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The Concept Of The Soul In Major World Religions

The Soul The soul being an unseen entity, has been defined in many terms. In the overall sense it is defined as a an entity that is separate from the body (, 2019), and the descriptions as to what, in a human this immaterial part consists of or signifies, includes human feelings, thoughts, actions (, 2019), personality, intellect and will (Collins Dictionary, 2019) which is “believed to exist after death (Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries, 2019).” The major religions of the world,...
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The Self And The One's Soul

Abstract The following paper attempts to understand of how “ the self ” is at the peak of disorientation and personal crises, identification of the psychological calamity and how the self is able to co-relate that with the advancement of different soul ages. The purpose of this study is to understand the essence of a young person’s journey of psychological disorientation stemming from disruption of belief system to self-actualization using Heuristic inquiry. The current study is based on the data...
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Aristotle Views On The Soul And Body

With the different philosophies and 12 philosophers that were discussed, Aristotle was the one who caught my attention. I was drawn to his idea of philosophy because of how he said that the soul and body are embedded in each other and that the body will not work without the soul. Aristotle was a brilliant man, and his view of philosophy is extraordinary. For him, philosophy is logic with observation. He also said that without the soul, the body has...
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The Concept Of Soul In Human's Life

Often, I have heard people dialogue about their other side. When I was younger, thinking in my small, un-nurtured mind, I only considered the physical aspect of a person’s other side. From my childhood to the present, I have matured and have a better understanding of what one ponders as his or her other side. As a practicing Christian, I have been taught that I have a soul. “Soul is defined as the hidden or “spiritual” side of a person”...
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Heal The Soul To Heal The Body

Many people go to the doctor and seek medical help for a pain or ailment. You have a terrible migraine that makes you stop thinking. Or high blood pressure that makes her heart beat twice as fast as normal. Or any other suffering that overwhelms, leaches, and stops you from getting up in the morning. Our whole body hurts. And that’s why we get pills for every pain or suffering that affects our lives. But is that the right way?...
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What Happens To The Soul At The Time Of Death?

There are different theories about life after death. Subconsciously everyone feels connected to a close relative even after their death, as it becomes difficult to imagine life without them. Religion provides vivid explanations of how we remain connected even after death with our close relatives. The New Testament talks of Hades – the word for spirit state after death. Depending on the type of karma conducted by the living person, they move to hell or heaven. According to scholar Charles...
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The Key To Personal Identity: Mind, Body Or Soul?

The idea of ones personal identity and how people came to be, what ones purpose is, what happens to an individual after death and so forth is a topic brought up globally from the beginning of humankind. As human beings, our physical selves are composed of the head, neck, torso, arms and legs. Our form is understood as our physical body, our spirit as non physical and our mind as both physical and non physical. When proposing the question, “What...
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Mysteries Of The Human Soul

The concept of soul is a discourse that is fascinating to people from all walks of life. The essence, characteristics, nature of the human has always been a captivating to people of all religions, backgrounds and ages. Since the nature of this topic tends to be very exciting- one who investigates this subject is faced with a huge amount of conflicting data. Philosophers and thinkers have always differed greatly regarding the nature of this entity that dwells and is the...
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Socrates And Plato's Understanding Of The Soul

Without question, Socrates and Plato were among the greatest minds and philosophers of all time, and their ideas and ways of thinking have had a massive impact on western philosophy and the world of the west in general. Their conceptions of the soul are still talked about and reviewed even to this day. Socrates and Plato were close and had a teacher-student bond, so it should come as no surprise that they would have similar thinking on the conception of...
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The Soul On The Matter To Be Or Not To Be

The matter of the soul has been a controversial topic for years and Aristotle and Immanuel Kant have different theories on the subject. What is the soul? What is the relation between the body and the soul? Does it survive after the death of the body, if so what becomes of it? Aristotle and Kant have their theories about what the soul is and what happens to it after death. What is a soul? The philosophical argument rests on the...
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Does The Human Soul Exist?

Is there a soul? This is a question I have been mulling over for the past eight or so weeks and I’ve come to the realise that there is no definite answer, no ‘Eureka!’ moment. But that the answer lies in your own opinions and belief system, it depends on what you want the answer to be. Firstly, let’s define the soul; what exactly is it? The online oxford dictionary describes it as ‘the spiritual or immaterial part of a...
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How Music Affects The Soul

Music is powerful! Music provides relaxation. Music arouses emotions. Music allows expression. Music even changes how one perceives the world. This idea of how music affects the soul, dates back to Ancient Greece and to famous philosophers such as Plato and his student, Aristotle. Aristotle’s philosophy of music, is often debated and ignored, but his ideas are still valued by many today. Aristotle’s words are convincing: Music imitates the passions or states of the soul, such as gentleness, anger, courage,...
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Existentialism, Memory Theory, Body Theory, And The Soul Theory

Existentialism is a modern philosophical belief, or theory, that is positioned upon the study of existence and of the way human beings find themselves existing in the world. The concept is that humans exist first and then each individual spends a lifetime changing their essence or nature. If you take this into account, then by the philosophical theory of Existentialism alone, you can determine that this object, this mass of cells, is, in fact, a human being. In fact, the...
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Healthy Soul And Happy Life

It is everyone’s desire and ultimate goal to live and pursue a happy life. Many work so hard throughout their lifetime to achieve and accomplish what they think will bring them true happiness, whether it is associated with some type of monetary value or extrinsic value, and for others, true happiness is associated solely with intrinsic value. All around the world, people strive and face challenges on a daily basis to ultimately live “the happy life” and each person has...
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The Features Of The Human Soul Concept

The world of computers and programming continues to inspire many people do even think critically into trying to create new possibilities for the world. This would be in an aim to improve how people do their things as well as perform some tasks. It is what was going on in Alif’s mind when he was trying to create a program that would keep Intistar from finding him online. However, some questions capture Alif’s attention and couldn’t find the answers. The...
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Soul Manifestation Review: Is The Personality Soul Code Program Helpful?

Have you ever ever felt unimportant regarding the life you’re leading? That typically, you’re flooded with queries in your head regarding your existence and purpose on earth. however you’re unable to seek out the answers. If you bear of these self interrogations and need to understand all the mysterious reasons for your incarnation as a physical being, then you must board the train of soul manifestation. it’ll cause a station of enlightenment that would usher you to unlimited success and...
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St. Thomas Aquinas's Views on the Concept of a Man: Analytical Essay

“What is man” is the basic question under taken by many philosophers. This question was also under taken by St. Thomas Aquinas. There are various types of natural beings who have specified structures, peculiarities and differences. These natural beings can be divided into two major groups; living beings and non-living beings. Among the various types of living beings there is something common i.e. soul- an anima. Many of St. Thomas Aquinas’s perspectives and Aristotle’s perspectives go hand in hand. Both...
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