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The Correlation of Globalization and Freedom of Movement

Over the past decades, the mobility of people, information, and capital have greatly spread diversity. While the process of globalization and advancement of transportation technology together have lowered the constraints of communication across long distances, they have not entirely facilitated migration movements along differing geographical routes. Globalization is the expansion of world-wide interconnectedness and global linkages, including the integration of world economies, production markets, nation-states, and knowledge. However, globalization does not grant the freedom of movement nor commodify all people....
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How was the Concept of Freedom Understood during the Era of the American Revolution?

The definition of American freedom as described by Eric Foner was ‘born in revolution’ (Foner, 2012). Freedom has been a recurring theme for the United States, reaching its pinnacle during the American Revolution, where the meaning of the word had transformed and had different meanings. There are many concepts of freedom to different people, and a majority might associate freedom with independence during the revolutionary era however it was much more than that. For slaves, it would mean freedom from...
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Role of Philosophy of Life in Giving Freedom to Be Individual: Argumentative Essay

The text says that philosophical inquiry can give you freedom. What does this mean? Explain why you agree or disagree with this claim. At the start of life, we have no control. From the beginning, we are placed in the time and location that we are destined to be. We do not determine the generation we enter, nor do we choose the cultural atmosphere in which we are immersed. We are raised to accept the ideas and morals bestowed upon...
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Coercive Patriotism in America and Lack of Freedom

Have we ever come to ask our self what is patriotism? Is it showing love for the country voluntary or is it forced? How do we show it? Do we show it through purchasing products or hanging the flag outside of our house? And what exactly is its purpose? To show people’s loyalty or just to represent of country? Although many of these questions are not often asked today, during the war these were things that no one asked because...
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Concept of Real Freedom in The Metamorphosis and The Bell Jar: Comparative Analysis

Freedom is always an interesting and important topic. In the United State, every citizen is supposed to be free. According to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, citizens have many rights such as freedom to express yourself, right to vote in elections for public officials, and freedom to pursue ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’. In this analytical paper, my topic is describing what freedom means in The Metamorphosis and The Bell Jar. I argue that Kafka and Plath...
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How Much Freedom Should Parents Give Their Children?

According to my opinion parents should give liberty to their children to make the child more sociable and more open but this freedom shouldn’t pass the red line, which will make the child spoiled. From a personal experience I know a friend that passed the ‘red line’. He was given all the freedom to do what he like whenever and wherever. He gradually got more spoiled and spoiled after we became teenager this kid started to talk back to the...
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The Colonists' Struggle for Freedom

On April 19, 1775, the first battle of the American Revolution began in Lexington, Massachusetts. However, the idea of getting their independence from the British had been in the minds of the colonists for a long time. They felt that the British were controlling and abusing them in an unfair way and that they deserved to be free and to govern themselves and grow as a free country. The colonists made a good choice by rebelling against the British because...
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Impact of Big Data on Freedom and Privacy

With the rise of the technological revolution in social world and benefits it creates, comes also concerns and issues about the range of use of those technologies. The use of big data is just a small, but nevertheless, important issue in the common world and raises many questions such as the process of data collection, how much information is gathered about a person and how that information is being used, whether there is a balance between benefits and costs and...
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Liberty and Freedom in My Life

Freedom is the right and privilege to do what you want and aspire what you want. Freedom can shape people in a positive or negative way. Liberty is the condition of being free inside from restrictions by authority on one’s views of position and behavior. Freedom has to do with certain situations in which you have to deal with. As you get older, you gain more and more freedom and liberty. The more and more freedom someone gets, the more...
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Essay on Human Rights in China

China is known for its lack of freedom. In China you can’t say anything bad about the government or the leader of the country, Xi Jinping, you can’t really express your real thoughts and feelings. China is also a very strict country, the government controls everything and everyone. Instead of giving the population access to the western technology, they make their own. They have their own google, their own YouTube, their own Instagram, basically they have their own anything. Why...
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Reconstruction Era and New Freedom Struggle for Black Americans

Following the Civil War, the country still was divided as the Republicans, who fought to uphold civil liberties for the newly freed, and the Democrats, who opposed Reconstruction, continued to have escalating tensions of the topic of freedom for black Americans. President Andrew Johnson, a staunch Democrat from Tennessee, failed to create successful policies to help assimilate the black community with the white community in the war-torn nation. His Reconstruction plan created the Freedmen’s Bureau on March 3, 1965, but...
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V as a Freedom Fighter in the Film ‘V for Vendetta’

The quote ‘One man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist’ is often controversial when it comes to the film ‘V for Vendetta’. Terrorism is the illegitimate use of violence and intimidation, particularly against civilians, in the pursuit of political objectives. On the other hand, a freedom fighter is a person who is involved in a violent fight to attain a political objective, particularly to overthrow their government. The act of terrorism is frequently correlated with fighting for freedom, but in...
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Theme of Suppression of the Right to Personal Freedom in 'Blade Runner' and '1984'

“Power is not a means, it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship” (‘1984’). In a society where citizens are stripped of their right to form an individual thought, forced into their line of work and have every action watched by their government, a dystopian society is formed. Leaders of these toxic bubbles strip their citizens bare of basic human rights and...
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Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglas as the Activists for Freedom

Throughout American history, the existence of blacks in history is very important. Whether it was the abolitionist movement or the Civil War, black people have added a heavy pen to American history. In these movements there are two blacks who have made great contributions to the status of blacks. They are Martin Luther King and Frederick Douglas. Freedom is never obtained by gifts, but by the sacrifice and suffering of some people. However, the power of love can avoid sacrifice....
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The Evolution of Freedom Throughout American History

Freedom, the foundation of American democracy, functions in various ways throughout American history in terms of its definition. The extent to which there has been an evolution in the concept of American freedom has been debated by historians with a variety of opinions. Some argue that the term’s definition has radically evolved while others believe there has only been a slight change since the founding period. This question induces the debate regarding the degree in which the definition of American...
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Freedom of Speech and Media Censorship in Pakistan

Media is the most important element for the development of the freedom of expression. According to Article 19 the constitution of Pakistan states, ‘Every citizen shall have the right to freedom of speech and expression. This research method is a qualitative research analysis of the relation between Pakistan’s political, military and media. .In this research thesis a historical study conducted about politics, establishment and the media of Pakistan. Modern Democracy establish through fair and free media, without fair and free...
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The Freedom to Choose As Existentialist Theme in Waiting for Godot

Existentialism as a concept took place after World War II as people were killed and faith in religion was being lost. The people started to question humanity and the whole purpose of their existence. In philosophy, existentialism stemmed out as a movement in somewhere 19th and 20th century just to question our understanding of life and our very existence. Soren Kierkegaard had been considered the father of existentialism and later, Jean Paul Sartre explained existentialism focusing more on the meaning...
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What Does It Mean to Be Free: Opinion Essay

“to hold as ’twere the mirror up to nature: to show virtue her feature, scorn her own image, and the very age and body of the time his form and pressure” (Hamlet 3:2). This quote from Shakespeare’s infamous play Hamlet seems to be echoing to us a message of power. Specifically the power of not just his own play, but of texts as a whole in holding up a mirror up to us, a mirror which reflects our values, virtues,...
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Freedom and Confinement in The Handmaid’s Tale

One of the main concerns of both Utopian and Dystopian societies is Freedom. How do people maintain the human right that has existed for centuries and it even became the main section of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Should the utopian society be confined? What is the amount of freedom that people should be granted? Sometimes giving absolute freedom might form a dystopian society but so can confinement. Many cultures associate “disability” with confinement and this event strictly...
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Freedom, Equality, and Justice for All

In Freedom, Equality, and Justice for All, James N. Leiker argues that the U.S. was not truly fighting for democracy and freedom during World War II. Many people drew comparison between the Jim Crow laws and Nazism, which is ironic considering the United States were fighting against it. During wars such as World War I and World War II African Americans were still discriminated against and even African American soldiers were segregated from white soldiers. African American soldiers stayed in...
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The Significance of Religious Freedom in the USA

The national security of America revolved around Islamic terrorism post 9/11 incident and the policy of promotion of Democracy was pursued vociferously more than ever as an ultimate solution to curb Islamic extremism. Very soon it was realized that in Afghanistan after the removal of Taliban led government the implanted democratic system was flawed when its citizen was tried for apostasy , mainly for converting into Christianity from Islam. The incident came as a humanitarian issue to the US officials...
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The Experience of Freedom in Space

Freedom is often defined as the power to act, speak, or think without restraint (Oxford dictionaries, 2019). It is undeniable that city life is packed with overwhelming routines and responsibilities. Thus, it is not surprising why a lot of people find ways to experience freedom such as going outside of the city or participating in activities within the city that are unrelated to their routine, to “unwind” and experience freedom. In the book entitled “Regulating Eden” by Hermer (1967) and...
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The Peculiarities of Bangladeshi Freedom

‘Freedom’ it’s not just a word that’s written on paper but it itself a whole different world that everyone thrives for to live in it. Where it’s like ‘Eutopia’; everyone dreams for it in real life to really exist but in reality it doesn’t exist. Where everybody should get the same privilege as it showed to the showcase in our country basing on different perspectives but reality is a bit different combining all the contexts and situations we have today....
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The Concept of Human Freedom

What is your idea of human freedom? Do you understand it as independent of ecological context? My idea of freedom does not relate to the ecological context, at least not in this moment. This is because of what shaped me as a person, and the experiences that I have had. I believe that freedom is inherently personal, as an idea. It is not something that can be shared – no two people would have the exact same notion of what...
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What Freedom Means to Me: Essay

Freedom may be defined in three ways: First, it is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint as when we say that we have the freedom to speak. Second, it is the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved as when one sat, “Finally after three years of my imprisonment, I had tasted freedom again”. Thirdly, it is the unrestricted use of something as when we say, “We had more or...
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How to Differ Terrorist from Freedom Fighter

In response to the essay title, this paper will contemplate the dogma of the term ‘terrorism’ and how we can determine if a ‘terrorist’ and ‘freedom fighter’ differ. Discussion will be applied to the inconsistency of the notion of terrorism, stressing the variations in defining the many aspects correlated with this term (Schmid,1983, cited in Victoroff and Kruglanski, 2009). Final evaluation is applied to the role of the government and the mass media, to contest whether they create an awareness...
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Freedom of Dress: the Aspect of Chinese Traditions

It all started when Kazakh actress Reyizha Alimjan arrived in Shanghai in July 2019, wearing a pair of dark wash jeans and a low-cut yellow camisole that highlighted her figure. This choice of clothing led to Alimajan being cyber-bullied, with some netizens accusing her of seeking attention with her breasts rather than her work, and others criticizing her for showing too much flesh. These judgments ignited a long-running debate that is at the intersection of sexism, freedom of expression, social...
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The Importance of Freedom of Media

Every individual is making new innovative technologies with their brilliant ideas and imaginations from time to time. We, people, use one of these various inventions as our mediums in expressing one’s thoughts and in communicating with others—media. It is a more accessible channel in communication to deliver information and knowledge. In different types of media, there is a fundamental right to work openly in society without government interference, limitation, or censorship, including print, radio, television, and online media–freedom of media....
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Freedom of Press as an Attribute of Democratic Society

Media and the press play a big role in the society, as citizens depend on it to know what goes on in the country. Freedom of expression is the major element for a democratic society to function marvelously. Thomas Jefferson the third president of the United States argue that “the only security of all is in a free press”. Author of the Declaration of Independence, the founding text of American democracy and one of the most important documents in the...
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Erich Fromm’s Theory of Belonging and Freedom

In the first place, I do not have the slightest idea as to how to write about myself. There is so much that characterizes me and thus I cannot explain why they characterize me, but I guess I can start with my family life. Growing up, my sibling and I were always very close to my parents. They supported us through all the brainless things that we did or said, whether it be towards them or in general. We traveled...
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