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Persuasive Essay on 'Young Goodman Brown'

Nathaniel Hawthorne sets the character and story of“Young Goodman Brown”(YGB) in the colony of Massachusetts town of Salem, where the Puritans tried to create a religious society with strict morals and pious standards, but also where the infamous Salem Witch Trials occurred. These trials killed the lives of many innocent people and tarnished the names of countless others. The people carrying out these acts otherwise known as the Puritans believed that some people are predestined by God to go to...
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Synthesis Essay on Religion

Introduction Religion has been part of humanity and it has also played a role in uniting many societies. It has also evolved to the level where individuals, societies as well and nations use it to differentiate themselves from others. According to Atran & Norenzayan (Cited by Shariff & Norenzayan 2011:85), “the belief in supernatural agents has been a powerful force found throughout all cultures and across all of recorded human history.” As a result, throughout history, humans poured resources into...
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Definition Essay on Mercy

I have read 87% of the required Pentateuch reading with decent comprehension. Throughout the reading of the Pentateuch, much has been revealed to me about God’s plan and character. Most notable, is his unrelenting and unfailing mercy. In all of the narratives and laws that we have read through, and all the sins done by his people, God was -and is- merciful. Before reading these 5 books, I knew of God’s mercy, but I didn’t understand the true extent of...
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Definition Essay on Faith

This paper aims to focus on the topic of ethical faith integration. The use of this skill is important in order to avoid any potential legal and ethical issues when considering integrating faith into practice. Every individual has different views on whether or not integrating faith in practice is possible or if is it rationale. Practicing faith in communities can be accomplished in many ways for individuals with any religion. This skill is an important technique needed in the social...
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Exemplification Essay on the Seven Deadly Sins in Schools

Throughout the seven Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations (OCSGE), I choose the reflective, creative, and holistic thirteen. It is the person who solves problems and makes responsible decisions with an inferred conscience for the common good. In Catholic schools, the students are taught about human rights, pride, regard, and care for others. As a student, they need to figure out how to take care of an issue and properly find a solution. Throughout the course, we have learned about the...
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Why Is Lying a Sin Essay

Everyone knows that what the Bible says goes, well for the most part. In fact, you would think that as much as religion rules our society we would follow it more than we actually like to think we do. Everyone interprets the word religion differently. We interpret the words to what we think will make ourselves look better in the eyes of religion. Knowing that we will never reach the level of perfection as the sole purpose of whatever religion...
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How Tolerant of Religious Diversity Was Early Modern Europe: Informative Essay

Religion played a major role in everyday life, with the Catholic Church having a major stronghold in Europe with the papacy and the church’s control over governments and monarchies, meaning the coexistence of religions in early modern Europe was very different from how it is now, as countries have adopted a more secular approach. As the Christian faith dominated Europe, life for people who shared the Jewish or Islamic faith was not always easy, as coexistence was rare between the...
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Critical Essay on Anselm’s Ontological Argument as a Example of Indirect Proof

Over the course of history, many proofs have been created by great philosophers. Three kinds of proofs can be made: direct, indirect, or inductive. A direct proof is the most convincing in that there is no flaw in the logic. Each step in the proof is justified. An indirect proof is one that can be questioned. This is when you assume the opposite of what you want to prove and come up with a contradiction to it. Therefore, what you...
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Do You Really Love Thy Neighbour: Critical Essay on Freedom of Religion

“The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth” (The Australian Constitution, Chapter 5, Section 116). Freedom of religion is a concept prevalent in most countries around the world. Australia, as a multicultural and diverse country, consists of many citizens who practice the world’s...
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Critical Essay on Belief in God and Its Rationality

Are people around the world justified in believing in God? The idea of a supreme being that has created the Earth has been around for centuries. The concept of God has had a large impact on society. Whether it be from geopolitical issues or just minor issues in a small town, the belief of a God has always had influence in the world. Because of all these issues, we should ask about the rationality of the belief in God. Anslem,...
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Faith and Helping Others as Dorothy Day's Two Loves: Critical Essay

Dorothy Day was a writer and activist who later in life converted to Catholicism. She enjoyed helping people and bringing faith into the lives of others. According to Dorothy, faith was the most important thing for a human being to have, and it is what gives life purpose. She had a strong belief that one can't obtain the 'richness of life' without some form of faith. One aspect of faith that was crucial to her beliefs and her life was...
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The Never-Ending Religious Conflict

Kashmir is a place of endless religious tension, which has led to three wars, and more than 47,000 people killed between 1989 and 2008. The Kashmir conflict is increasing rapidly and could end up in a nuclear war. It all starts in 1846, when a Hindu leader by the name of Maharaja Hari Singh was ruling Kashmir, where the majority of people followed Islam. Then Britain took over Kashmir as a colony in 1858, taking away Maharaja’s position. However, India...
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Concept of Tolerance in Islam

These days, our world is in urgent need of effective tolerance and positive coexistence among people more than ever before, since the convergence of cultures and interaction among civilizations is increasing day by day thanks to the information and communications revolution and the technological revolution that removed temporal and spatial barriers between nations and peoples. Term of Tolerance In language, it is known as tolerance, dreaming and pardon. And religious tolerance, which is called respect for the beliefs of others,...
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Significance of Religious Tolerance

In a world where religious animosity and distrust among people of different faiths is one of the leading causes of conflict and human suffering, it is paramount that society foster and encourage understanding and respect for various religious beliefs. Education of foreign cultures and the world’s religions will facilitate the end of racial and religious prejudice and discrimination, while achieving respect and understanding. According to Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations and an experienced diplomat, “Education gives us the...
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Religious Tolerance in American History

Religion played an important role in the history of the United States. In some way, it can be said that it helped to shape America into what it is today. However, the belief that some religions are better than others created conflicts between their members. The aim of this paper is to show how different religions were perceived and tolerated (if they even were) throughout the history of America, and what is the situation of tolerance and freedom of religion...
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Religious Conflict in India

A casual glance at world affairs would suggest that religion is the core of many conflicts around the world. Religion can be powerfully motivating and quarrelsome. Religion has been a major factor in some historical conflicts. In recent years, we have witnessed an increase in violent and religious tensions. These all range from Islamic extremists and power struggles between Sunni and Shia Muslims in the Middle East to Hindu-Muslim conflict in India. Majority of the world’s countries experienced an increase...
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Reflections on Whether Religion Is the Cause of Wars and Conflicts in Society

Profane humanists and atheists consistently make the profession that religion is the number-one cause of violence and war throughout the history of humanity. Wikipedia defines a religious war or holy war “as a war primarily caused or justified by differences in religion”. In the modern period, debates are common over the extent to which religious, economic, or ethnic aspects of a conflict predominate in a given war. Britain’s most outspoken atheist, Richard Dawkins, has averred that religion has been the...
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Essay on Religious Conflicts in Today's World

“Rivers, ponds, lakes, and streams - they all have different names, but they all contain water. Just as religions do - they all contain truths” (Muhammad Ali). Religion is a strong foundation of beliefs and worships that many people practice globally. Through religion, many people are drawn closer by sharing a common idea, which is very diverse in several regions. However, through such diversity in religion, conflicts arrive through disputed sacred lands. Religious conflicts bring rise to high amounts of...
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Does Religion Contribute to Conflict: Argumentative Essay

I was born and raised in Africa, and at a very young age, I was exposed to conflict and civil war. My country had religious war in the first half of the 16th century, as I was told and read about it. Prophet Muhamad was born and raised in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, he was the leader and founder of the Islamic religion. When the Prophet Muhamad’s followers were persecuted by local authorities in the Middle East, they took refuge in...
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Why Did the German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche Announce, “God Is Dead, We Have Killed Him”: Essay

This paper assignment will have to do with the interpretation of Nietzsche’s philosophy. The topic will be what Nietzsche means when he claims that, “God is dead”. Some may interpret that Nietzsche believed that God is dead or gone, but that is not what he meant. Instead, he is trying to indicate that there is an increase in atheism, a decline in religion, and a reduction in moral authority which will ultimately lead the world into disruption but at the...
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How Does the 'Epic of Gilgamesh' Portray the Gods and Their Relationship to Humankind

Throughout history, there have been many men and women who have been influential in keeping records so that their customs and traditions may be passed on and made known to modern people and cultures. Some ancient historians were able to observe other civilizations and how they differed from their own. Herodotus studying the Persians, Tacitus studying the Germanics, and Sima Qian studying the Xiongnu are all examples of such men studying their neighboring civilizations. Through their writings on different civilizations,...
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How Are the Gods Portrayed in the Homeric Poems: Essay

The use of supernatural machinery is a prominent feature of many epics. Supernatural machinery is a must for an epic and Iliad is not devoid of this. Homer has used the Olympian gods and goddesses who take part in the poem separated into two parts. The most powerful gods and goddesses are equally balanced in the two groups such as Aphrodite and Apollo in support of the Trojans and Hera, Athena, and Hephaestus in support of the Achaeans. In the...
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How Are the Gods Portrayed in the Epic of Gilgamesh: Essay

The Epic of Gilgamesh invitations us to think about the relationship between the way of life and nature. In this essay, I`ll discuss strategies in which Enkidu moves from animal to human. What precisely he loses, and what did he good points? I`ll be speakme about his journey as a human and what it tells us about existence in a city-state. Enkidu used to be created with the aid of the gods to have an effect on Gilgamesh for the...
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Hera Vs Aphrodite: Comparative Essay

Firstly, Hera not only reigns as Queen in Olympus but also in the Greek pantheon as a whole. On the surface, Hera is merely chosen to thoroughly dislike the Trojans simply because she is deemed less fanciable in the infamous account of Paris’ Judgment. She may be the Queen of the divine, yet mythologically she is rather complex and paradoxical since she is the goddess of lawful marriage and legitimate childbirth. Thus, she constitutes her subordination. The paradox of the...
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Essay on Roman Gods: Apollo as a God of Prophecy

Apollo is considered one of the most important and complex gods in both Roman and Greek mythology as he is usually associated with healing properties but is also blamed for sickness. He is the son of Jupiter and Latona and has a twin sister called Diana. In the first few minutes that Diana was born, she was made to assist her mother in labor in order to successfully produce the second twin child; Apollo. The story of Apollo begins when...
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Essay on Ancient Greek Goddesses: Athena, Demeter, Hera and Aphrodite

Consider these creatures, these people who are not people, these inhabitants of heaven. The god has a headache, his son wields an axe, and the girl springs forth with a bow and shield. She is walking toward the world. Her own flies before her. It is twilight. Look at these clouds, this limitless and impenetrable sky. This is what remains. A crease runs through it like a bloodless vein. Everything is changed and yet the same. According to Loraux, a...
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Greek Festival God of Wine

The City Dionysia, which is also called the Great Dionysia, is a traditional ancient drama festival held in Athens. At the festival, they had a variety of theatrical festivities such as comedy, suspense, tragedy, and satyric drama as well. The festival was always in March to honor and tribute to Dionysus, the god of wine. This festival was the second-most important festival after Panathenaia. The Panathenaia Games were held every four years and were games that included religion, ceremony, physical...
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Themes of Greek Gods in Art of Hellenistic Period

Greek Mythology traces as far back as nineteen hundred B. C. till the ninth century. When there are godly figures there will be people who illustrate these godly figures in many different forms of artwork. This results in endless amounts of artwork illustrating the Greek’s idea of their Gods. There are multiple different types of artworks, including dominantly paintings and statues made of stone and bronze. The prominent works are stone statues depicting the Greek Gods. The most recognizable Greek...
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Christian Faith in “The Three Hermits” and “The Death of Ivan Ilyich”: Comparative Analysis

The depictions of true Christian faith in “The Three Hermits” and “The Death of Ivan Ilyich” resemble one another in that God will accept all regardless of who they are and how they choose or choose not to worship. In the three hermits, the hermits pray to God and worship him in the only way they know, with their simple prayer. The Bishop asks how they worship and when they reply, he discredits their prayer and says “'You've obviously heard...
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Why Is Forgiveness Important: Essay

Biblical Christianity for Thoughtful People Introduction From the very beginning, God created a world where all his creations would work in unity on earth. Everything that God created was planned out to benefit all and align with the future. God created a path for all to walk down and each step followed another for the path of life to be complete. With all that God has created, there will always be some aspects that God cannot control, such as, sinners....
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