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Essays on Religious Concepts

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Greek Festival God of Wine

The City Dionysia, which is also called the Great Dionysia, is a traditional ancient drama festival held in Athens. At the festival, they had a variety of theatrical festivities such as comedy, suspense, tragedy, and satyric drama as well. The festival was always in March...
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Relationship Between Faith and Reason: Essay

The present research has been writing about the Eucharist, a broad subject in theological studies, but he has focused on the renewal of Jesus’ sacrifice in every Mass. As he has been writing along, he noticed the need to offer a better understanding of this...
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Theme of Faith in Elie Wiesel’s ‘Night’

Due to the barbarities that the Jewish people endured throughout the Holocaust, many abandoned their faith in God and humanity. Elie Wiesel’s memoir ‘Night’ recounts how as a 15-year-old boy, he and the Jewish people endure the hardships of the Holocaust. Wiesel was a Romanian-born...
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Fashion And Faith In Judaism And Islam

For numerous religions, dress has been defined to include clothing, grooming, and various unique forms of bodily embellishments. It can be a symbol of religious identification, a reference of history, geography and tradition, and the method of expressing fundamental philosophical and religious practices and principles....
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What Is The Significance Of Afterlife In Islam?

The looming presence of the afterlife plays a monumental role in the Islamic religion. Within the umbrella concept of the role that the afterlife plays to the Muslim community, things get complicated, as many different people in the Islamic religion believe the afterlife consists of...
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The Principle Of Solidarity In Catholic Tradition

Caritas is an international Catholic organisation that strives for social justice around the world. Caritas is a Catholic agency for justice, peace and development. The mission of Caritas Inerationalis, which works in more than 200 countries, is to, “serve the poor and to promote charity...
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The Idea Of Afterlife In Christianity And Judaism

The idea of the afterlife, and the statement “death is not the end of life”, is often discussed throughout today’s evolving Judeo-Christian community. Atheists, however, do not believe in a God and contrary to Christianity and Judaism, all atheists believe that once someone dies, that’s...
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Catholic Social Thoughts And Principles

Catholic social teachings are integral to human life, as one cannot live without love, and love does not exist when we are isolated (W. Wright, 2018). Catholic social teachings teach us about economic, political, personal and spiritual factors in our lives. Catholic Social Teachings (CST’s)...
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Charges Against Christianity Faith

Throughout history there have been many charges brought against the christian faith. Most recently it has been a charge that christianity is at the root of our current ecological crisis. In Lynn White’s article “The historical roots of our ecological crisis” he attacks the way...
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The Self And The One's Soul

Abstract The following paper attempts to understand of how “ the self ” is at the peak of disorientation and personal crises, identification of the psychological calamity and how the self is able to co-relate that with the advancement of different soul ages. The purpose...
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