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Essay on the Secret of Happiness Is Freedom

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In this essay, I realized how people should perceive and appreciate true happiness and freedom. Others think it is easy to be happy and free. People aspire to succeed financially, strive to become famous, and gain power, for them this is happiness. In today's society, vacation life is very attractive to many people. For them, drinking and dancing are the meaning of freedom. If happiness and freedom can be found in this way, why are there so many questions, why does life seem so empty? True happiness and freedom are when you find God.

Obeying God and trusting Him will give your soul rest. The morality of pleasure and the morality of obligation also appear in the curriculum. As I understand it, the moral life is an answer to the question of happiness. Explain how people experience evil and pain. Moralists see it as a work of wisdom, not as a restriction on individual freedom. He affirmed that the question of happiness puts aside the obligations of the law, but prioritizes the law as an expression of the divine will. In addition, in his opinion, people can even establish moral codes and live a moral life without considering the issue of happiness.

A mature and happy divorce can have relationship effects. Also, the freedom to pursue excellence and the freedom to be indifferent gave me a wise explanation. I learned that the freedom to seek excellence brings the ability to do more with excellence. It gives people a natural desire for truth honesty, goodness, and happiness. But the statement that struck me the most is that virtue is an aspect of freedom. It is a personal skill, whether acquired or cultivated, to be able to perform perfectly. Because of happiness, that's it. Virtue is the greatest form. If a virtuous person is naturally willing to treat everyone respectfully. Without virtue, an individual cannot find true happiness.

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By recognizing the importance of virtue in our lives, it will lead to better communication, understanding, and acceptance among humans. Furthermore, the law has an educational role in the development of freedom. They say it is a free word, trustworthy in intimate desire. Indifferent freedom is the ability to choose. As I know more about this concept, virtue is a habit of obedience to the law. Laws and moral obligations are one of the things to consider. The issue of happiness has nothing to do with morality. Our desire for happiness sometimes seems to threaten freedom, because happiness is still within ourselves. The desire for morality, we have distorted and painted a false image of it, because the desire for happiness itself is the spark of our inner divine image. He says that 'a happy life is happiness born of truth', which is true.

We must not allow ourselves to lie. We experience happiness and joy and think that the two are the same, but I understand that the two are completely different. Happiness is short-lived, changeable, and superficial, just like the contact that inspires it. Although, happiness is lasting. Joy can be spread, and grown by sharing and rewarding the sacrifice of free embrace. Joy belongs to the generosity and purity of love. Joy is different in our lives. This joy is related to our moral character. The source of happiness is in the inner part of our existence, in the root of freedom, when this freedom opens to the outpouring of goodness and love. We must understand that freedom goes through rediscovering our spiritual nature because this is the basis for getting closer to it. Becoming a Catholic and fearing God is something to be proud of. 'Life is in the spirit' life is also internal. By touching the two deepest strings in our hearts, the affinity for truth and the desire for goodness and happiness, I learned that the Holy Spirit is within us. It inspires us to be responsible for our actions and to live sincerely.

The grace of the Holy Spirit also comes to us through material reality through the Bible. We must accept the fact that the Bible guides us on the right path. Christ gave his life 'for many.' In return, we must care about common interests, pay attention to everyone's needs, identify what is appropriate, have courage and perseverance in making decisions, and we need patience and fraternal forgiveness in the face of criticism. Come back to Him with all your heart. Give him your past, present, and future. Get away from the empty and wasted life you've been living. Then you will find true freedom, true happiness, true peace, and true love.

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