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God Essay Examples

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The Concept Of Faith In God

To us, it seems terrible that God could ask Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. But this story is supposed to be a sign of Abraham’s complete believe in God. Ultimately, God prevented the sacrifice due to the fact God wanted no longer Isaac’s death...
3 Pages 1305 Words

Why Does God Allow Suffering

There are so many questions people have when it comes to faith. Questions that even lead people to give up on their faith. One of the most asked questions throughout history is “Why does God allow evil and suffering.” This is a question that stops...
5 Pages 2308 Words

God And The Concept Of Life

The common concern for an Atheist is the overlaying question umbrellaed over all religious traditions, the question of God’s existence, respectively, God’s allowance in evil and suffering. Cancer, mental health disorder, evil in the form of murder or spite, sickness… If there is a God,...
3 Pages 1298 Words

Jupiter As The Roman God

Jupiter was the ruler of the divine beings and was viewed as the lord of light, thunder, and sky. He was the defender of the Roman armed forces during fights. An impressive sanctuary was built in Rome to respect Jupiter and remains can still be...
2 Pages 964 Words

The Existential Question About God

As I reflect upon my life, there is one personal truth that I have adopted in my mind; this truth is that I believe that God is nonexistent. My personal truth has dramatically changed from when I was a child to my formative adolescent years....
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The Concept Of God In The Human's Life

Under liberal and rational thinking, many thoughts in the universe explain the concept and the idea of God. People determine the idea of God as an imaginary cosmic that is initiated to enhance personal and emotional protection. The aspect of this belief is based on...
3 Pages 1403 Words

Similarities And Differences Between Faiths In God

Uncomfortable. When talking about religion things can get pretty awkward. Although most of us believe in God, we all see him differently. For example, my Mom’s boss is Jewish. She has to be careful when sending holiday cards for the company not to use Christmas...
3 Pages 1147 Words

The Origin Of Belief In God And What God Does

The idea that God is Fashioner, Moulder, Architect, who gives form to formless matter,means in effect that in African thought creation is not by divine fiat. It is not Creatio ex nihilo (i.e. Creation out of nothing) as in Christian and Muslim belief. Creation is...
2 Pages 831 Words

God And God's Existence

The existence of God has been questioned, debated, argued, pondered, philosophized by the ancients, by the sages throughout history and even by the social media commentators of today; and yet a definitive answer continues to elude mankind. This paper will provide reasoning to suggest that...
2 Pages 867 Words
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