumph as the Ultimate Injustice in 'Jasper Johns'

Secrets and personal information must be kept private in order to hide any appearance of abnormality. This negotiation on truth can lead to unjust results. The novel, ‘Jasper Jones’, by Craig Silvey, is set in the small town of Corrigan during the 1960s. Being a small town, citizens are very close to each other therefore have the tendency to stock up on gossip and secrets. However, when the truth is let out, it doesn’t always succeed in serving justice. The...
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Truth Vs Reality: A War Between Fact And Perception

Truth vs reality, a war between fact and perception. the nature of truth to me can be slippery, it has been discussed originally the purity of the truth went fundamentally hand in hand. 20 years ago, documentaries were screaming truth, a way of being educated and informed of the pure “truth”. Modern-day society believe in what is said, what we hear is what we visualise the world around us, what we see reality as. Modern day Documentaries are proposed to...
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Truth Forms And Techniques In The Book Beautiful Boy And Film The Sapphires

Truth. It is the real facts about a situation, event, or person or the quality of being true, as described by the Cambridge Dictionary. But really this may not be one hundred per cent accurate as one person may have their own truth and experience that is different to the next person and same with the next and so on. We all have different perspectives. A quote told by Marcus Aurelius says “Everything we hear is an opinion, not a...
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How Reliability Affects Truth in The Book Nothing But The Truth

Many people may say the truth about the same story, and their truths can vary depending on the narrator’s credibility or how much of the truth is being told.. “Everyone holds a piece of the truth.” (Mahatma Gandhi) There are always two sides to a story and a result of that is different truths. Truth is molded by your perception and when you see things differently, that can cause your truth to be altered. The theme, truth, is revealed in...
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The Stand for Truth and Its Impact on Society

The society we live in has this skewed way of looking at things. We pride ourselves as being honest, truthful, and upstanding, but are we really? If we go by what’s happening in society can we truly say that we are beings that uphold truth? Not that am saying that everyone is a liar, am just speaking to how we (as a society) have let things happen because we are too afraid to speak the truth. We have enabled this...
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Absolute Moral Truths and the Problem of the Human Condition

​Ghandi once said ‘morality is the basis of all things and truth is the substance of all morality’ (‘Mahatma Gandhi Quotes’ 2019). Among the beliefs of man is the inclination toward certain fixed, unalterable moral truths. These absolute moral truths, as they are known, are meant to dictate the actions of people. These truths have been posited by way of natural law, divine command, or (less likely) contractarianism. Natural law would dictate that there are basic unconditional moral principles that...
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Concept of Truth in Oliver Twist: Analytical Essay

The famous ​Oliver Twist​ originally written as a book by Charles Dickens now made into a film and directed by Roman Polanski released in 2005 demonstrates that people can make life-changing decisions that help affect their fate. Oliver has to overcome the struggles of living in London during the Victorian Era as an orphan with no one to protect him. Oliver, Nancy and the young pickpockets are all victims of fate but they do make life-changing decisions that affect their...
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Concept of Truth And Its Importance In Our Life

Truth, the property of sentences, assertions, beliefs, thoughts, or propositions in metaphysics and philosophy are said to agree with the facts or state what is the case in normal discourse. Truth is the object of the belief; logical error is a mistake. Individuals need to endure the reality of the world. Knowing the truth is critical. Believing that which is not true will ruin a person’s plans and may even cost him his life. To say what is not true...
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