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A German philosopher, sociologist, economist and journalist, born on May 5th, 1818, Karl Marx was one of the nine sons of a man named Heinrich Marx and a woman named Henriette Presburg Marx. Heinrich Marx who was a successful lawyer wanted Karl to follow in his footsteps to become a lawyer. Karl studied at the University of Bonn in October of 1835 and later transferred to the University of Berlin. This was where he discovered that his passion and interests...
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What I Already Knew/ What I Wanted to Know Haruki Murakami once said, “If you only read the books everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking”. Reading this quote caused a multitude of questions to arise in my mind regarding the effect words have on human behavior, belief systems, and the wildfire spread of ideologies. This quote was the source of inspiration for research that lasted a few weeks. I already knew that literature...
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Historical Essay Karl Heinrich Marx (1818-1883) Karl Heinrich Marx (May 5, 1818- March 14, 1883) was a German philosopher, economist, historian, sociologist, political theorist, journalist, and revolutionary socialist; born in Trier, Germany. Marx began studying Law and Philosophy at the University of Bonn then left and later studied at the University of Berlin where he took an interest in the German philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel as well as a group of Young Hegelians including Bruno Bauer and Ludwig Feuerbach....
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The Communist Manifesto The Communist Manifesto was written as a guide to the idea of Communism. Communism, to them, was the struggle of the working class under the ruling class. The two different classes mentioned within the document were the ruling bourgeoisie class, and the working proletariat class. The main point stressed within the document is that the bourgeoisie class is oppressive and takes advantage of the proletariat’s work. They also outline how they would like society to be set...
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The work of early philosophers has influenced the way society has adopted certain cultural practices, religious beliefs, and even political philosophies. Some of the influential philosophers from ancient history include Marx, Nietzsche’s and Freud. These three philosopher’s work has impacted the Asian region and Korean cultures, religion, moral thinking and values. Karl Marx was a philosopher from German, he was also an economist, journalist and revolutionary. Born from 1818-1883 he became one of the most influential figures in history through...
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The 1949 Revolution was a climatic ending on the discussion of who would control the Chinese government. The victory of the Chinese Communist Party of which was led by Mao Zedong in 1949, was a conclusion that positively impacted China altering its society to an advanced industrial and military superpower that had found its way on the worldwide stage. The outcome of the revolution was due to many factors but ultimately Mao was the key within the revolution being successful,...
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In this essay I will talk about Karl Marx's view of capitalism as a whole, the role it plays in society, and the philosophical books he published which were composed for various purposes. The 'Communist Manifesto' expresses that he expected that capitalism will definitely obliterate itself, and he supports this by his other work 'Das Kapital', which is Marx’s analysis of why he believes it will crash. Within his work the 'Communist Manifesto', he claims that all the progressions inside...
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Adam Smith dedicated a great majority of his book, ‘The Wealth of Nations’, explaining the idea of wealth and its importance and role on countries and how some of them develop more quickly than others. “In general, if any branch of trade, or any division of labour, be advantageous to the public, the freer and more general the competition, it will always be the more so” (Book II, Ch. II). The most successful countries in the world have governments that...
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The Industrial Revolution brought change in the economy and society to the world when it first started. The wealth gap between the owners and the workers because increasingly bigger as years went by. Socialism emerged as a response to inequalities associated with the growth of industrialism happening in Europe in the mid-20th century. It became an alternative to improve the lives of the working class and stressed public ownership of the means of production. Karl Marx was known was one...
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