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Human remains have been displayed in public places for thousands of years, and the display of the remains takes place in many different cultures. Despite this, the excavation and display of human remains has always been and still remains a highly controversial issue. Human remains are the remnants of once-living people and therefore they have a significance in all human societies. As a result of this, what is considered to be respectful treatment of the remains varies greatly between different...
3 Pages 1576 Words
Everyone single person around the world, multiple times every day are faced with the concept of ethics and morality. Ethics involves moral principles that govern a person’s behavior. Where morality is the distinction between those decisions that a person believes is right or wrong. The Catholic Church’s response to euthanasia reflects a deontological ethical perspective, as it focuses on the act itself rather than the consequences. This essay will explore what makes euthanasia such a controversial issue, the ethical framework...
1 Page 654 Words
In today’s generation there seems to always be differing legal and/or ethical views between healthcare professionals. However, the topic I will focus on in this paper is a woman’s right to abortion. “‘Abortion’ means the termination of human pregnancy with an intention other than to produce a live birth or to remove a dead fetus” (The Florida Legislature, 2020). I chose to discuss the topic of abortion because I feel I am easily able to give my opinion related to...
4 Pages 1846 Words
This essay will reflect on the controversial issue of immigration, in particular asylum seekers, and the social policy responses to international migration. I will be discussing throughout this essay the statement presented and arguing on both sides bordered around ‘private trouble’ or ‘public issue’. Sociology emerged at the time of the Industrial Revolution, an era of huge social revolutions and new social problems. The sociological approaches have been part of society’s historical changes, it studies the social order and individuals’...
3 Pages 1297 Words
Who is involved on this issue is mainly the American people where there are 2 sides to arguments where some people want to completely ban guns and there's the other side who won't give up their guns. This issue is possibly one of the most controversial problems that's going on in the US, where no real agreement is coming up. New gun laws are generally the result of a killing or mass shooting by the state government enforcing the gun...
1 Page 655 Words
What is war, it can be described as an armed fight between two or groups. War can be characterized by violence, aggression, certain death, and the use of military forces, whether they are ethical or not. War is not only controversial but it can be misunderstood. Most people would say that war is not necessary and if it didn’t exist there could be world peace, but with a glance into the past you could see that war has been a...
4 Pages 1801 Words
This essay will examine what a social dilemma is and how it comes about. We will examine two examples of this phenomenon to draw the reasons for it and understand what possible solutions exist to solve or prevent social dilemmas. The social dilemma illustrates the dynamic in which collective action is necessary when there is a conflict between the immediate, personal, or selfish interests of individuals and the interests that would benefit a larger proportion of a group. At the...
3 Pages 1459 Words
She was only twenty-two and had her whole life ahead of her. Dana Reisman was a member of her high school swimming team, a junior high and high school cheerleader, a great student, and a wonderful daughter. Dana Reisman had everything going for her until she lost her courageous battle. Diane was a victim of addiction, lost in a tornado, followed by treatment and relapses before succumbing to an overdose. Diane left in her path heartache and pain for all...
6 Pages 2615 Words
It is common knowledge that abortions is a touchy subject all over the world. It is an absolute necessity that women have the option of having an abortion. Three important reasons are made for abortion: women suffer when abortion is prohibited, women should have the choice as it’s their body, and women who are raped should be permitted to get an abortion. There are also many other reasons why women should be allowed to get an abortion. Especially when it...
2 Pages 1127 Words
Developed countries have experienced gradual changes in the medical field in recent years, some of which have left society questioning the ethics and morals behind them. What is ethically acceptable and unpleasant depends on individuals. Some people believe that choosing how they die is appropriate as far as their life is concerned, while some believe that it is not proper to interfere with nature, especially when it regards life. This essay will examine the three justifications for euthanasia, including quality...
1 Page 493 Words
Do we really understand the real meaning of a ‘teacher’? A teacher is a person in every student’s life who not only teaches the subjects of school, but a person who teaches us how to see the world. Aren’t they supposed to be our role models? As for most students, teachers are the adults we see and learn from, more than our parents, at school we are like a big family with a lot of parents and children. Teachers are...
2 Pages 852 Words
People have been debating gun control in America. The reason for this debate is some people want age limits increased for the purchase of firearms and make background checks stricter because of how easy it is to obtain a gun, while others think gun control laws will take away their rights to protect their families. In America, the death rate from gun violence has increased. There should be more gun control laws in the United States to limit the number...
1 Page 538 Words
The legalization and portability of guns has been a controversial topic in America, many massacres have been happening throughout our nation, and our citizens want to protect themselves with guns. There’s nothing wrong with protein in your Second Amendment right, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. But now imagine teachers taking their second amendment right and bringing it to school in order to protect themselves and their students in case of any...
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