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Friedrich Nietzsche Essays

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Friedrich Nietzsche's Thoughts About The Meaning of Life

Thousands of years ago our ancestors looked up into the starts and questioned their place in the universe. A Question we are still very familiar with and tend to think about very often. Despite all these technological advancements since the start of civilization, we are still burdened by the basic existential question about the meaning of life. We, as humans, have always desired to perceive our lives to be meaningful. we believe we live more than to merely exist. Considering...
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The Views of Marx, Mill, and Nietzsche on Slave Morality

Neither Marx, nor Mill, nor Nietzsche find the present condition of society to be advantageous to human flourishing. For each, the present condition of human affairs reduces human beings to something less than fully human. This essay will discuss three different interpretations of the source of this development from Karl Marx, John Stuart Mill and Fredrich Nietzsche. Marx explains this demise of human flourishing as ‘alienation’, Mill as; ‘conformity’, and Nietzsche as; ‘slave morality’. The first part of this essay...
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Is Nietzsche Right that Judeo-Christian Morality Has its Psychological Origin in Ressentiment?

In this essay I shall look at whether Nietzsche was right that Judeo-Christian morality has its psychological origin in resentment. For Nietzsche, a lot of human action which appears great has indeed been actioned for slavish reasons and rather than imparting an actual increase in power, these actions only serve to promote a perceived sense of increased power (Foot, 2002). From our limitations we are presented with our weaknesses, and these weaknesses can grow into a ressentiment for those who...
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Freud’s and Nietzsche’s Views on Human Morality

Friedrich Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud offer bold critiques of human morality that greatly differ from the commonly accepted views of virtue and ethics. Both reject the idea of morality as an instinctive or natural element of human life. Rather, they contend that morality has been created in reaction to the realities of human existence. Although Freud and Nietzsche both claim that morality is a reactive creation, they greatly differ in their accounts of the value of morality. Nietzsche claims that...
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Accepting Ubermensch Theory as a Part of Nihilism or As a Separate Identity

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche wrote in his book ‘The Joyful Science’ that ‘God is dead’, and he was one of the first major philosophers to explore Nihilism.Nietzsche believed in the concept that Nihilism would eventually deeply affect and destroy potential moral and religious convictions. Nietzsche also believed that the European civilization lost hope in Christianity but was still abiding by its systems based on values and morality. He predicted that the European civilization was facing a catastrophic crisis, and predicted...
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The Deathless Death of the Human Experience

In “A Score to Settle”, an action thriller film directed by Shawn Ku, the main character Frank, portrayed by Nicholas Cage, is an ex-con previously affiliated with a local crime cartel, who seeks retribution on his bosses after 19 years of wrongful imprisonment. When he realized he had been duped into taking the fall for his boss’ crime he became quite indignant and resentful, especially since he left his infant motherless son in the care of fellow ‘mob-members’. Overtime, he...
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Lies Are Lies, Truth Are Lies, This Is Truth: An Analysis Of On Truth And Lying By Nietzsche

In Nietzsche’s (1873) work “On Truth and Lying in a Non-Moral Sense”, Nietzsche explores the prominence of lies in our truths and in our lives when emancipated from any moral judgements. The argument proceeds through an argument constructing how humanity both hypocritically and willingly surrounds itself in deceptions and the deception of truth. Nietzsche begins by emphasizing the insignificance of our cognition and logic in the grand scheme of humanity’s existence. Our perspective of moral values and intelligence is insignificant...
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Friedrich Nietzsche And John Stuart Mill Views on Happiness

Friedrich Nietzsche and John Stuart Mill were two ancient philosophers. Their theories led to two of the greatest philosophical views in society. Nietzsche’s theory focuses on human well-being and the good life. He believes that each individual should live their life by accepting the idea that we should not be afraid to live our lives. In his theory, he emphasizes that humans do what they do because they seek survival, power, and meaning. Nietzsche believed the morality of an action...
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Friedrich Nietzsche's and Ayn Rand's Views on Egoism

Egoism in philosophical ethics is having a certain motivation or undertaking an activity that is best suited for you but helps the other person as well, therefore it doesn’t make you look selfish; however, it actually is. Egoism is a normative perspective theory, and it is cleared up by two versions. Version one is individual ethical egoism, this portrays having your self-interest only and a couple of others but mostly just focusing on you. This is why it’s called an...
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Albert Camus's and Friedrich Nietzsche's Views on the Meaning of Life

The ‘The Myth of Sisyphus’ and Nietzche’s concept of “the camel, lion, and child” discuss the meaning of life. Their topics debate whether life is meaningful and if it is, how does an individual find it. Both authors share their belief of existentialism. While Nietzsche explores the possibility of life having meaning, Camus proposes a new idea of accepting and living a life devoid of meaning. Both philosopher’s philosophies reject Christianity as a means of discovering value in the universe....
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Essay on Friedrich Nietzsche and Albert Camus In Existentialism: Analysis of The Myth of Sisyphus

In Existentialism, there are many figureheads like Jean-Paul Sarte, Søren Kierkegaard, Martin Heidegger, and many others with different key doctrines. Freidrich Nietzsche and Albert Camus are important to the Existentialist Movement with Nietzsche being a pioneer for the movement and Camus writing many books and novels with Existentialist ideas. With Camus, it was absurd and with Nietzsche, it was the will to power. Both have similarities and differences Albert Camus was a French Algerian novelist who, denied being a philosopher,...
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Research Paper on Korea and the Asian Region based on Works of Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud: Analysis of Communist Manifesto

The work of early philosophers has influenced the way society has adopted certain cultural practices, religious beliefs, and even political philosophies. Some of the influential philosophers from ancient history include Marx, Nietzsche’s and Freud. These three philosopher’s work has impacted the Asian region and Korean cultures, religion, moral thinking and values. Karl Marx was a philosopher from German, he was also an economist, journalist and revolutionary. Born from 1818-1883 he became one of the most influential figures in history through...
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Views of Plato and Nietzsche on Romantic Relationship

Our topic for research is the views of Plato and Federick Nietzsche on love sex and marriage. The paper describes the views of each philosopher on love, sex and marriage and to understand it with a contemporary point of view. The paper includes terms like homosexuality, how sex is for producing kids than loveAlso to learn more about both of the philosophers including research that expand our knowledge. Love, Sex and Marriage when it comes to defining them there are...
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The Stand for Truth and Its Impact on Society

The society we live in has this skewed way of looking at things. We pride ourselves as being honest, truthful, and upstanding, but are we really? If we go by what’s happening in society can we truly say that we are beings that uphold truth? Not that am saying that everyone is a liar, am just speaking to how we (as a society) have let things happen because we are too afraid to speak the truth. We have enabled this...
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Nietzsche Genealogy of Morals Essay

To begin with, Nietzsche uses the term genealogy to refer to the distinct methodology with which he studies morality. Rather than studying moral terms empirically, that is, by thinking a priori about what they mean, and how they are used in the current day, Nietzsche instead sets out to discover where these terms originated from, and how their related values developed throughout history. Specifically, Nietzsche wants to illuminate the subtleties of moral concepts by studying their linguistic and etymological development...
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The Idea of Nihilism

Philosopher, Friedrich Nietzsche, claiming the death of God, forced the largest announcement upon the Western culture. The world that was built by faith, all of a sudden became irrelevant of all its value. Years of being reliant on a divine being to explain our existence, our society was advancing and discovering new information about the world we live in. In by no means was it ever intentional to completely dispose of the Christian faith, but with the rise of science,...
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The Straightforwardness of Friedrich Nietzsche’s Views

In Genealogy of Morals, Nietzsche details the shortcomings of the Judeo-Christian tradition. He focuses on the fact that the followers of this tradition have developed in such a way that impedes happiness and the normal will power of a strong individual. While Nietzsche mentions some positive aspects of what he would like to see in the world in Genealogy of Morals, he focuses on attacking what currently dominates the world: Judeo-Christian tradition. Nietzsche finds problems with two major aspects of...
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