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From Stress to Peace of Mind

Many may describe peace of mind as the state of mental and emotional calmness, with no worries, fears or stress, the mind is free of any overcoming issues and is in a positive, up lifted mindset. Achieving peace of mind may feel impossible to many due to the amount of stress and negative factors that play a role in straying the mind from peace. But achieving peace of mind can be done in many ways, therefore one individual’s peace of...
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Peace and Its Importance

I would like to express my thoughts on the topic ‘Peace’. Peace, according to Oxford dictionary is a “state of tranquility and calm” or rather a “state of non-violence and no war”. The theory of peace implies solving disputes, difference of opinions and misunderstanding without use of violent methods. Peace is universal. It is seen at various situations and at various levels like individual, national level, etc. At individual level if we practice peace, we can solve our problems amongst...
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Idea of Conflict Versus Peace in the Film 'Do the Right Thing'

Spike Lee’s 1989 film ‘Do the Right Thing’ confronts the impossible nature of resolving racism in a society that is so divided by differences in ethnicities. Inspired by the Howard Beach incident in 1986, in which Michael Griffith is hit by a car while fleeing from his racist attacker, the film shows the breaking down of a community under pressure. ‘Do the Right Thing’ takes place predominately over a single day on a single block in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Spike Lee...
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Achieving Personal Peace in Islam

Personal peace in Islam is known as the greater Jihad, this should be an individual submitting to God, Allah. This is expressed in relationships with the individual’s family and society and obedience to Islamic law and peaceful relationships with society as a whole. The belief of God in Islam leads to the knowledge of God, this knowledge leads to the love of God which ultimately enables Muslims to happiness and inner peace. In Islam, peace is only possible when the...
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Politics of Peace and Conflict Ending

“Peace is rarely conceptualised, even by those who often allude to it” (Oliver Richmond). Peace can be conceptualized as a communion of ideas, that when agreed upon, causes a state of welfare and well-being for self and others. In other words, peace can often be looked upon as a state of harmony that comes from the lack of conflict. Conflict, can be of different types, differing in intensity and casualties, whether on a local scale or international, spreading across a...
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Is World Peace Obtainable?

In times like these, imagine what the world would be like if everyone was in harmony. With all the differences between all nations and the people who inhabit it, it seems as if there will never be peace on earth. Although, many believe that it can be achieved through social, personal, economic, institution, and political peace. The world is spiraling into a downfall and the human race is needed to come together to stop it. However, humans have both selfishness...
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Achieving Peace through Art

Arts can express emotions such as anger, confusion, happiness or sadness. Art is a creative and flexible tool for positive interference for people who suffer directly or indirectly from any kind of conflict within society. Art for peace allows people to find a flat-form to entertain their negative emotions and escape from destructive conflict providing a stage to perform their emotions, opinions, and hopes for the future as well. Nevertheless, art motivates people to rethink, find new ways for problem-solving,...
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Thoughts on Whether the Key to International Peace Is to Populate the World with Powerful Nations

Before considering whether the key to international peace is to populate the world with powerful states, the very definition of ‘international peace’ must first be contested. As the concepts of ‘peace’ and ‘power’ are human constructs, every theoretical approach defines them in different terms. Peace is most often considered to be the absence of war between states, or the ability to work through conflicts without resorting to violence. However, peace cannot be considered simply an ‘antonym of war’. Thus, to...
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Right to Peace: Persuasive Speech

A very great key for building up an environment free from war. An important thing that destroys anything war-related. A great factor that helps in building up a society free from conflict. It improves, promotes and helps in the growth of a place. It is peace. Peace, according to Oxford English Dictionary can be simply defined as the freedom from war or disturbance. It also means the freedom from hostile aggression. Albert Einstein said, that peace cannot be kept by...
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