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When I Showed My Bravery

Some people know how it feels like to be brave and others don’t. Bravery speaks out in different ways, whether it is through speaking up or easily just doing something you never wanted to do. For me, I did something that I never thought I would do in my life and probably would never do again. My cousins came to visit from Chicago and they wanted to go to the Queen Mary with my sisters and I. My sisters were...
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The Place Where My Heart Is

It was the crack of dawn on June 21st which used to be one my utmost favorite days of the year. As I woke, I could smell the comforting familiar scents that I had longed for all year. I could hear the calm yet bustling sounds of chatter coming from family members whom I loved with every fiber of my being. And, I could see several items which represented an abundance of memories from summers past. They say home is...
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Short, but Not Sweet: My Camping Experience

Whenever I ask my husband if he wants to go on a camping trip for the weekend, I get this concerned look from him that says ‘please not again’. Then he very quickly reminds me of the may long weekend about four years ago, when he totally wanted to grab me by the neck and squeeze the life out of me. It was late Thursday afternoon and my only job was to gather the basics supplies, while he finished seeding...
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Reflection on My Childhood Diaries

As I held a book with a worn green cover, prominently labeled ‘Secret! Do not open!’ and filled with pages of chicken scratches and crude sketches, memories rushed back of the many evenings I spent diligently writing in my childhood diary. I kept a diary from mid-elementary school up until early high school, filling almost eight complete volumes. Yet rereading my old diary entries, I often ask myself: ‘Why, exactly, did I decide to keep a diary? What had I...
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Racism in Modern Society

Many minor communities are subjected to racism and discrimination but what exactly does racism refer to? Racism is the discrimination in order to add categories and show superiority among people of different phenotypic traits or believes and social standings. To understand about racism, one first has to divulge in the nature of racism. It is usually assumed that racism has been a part of civilization since civilization started, that it is embedded into how people work and no matter what,...
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Personal Impressions from the Tour in DOST-ASTI and GMA Network

Department of Science and Technology-Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI) is based at the center of University of the Philippines-Diliman Campus. DOST-ASTI is tasked to do the research and improvement of the information and communications technology in the country. DOST-ASTI has local and international partners in order for continuous development of its programs. DOST-ASTI is focuses on, but not limited to, the following areas. Their top priority is research and development on microelectronics and information and communication technology. With these...
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Oprah Winfrey and Her Journey Towards Success

“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them” (Chris Grosser). Oprah Gail Winfrey was born to Vinita Lee and Vernon Winfrey on an isolated farm in Kosciusko, Mississippi, United State on January 29, 1954. Her name was supposed to be Orpah, from the Bible, but because of the difficulty of spelling and pronunciation, she was known as Oprah almost from birth. She was black. She was very determined woman, she lived her most of time under the poverty. She lived with her...
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My Worn-Out Jeans

With the invention of Jacob W. Davis in partnership with Levi Strauss and Co. in 1871 jeans paved the way to the fashion industry to become bigger to reach a wider audience. After James Dean popularized them with his motion picture ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ in 1955, wearing jeans ended up the image of the youth amid the 1950s and the 1970s. Amid the 1960s the pants got to be more worthy, by the 1970s it had ended up common...
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My Story as a Black Woman and the Piano

As I cleaned every corner of the room, I came across a piano. It was rather filthy and dusty, so I began my duty of cleaning, turning the keys pure white. Back in Africa, the white people dumped all their trash near our homes and while I looked through their piles of trash, I spotted a piano. The piano was rusty and small, but that didn’t stop me from playing it. From that day on I would go to the...
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My Life in the Mustard Fields

Flying across with the wind, letting it carry me across the vast greenery. The vivid green mustard plants set ablaze with hypnotizing yellow-colored petals from its flowers. I run across the dirt, slipping and having reality smacking me with awake from the daydream, in which I flew with the wind, as I held on to my friend for dear life. We did not stop. We ran and ran, but we could only see the beautiful scenery of green and yellow...
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My Inspiring Journey to Ancient Place in Ethiopia

The first time I listened to this music was way back in 2011 when I and my grandma was on a journey to an ancient place in Ethiopia. The people who live there are mostly not familiar with modern music instruments. They use their own musical instruments and it very fascinating that these people live in their own way. I found it interesting when I first landed at this place and the music that I heard at the moment. Even...
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My Grandmother and Her Influence on My Life

The Merriam Webster’s dictionary states that a life span is the average length of life of a kind of organism or of a material object, especially in a particular environment or under specified circumstances. It is basically the length of time in which a person or animal lives or a thing functions. The process of this paper is to write about the life of such a strong and independent woman who has had so much impact in my life. From...
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Memories of My Childhood

I think most of people have some memories of their childhood and same goes to me. But the number of recollections varies enormously. I do remember some parts in my childhood events, but definitely not all, not even most, not even half. I rather say we remember mostly fragments. I do believe that not only depends on simply how good our memory system is, but there seems to be other factors such as: our blocking information, the frequency with which...
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Impressions from the Opera ‘Don Giovanni’

In Act I, the opera’s focus is on a man called Don Giovanni who travels the world alongside his servant named Leporello. Don Giovanni loves to conquest women of all ages around the world, his servant Leporello is usually there by his side to assist on the conquest or fix his issues. In this story we come across Don Giovanni disguised trying to force Donna Anna but gets stopped by her father, the Commendatore, who gets killed by Don Giovanni....
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How My Grandmother Taught Me to Face Difficulties: Essay

An Erie of quiet welcomed my kin, and I went into my grandma’s home one night. As we wandered further into the tranquil house, hunting each room down my grandma our blameless interest was unexpectedly covered through a stunning screech from my grandma, as she tumbles to her knees heaving for air, ripping at her chest, war to live on a cruel heart assault. Despite the fact that that minute occurred more than seven years in the past regardless, it...
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How I Became Literate in Playing the Piano

As a young child I remember being passionate about playing the piano and music. But of course like every other person one must learn how to play and understand music itself. I have not learned how to read sheet music quite well, and is something that I lack in. I spent most of my time trying to learn how to play the piano and play different styles of music with friends and family — everyone seems to have a different...
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Essay about Home and Self-Identity

Homes are fundamentally an aspect of self-identity, we use them to differentiate ourselves from others, and present a physical appearance that expands beyond oneself. Having a home, however, is a universal concept no matter how straightforward the term is perceived. The notion may vary throughout individuals and lifestyles. My abstraction of ‘home’ was transformed as I grasped what the simple term had truly meant for me. I vividly remember when I was eight years old, and I went on my...
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For Which I Am Thankful to My Parents

There is no doubt that the lunches I brought to school were unique. The lunches of sabzi (vegetables with gravy), roti (round flatbread) and chaval (rice) that my mother made for me labelled me as an outsider in school and amongst my classmates. My peers would come to school with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or typically ‘western’ lunch, and while they ate, I could only realize our differences. As much as I wanted to fit in with the other...
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Essay on Underage Drinking and Its Harmfulness

Underage drinking is a form of social harm as it encourages young people to carry out unlawful sexual behaviors that cause disturbance to the surrounding public areas. Alcohol also enhances and distorts a person’s emotions often causing aggressive behavior which usually leads to serious injury and panic within a community. On an everyday basis, I witness many accounts of underage drinking that it has become commonplace to see many young people going out and becoming intoxicated. However, having this sort...
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Developmental Delay Does Not Determine Intelligence or Future Success: Examples of Albert Einstein and Steven Spielberg

The first stages of a child’s development is very critical. Some say that these stages are the most important stages in shaping your personality and ability to function. When a child grows at the rate of their developmental benchmarks, it means the child is developing at the average speed. Some factors that could speed up a child’s development are factors such as the child’s environment, cognitive ability, and child motivation/support from parents. Unfortunately, some children don’t always meet these developmental...
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A Week in Morocco: My Perfect Journey

I had a fantastic experience on my last journey. I spent two weeks in Morocco, a place with many incredible things to see. In this article I am going to share my experience. My first stop was Casablanca, which is known as the economic capital of the country. I had two days to discover the city are enough. The Hassan II Mosque is a must-see. In that case, day two, I go to the beach. I liked the Atlantic. After...
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Lesson I Learned from My Grandmother

My world shattered completely as I listened to my mom talking through the phone. My grandma, one of the people whom I cherished in this world, was diagnosed with heart disease. After school, I went to the hospital where my grandma is admitted. The smell of alcohol welcomed me as I ran towards my grandma’s room, which is on the third floor. I opened the door, and saw one of the most terrifying sights I have ever seen: my grandma...
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My Journey by Boat: Personal Experience Essay

A experience by way of using boat is very fantastic as nicely as interesting. At the equal time it is some element like a thrilling adventure to man living in a city. Pent up in a noisy and crowded town like Dhaka, I naturally jumped at the recommendation of some of my pals’ contemplation for a time out with the aid of boat. It used to be the month of October, 2010. We made our day out from Dhaka Sadarghat...
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What I Learned from Volunteering: Essay

To help others is something taught to almost every child in their earliest years. It is an idea so simple and sticks with most throughout their lives. Many selfless people donate much of their own time and energy towards the humble joy of helping others. I come from a normal background, I live with my parents and younger sister. My typical school day consists of sitting in a classroom and taking notes. While there is great value in this style...
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What I Learned from My Internship Experience: Essay

Constraints/Challenges I couldn’t have asked for a better internship experience. Working on M.J. Papers helped me to explore real job life and how Corporate HR operates. This has been by far the most interesting and cherished worthy experience of my life. Identified/Observed in the Organization This internship has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to acquire practical knowledge, communication skills, negotiation skills, and technical skills. Though it may take some time to polish those skills, at this moment I am...
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What I Have Learned in Class: Essay

Reflection essay Personal Reflection: In the course, I have learned that ground-breaking business communication is the key for any organization to push ahead. The last few months have been a fantastic learning experience for me where I have found out about different acquaintances of business communication. In the further course, I have profited from the knowledge concerning various activities and practices which can be implemented in order to rectify the issues regarding communications. Throughout the course, I find various means...
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What I Did This Summer: Essay

Everything in our life is fleeting, we are born and die, we love and suffer, we build relationships with the world around us and we are at the bottom of society, we are looking for the meaning of life and we cannot find it. I can name an endless list of the typical life of most people, but does it make any sense? Our life is monotonous in nature and often prescribed for us, in the very minutes of internal...
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What I Did over Christmas Break: Essay

Reflection After going back to my home country for Christmas break, I have been enjoying my holiday to the fullest that I forgot I have an upcoming essay due on the first day back to school. After coming to the realization that the essay is due within exactly 24 hours right before I board the flight back to Birmingham, which flight is 17 hours long, meaning that I would not have wi-fi for the upcoming 17 hours, I then started...
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What Does Professionalism Mean to You: Opinion Essay

In this assessment, I will be aiming to cover the importance of professionalism from a student nurse’s perspective. As a student nurse, professionalism plays a very important role in the quality of care of a patient as well as maintaining respect, personal beliefs, and personal development. My definition and understanding of professionalism within nursing as a student nurse is to appraise my knowledge and involvement in high-quality practice guidelines as I have an impact on the community as a healthcare...
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What Does Nursing Mean to You: Opinion Essay

The two primary reasons I want to study nursing are: to improve and save people’s lives and to gain financially from the competitive salary in the nursing profession. Secondary reasons for my decision to pursue nursing include traveling the world, enjoying the respect bestowed upon the nursing profession, and gaining a wide range of healthcare skills. I chose to pursue a nursing degree course at the university level to qualify for registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and...
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