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How Does the Desire for Independence Affect Our Choices Essay

Introduction Independence is a fundamental aspect of human nature. From a young age, we yearn for autonomy, freedom, and the ability to make our own decisions. The desire for independence significantly influences the choices we make throughout our lives. In this synthesis essay, we will explore how the pursuit of independence impacts various aspects of our lives, including personal relationships, career decisions, and self-discovery. Independence and Personal Relationships The desire for independence can shape our relationships in profound ways. It...
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Mormon Culture And Religion In Toward Happier Choices

Toward Happier Choices by Michael Oborn is a quasi-memoir. He jots down a series of thoughts and after-thoughts of his life and former life as a man born in Mormon culture to a man who simply learns to loosen the ties of religion and become a free thinker. His insight and how he brilliantly words out his thoughts and emotions captivated me. He brilliantly repeats the idea that religion or fundamentalist beliefs do not allow you to think for yourself...
1 Page 671 Words

Futility Of Choices And Characterization Of Romeo

Why does everything Romeo do make you want to smash your head into a table? It’s because of his fatal flaw, his impulsiveness. His flaw makes him solve relatively simple situations in altogether questionable ways. Although his flaw was first revealed when he fought Tybalt, now impulsiveness is quite literally the death of him as he kills himself before the unbeknownst to him alive Juliet. His character sets itself up for dramatic irony and sarcasm. In a word, Romeo is...
1 Page 533 Words

Role of Gut Choice, Being Yourself and Attitude Certainty in Life

There will always be so many things running through your mind, but your gut feeling is always something you should listen to. Just by having that one gut feeling it can change your attitude on the output and even change your decision. Most of the time it’s for the better and really how your true self is feeling in that moment. When it comes to your feelings, it helps make decisions easier, and with what they find in that decision...
2 Pages 814 Words

Always Chase Your Dream

Dreams are the fuel that drives individuals toward their desired goals and aspirations. They provide a sense of purpose and a vision for the future. However, dreams alone are not enough to guarantee success. It requires determination, motivation, perseverance, and learning from mistakes. This essay explores the essential factors for achieving dreams, including staying motivated, setting goals, rewarding oneself, taking breaks, surrounding oneself with positive influences, and embracing mistakes as opportunities for growth. Determination Determination is the unwavering resolve and...
4 Pages 1528 Words

Water is a Better Choice Than Sports Drinks Essay

If you relish a quick outdoor workout, even in the summer, or are a regular gym-goer, you simply can’t escape the scorching temperatures and humidity. And all the summer sweating leaves you thirsty and dehydrated. You might even be addicted to sweet and sugar-laden sports drinks without realising it. It’s okay as long as you put in a power-packed workout – you reason with yourself. But do you think that sports drinks are healthy for you? Which is better for...
2 Pages 958 Words

Is Happiness a Choice: Essay

Some people chase happiness, while others choose happiness. The sole purpose of life is to be happy, to enjoy life, and to get to a place where you are not hoping to get to another. If we look at our inner utmost desire we could see all our dreams are not so different. We all share ONE common goal “Happiness” for ourselves and for the people we love. Not long ago the pursuit of happiness was a personal quest, now...
2 Pages 833 Words

The Relation Between Identity And Personal Choice

Being a human, everyone has their personalities and properties which people can base on to distinguish a group of people or an individual. There are many factors that affect our characteristics. Value and identity differ from person to person, therefore people should respect and accept it even it is good or bad. According to the writers in chapter one, there are three assumptions which are used to define the word “identity”: “Identity is what we’re born with”, “Identity is shaped...
5 Pages 2209 Words

Things Fall Apart: Is Suicide a Choice?

His suicide is his prescribed fate and his punishment for his mistakes in life for which he is responsible. As Achebe wrote in his work Morning Yet on Creation Day the people of Igbo believed that : “…when a man’s misfortune is somehow beyond explanation [it] can only be attributable to an agreement he himself must have entered into, at the beginning, alone with his chi; for there is a fundamental justice in the universe and nothing so terrible can...
5 Pages 2107 Words

The Meaning Of Emotions And Choice In The Giver

Imagine an advanced future society where there is no war and no pain. Where there is no sorrow and hate. No one has a problem with anyone. But at the cost of vital human emotions such as love, happiness, and basic human choice. In The Giver their advanced society does it this way where everyone is assigned to them from a lifelong job even to their life partner. I don’t think that a society as depicted in the book The...
1 Page 471 Words

The Giver: Pain, Memory, And Choice

Have you ever wondered if there was a world that was the same? You couldn’t see a color or hear a sound. How would you feel? I know if I couldn’t see the color I wouldn’t be happy because I couldn’t see the joy in the world. The book where it’s the same is called “The Giver” by Lois Lowry. One of the main characters Jonas learns many things from the Giver. Throughout the book, Jonas goes through many challenges...
2 Pages 758 Words
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