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Why Did the German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche Announce, “God Is Dead, We Have Killed Him”: Essay

This paper assignment will have to do with the interpretation of Nietzsche’s philosophy. The topic will be what Nietzsche means when he claims that, “God is dead”. Some may interpret that Nietzsche believed that God is dead or gone, but that is not what he meant. Instead, he is trying to indicate that there is an increase in atheism, a decline in religion, and a reduction in moral authority which will ultimately lead the world into disruption but at the...
3 Pages 1536 Words

How Does the 'Epic of Gilgamesh' Portray the Gods and Their Relationship to Humankind

Throughout history, there have been many men and women who have been influential in keeping records so that their customs and traditions may be passed on and made known to modern people and cultures. Some ancient historians were able to observe other civilizations and how they differed from their own. Herodotus studying the Persians, Tacitus studying the Germanics, and Sima Qian studying the Xiongnu are all examples of such men studying their neighboring civilizations. Through their writings on different civilizations,...
5 Pages 2120 Words

How Are the Gods Portrayed in the Homeric Poems: Essay

The use of supernatural machinery is a prominent feature of many epics. Supernatural machinery is a must for an epic and Iliad is not devoid of this. Homer has used the Olympian gods and goddesses who take part in the poem separated into two parts. The most powerful gods and goddesses are equally balanced in the two groups such as Aphrodite and Apollo in support of the Trojans and Hera, Athena, and Hephaestus in support of the Achaeans. In the...
1 Page 650 Words

How Are the Gods Portrayed in the Epic of Gilgamesh: Essay

The Epic of Gilgamesh invitations us to think about the relationship between the way of life and nature. In this essay, I`ll discuss strategies in which Enkidu moves from animal to human. What precisely he loses, and what did he good points? I`ll be speakme about his journey as a human and what it tells us about existence in a city-state. Enkidu used to be created with the aid of the gods to have an effect on Gilgamesh for the...
3 Pages 1279 Words

Hera Vs Aphrodite: Comparative Essay

Firstly, Hera not only reigns as Queen in Olympus but also in the Greek pantheon as a whole. On the surface, Hera is merely chosen to thoroughly dislike the Trojans simply because she is deemed less fanciable in the infamous account of Paris’ Judgment. She may be the Queen of the divine, yet mythologically she is rather complex and paradoxical since she is the goddess of lawful marriage and legitimate childbirth. Thus, she constitutes her subordination. The paradox of the...
6 Pages 2713 Words

Essay on Roman Gods: Apollo as a God of Prophecy

Apollo is considered one of the most important and complex gods in both Roman and Greek mythology as he is usually associated with healing properties but is also blamed for sickness. He is the son of Jupiter and Latona and has a twin sister called Diana. In the first few minutes that Diana was born, she was made to assist her mother in labor in order to successfully produce the second twin child; Apollo. The story of Apollo begins when...
2 Pages 695 Words

Essay on Ancient Greek Goddesses: Athena, Demeter, Hera and Aphrodite

Consider these creatures, these people who are not people, these inhabitants of heaven. The god has a headache, his son wields an axe, and the girl springs forth with a bow and shield. She is walking toward the world. Her own flies before her. It is twilight. Look at these clouds, this limitless and impenetrable sky. This is what remains. A crease runs through it like a bloodless vein. Everything is changed and yet the same. According to Loraux, a...
7 Pages 3254 Words

Greek Festival God of Wine

The City Dionysia, which is also called the Great Dionysia, is a traditional ancient drama festival held in Athens. At the festival, they had a variety of theatrical festivities such as comedy, suspense, tragedy, and satyric drama as well. The festival was always in March to honor and tribute to Dionysus, the god of wine. This festival was the second-most important festival after Panathenaia. The Panathenaia Games were held every four years and were games that included religion, ceremony, physical...
1 Page 432 Words

Themes of Greek Gods in Art of Hellenistic Period

Greek Mythology traces as far back as nineteen hundred B. C. till the ninth century. When there are godly figures there will be people who illustrate these godly figures in many different forms of artwork. This results in endless amounts of artwork illustrating the Greek’s idea of their Gods. There are multiple different types of artworks, including dominantly paintings and statues made of stone and bronze. The prominent works are stone statues depicting the Greek Gods. The most recognizable Greek...
2 Pages 1073 Words

Christian Faith in “The Three Hermits” and “The Death of Ivan Ilyich”: Comparative Analysis

The depictions of true Christian faith in “The Three Hermits” and “The Death of Ivan Ilyich” resemble one another in that God will accept all regardless of who they are and how they choose or choose not to worship. In the three hermits, the hermits pray to God and worship him in the only way they know, with their simple prayer. The Bishop asks how they worship and when they reply, he discredits their prayer and says “’You’ve obviously heard...
1 Page 539 Words

Relationship Between Faith and Reason: Essay

The present research has been writing about the Eucharist, a broad subject in theological studies, but he has focused on the renewal of Jesus’ sacrifice in every Mass. As he has been writing along, he noticed the need to offer a better understanding of this specific aspect of the Christian faith by seeing the relationship between theology and philosophy. So, he turned to a document, Fides et Ratio, to look for some insights. He thinks that it is important to...
5 Pages 2064 Words

What Is Love? Essay

Everyone has experienced love during their lifetime, whether they loved or were loved. It’s no surprise that billions of individuals say, “I love you”. So, what is love? One way to define love is a feeling for different people, including kids, work colleagues, husband, wife, and God. Nevertheless, each of these has a totally different type of love. Love is a powerful affectionate feeling that even affects how the individual acts. Love exists in various types, including intimate love, friendship...
2 Pages 710 Words

Theme of Faith in Elie Wiesel’s ‘Night’

Due to the barbarities that the Jewish people endured throughout the Holocaust, many abandoned their faith in God and humanity. Elie Wiesel’s memoir ‘Night’ recounts how as a 15-year-old boy, he and the Jewish people endure the hardships of the Holocaust. Wiesel was a Romanian-born Jew, whose hometown of Sighet was controlled by the Hungarians for most of the Second World War. By May of 1944, all Sighet Jews were forced into cattle wagons and transported to Auschwitz against their...
4 Pages 1954 Words

Founding Fathers' Faith in God and Its Reflection in Their Declaration of Independence

It is evident that all of mankind has been deceived into the pleasures of sin, and it is critical to keep in mind that the Founding Fathers were imperfect. However, what set their ideology apart from that of other establishments at the time was their belief in God. Though it is not clear they were all completely devout in their faith, it is overtly obvious they acknowledge God’s existence and instituted America’s most influential founding documents. Contract Theory Thomas Jefferson...
2 Pages 810 Words

Pam's Struggle in 'The Great Divorce': Character Analysis

C.S. Lewis tells the story of each character with a deeper meaning to them. They all go through a certain struggle that leads them to where they are meant to be. In ‘The Great Divorce’, C.S. Lewis portrays Pam’s struggle demonstrating how stubbornness, selfishness, and lack of love for God can make us lose perspective regarding our loved ones and others. Pam is a very prominent character in this story. She is one of the most stubborn and impatient characters...
1 Page 550 Words

Faith Can Not Be Lost According to the Book 'Night'

Buddha, a teacher, philosopher, and spiritual leader, once said, “Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life” In Elie Wiesel’s ‘Night’, the victims of the Holocaust lived with a highly spiritual life. They lived by their traditions. However, many felt as if their faith was lost after witnessing the horrors of the concentration camps. Several people believed that they could not go on any longer. Through the use of tone, hyperbole, and mood,...
2 Pages 696 Words

Reflections on Whether Religion Is Needed in Modern Britain

The main road leading down the high street of the village in which I live is dominated by a grand church which draws all eyes towards it. One would think that such a structure, the largest in the village by far, would draw large crowds each week however the dwindling number of cars with every passing Sunday suggests otherwise. It’s undeniable that the grip of the church on the people of Britain has loosened in recent times with the number...
3 Pages 1521 Words

Analytical Essay David and Goliath: Importance of Obeying God and Putting Trust in Him

God. In the beginning, was the word and the word was with God, and the Word was God. Everything starts with God, but why do some people not believe in God even though there is proof? Is it because they don’t want to submit themselves to someone in authority? Or is it because they think it’s absurd that a supreme being created this earth? We, humans, are foolish people as we think we’re the highest out of all the species...
5 Pages 2358 Words

Analytical Essay on Ancient Greek Gods and Trojan War

King Laius of Thebes received a shocking oracle from the God of Truth, Apollo, that his son would slay the father and marry the mother. Immediately after his son was born, Laius left it on an isolated mountain. Several years later, the King was killed during an encounter with robbers. At that time, Thebes was troubled by a Sphinx that nobody investigated the particular murderer. This Sphinx had the head of a woman, the haunches of a lion, and the...
4 Pages 2022 Words

Artificial Intelligence and Its Relationship with God and the Ego in ‘Ex Machina’

Even with its flaws, ‘Ex Machina’ perfectly captured the relationship between artificial intelligence, God and the ego. ‘Ex Machina’ looks like a film about the future of artificial intelligence, but like most science fiction, it tells us more about the present than the future; and like most discussion around AI, it ends up reflecting not on technological progress so much as the human ego. A tiny change in its closing moments would have given it an intriguing new dimension. Artificial...
3 Pages 1162 Words

Breaking Bonds and The Sacrilege Of Integrity Through Sin: Implementation of SHARP Program

“The fact that this sexual assault still occurs in our ranks is heartbreaking, and it’s antithetical to everything we value in this institution. And at the risk of stating the obvious, it is simply unacceptable.” – Army Secretary John McHugh A soul weak in character may be tempted to prey upon the vulnerable. Whether victims of opportunity or misfortune, the survivors of sexual misconduct carry the scar of the encounter for the rest of their lives. The number of reported...
2 Pages 827 Words

St. Thomas Aquinas's Views on the Concept of a Man: Analytical Essay

“What is man” is the basic question under taken by many philosophers. This question was also under taken by St. Thomas Aquinas. There are various types of natural beings who have specified structures, peculiarities and differences. These natural beings can be divided into two major groups; living beings and non-living beings. Among the various types of living beings there is something common i.e. soul- an anima. Many of St. Thomas Aquinas’s perspectives and Aristotle’s perspectives go hand in hand. Both...
2 Pages 920 Words

The Origin of Man and a Mankind: Analytical Essay

Of all the planets of the solar system, only the Earth is not only inhabited, but also inhabited by highly developed intelligent beings. However, this was not always the case. A few million years ago, dinosaurs reigned on the planet, but suddenly they all died, leaving only bones as proof of their existence. Then life on the planet was revived again and the cause of this phenomenon scientists associate with evolution, and religious figures with God’s idea, with scientists denying...
3 Pages 1496 Words

The Role Of Gods And Muses In Homer’s Iliad And Odyssey

Homer’s epic poem, The Iliad, depicts the prominent conflict between the Achaeans and the Trojans. The Iliad and The Odyssey have become staples in universal literature and the foundation of Greek culture to many. In both works, Homer implicitly celebrates the role he plays as a performer and conduit from the Gods “who have their homes on Olympos” (75,18), giving rise to a question I repeatedly asked myself: “Why does Homer invoke the assistance of Gods and Muses in The...
2 Pages 842 Words

Beliefs and Morals in Antigone

Throughout history, there have been various cases in which the people of a nation have to take the matter into their own hands in order to bring justice to everyone. Civil disobedience is a right that an individual has to oppose an unjust law in a manner that is passive. Not only is it a right but it also ties into being a responsibility of the people to fight against laws that may be unjustified to ensure the safety and...
2 Pages 918 Words

Is Coronavirus Pandemic an Act of God ?

What we are experiencing today is not unknown to anyone.The world is going through an unprecedented year, a year which no one dreamed or thought of.The disease outbreak i.e COVID 19 is travelling so fast and everyone is fighting the battle including superpowers who could not prevent people against it. This novel Coronavirus is spreading faster than fire all over the globe. The Wuhan city of China first experienced this virus in December 2019 and then it had reached and...
3 Pages 1563 Words

Suffering Of Human Beings In Iliad: Because Of The Gods Or Is It A Consequence Of Human Action

In this paper, I explore the controversy of why human beings suffer; is it because of the gods or is it a consequence of human action? The former is something that I believe in; however, this seems untrue in the Iliad and the Odyssey. As a practicing Hindu, I believe in polytheism; for me, the gods are all knowing and are responsible for maintaining the moral order. Those who do bad deeds are punished and those who do good deeds...
4 Pages 2009 Words

Meditations By Rene Descartes: Arguments For The Existence Of God

Topic 2: The Meditations don’t just prove the existence of God once, but twice. What are these arguments and what is the relationship between them? In what sense is God foundational for the metaphysics Descartes elaborates in his great work? What are some objections to his view? Are they compelling? Your goal in this essay is to assess Descartes’ argument(s) for the existence of God and to arrive at your own conclusions regarding its persuasiveness. At a minimum, your essay...
3 Pages 1335 Words

Black Liberation Theology: The Power Of Faith And Believing

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “ If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” This motivational line brought an uproar and spark in igniting the push towards the Civil Rights Movement from the 1930s-1970s. Him and advocators such as Rosa Parks, who refused to give up her public bus seat for a white person, demonstrated an act of...
3 Pages 1586 Words

Chinese Buddhist Perspective On Afterlife

This narrative is about a monk who died for two days, and he had the chance to see life after death. In his vision, he saw what happened to people after they die, and his account sheds light to the belief that the Chinese people had in the issue. He saw the judgment seat, and he faced the judge in front of a man who seemed very powerful among the other men who looked like his servants. The experience that...
2 Pages 876 Words
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