Is World Peace Obtainable?

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In times like these, imagine what the world would be like if everyone was in harmony. With all the differences between all nations and the people who inhabit it, it seems as if there will never be peace on earth. Although, many believe that it can be achieved through social, personal, economic, institution, and political peace. The world is spiraling into a downfall and the human race is needed to come together to stop it. However, humans have both selfishness and kindness and with this means that there is always going to be some differences. There are many things that us as a human being can do to help better the world, we live in. Violence is a big ongoing conflict that seems to never stop. Over the years violence continues to start wars, kill thousands, and separate families. Not only is violence a concern but also the way the world is being treated. What humans do to the Earth is hard to take back. Slowly the ozone and greenhouse gases are going to take a toll. The world as we know it is definitely taken for granted. Not taken care of the world is like not taken care of our house we live in. The movies of utopias seem far-fetched, but with the rising technology we could be anywhere within the next ten years. Change is always a guarantee for the world, within the last two-hundred years we are nowhere close to where we were. We now have cars, cell phones, internet, everyday used appliances that make our life easier. There has always been war and killing, but it has been a question if it will ever come to a cease. The world can’t be at peace without the human race coming together because we are the ones who tore it apart. Tearing it apart is definitely not what humans are trying to do, but they are nowhere close to trying to stop it. The human race needs to all come as one and take on what has never been done before.

In order to bring peace to Earth we have to start by bringing equality between men and women. Since the beginning of time women have not been treated the same as men. In these times us as a world-wide population is taking steps closer to equalizing sex equality. Gender equality isn't just a right but a way to move in the right direction toward a more peaceful world. At this time, 1 in 5 women/girls between the ages of 15-49 have reported experiencing physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner within a 12-month period and 49 out of 195 countries currently have no laws protecting women from domestic violence. Giving women equal health care, education, jobs, and recognition in political and economic decision making will better economies and benefit societies. Globally, 750 million women and girls were married before the age of 18 and at least 200 million women and girls in 30 countries have undergone FGM. FMG (female genital mutilation) involves the removal of the clitoris, inner-and-outer lips of the vagina, and the sewing or stapling together of the two sides of the vulva leaving only a small hole to pass urine and menstruate – depending on the type. This is typically performed with a razor blade on girls between the ages of 4 and 12. The aftermath of this procedure includes heavy bleeding, pain, loss of sensitivity, complication during childbirth, infertility, severe pain during sex, and many infections. These kinds of torture among the women and girls are outrageous. In no world should this be happening to children or adults and that’s why women need to come together and take a stand. Then every minute 28 girls are married before they are ready. 3-year-old Ethiopian girls are married at this age. Only 3 years old and already a prospect of getting married. Why is this happening, why are the parents letting this happen? This is totaling to over 15 million early marriages a year. There are always 781 million illiterate adults worldwide over ⅔ of these are women. Women are twice as likely not to receive education than men. Men and women both represent half of the population, but men have most of the power in the world. Many use the religion they are in as an example that men are superior to women, although some religions state that women are the goddess because they represent the cycle of life. People stereotype men and women, men are stereotyped to be more ambitious, decisive and aggressive. Women being the more loving, caretaker, and soft overall. According to Giving Compass, we must start by empowering women and including women in political views. It is also stated that we must give equal rights among everyone. Studies shown by the United Nations that by empowering women spurs productivity and economic growth. The United Nations Charter is an organization that, “promotes and encourages respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion”. The United Nations Charter is a multilateral international treaty which focuses on human rights, solving economic, social, cultural, or humanitarian international problems. Although charters like this one are in effect there is still global disruption throughout all topics.

Through achieving the goal of world peace, the process of peace between nations must be in effect. From 2,700 B.C there has been an on and off war between different beliefs, otherwise known as political views. Over the course of history getting accustomed to war has been easier than seeking peace. This often happens from clashes in religion, revenge, disputes of territory, or political standings. People are always going to have different opinions, but no one's opinions matter more than any other persons. In today's world people need to know and understand someone's thoughts and feelings instead of not agreeing or causing conflict. Being entitled to an opinion is different from expressing an opinion violently. According to ABC News, March 13th, 2018 a Florida teen was attending his friends’ sleepover where he stabbed three people and killed one. During an interview, Corey Johnson confessed to stabbing the victims for their religious beliefs. While further investigating, police found that Johnson had recently converted to Islam, and the victim had made fun of the way Johnson prayed. All of this could have been handled a different way, but being human mistakes were made and it went down a violent path instead. By looking at cases like these people need to realize nothing is gained in killing, discriminating, or hurting someone. Seeing both sides of the story or opinion and understanding that people all believe in different things, but that doesn’t mean we can’t accept all.

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Another step we can take to achieve peace is equal wealth. According to New Internationalist the World Bank survey, “40 percent of those who join rebel groups do so because of a lack of economic opportunities”. If the wealth of someone gives them a higher ranking and luxury then there's going to be conflict. In the U.S there are many reasons why wealth isn’t equally distributed. The causes of increasing and decreasing wages and income falter all 24/7, the falling of labor also the incoming technology changes the median wages of the U.S labor market. With the business people of American and the rest of the countries it's very far-fetched to see the hard-working people give up their earnings to make the world a better place. Although limiting your annual income, is one way the government can control the equal wealth. Controlling the equal wealth means the government could have more money to use on more efficient things. This also could end world hunger and poverty. Everyone having an annual income of around 60 to 70 thousand dollars each year could give each person a good life if they manage their money. Then the problem would be people's schooling and education. Changing the amount of schooling for each occupation to 5 years or all the same amount of education would solve the dilemma. Equalizing everything in the world would better the world and another step closer to global peace.

It is noted that most people don’t trust the government of their own country. Facts from the New Internationalist state that conflict happens in places where people can’t trust the police or get any access to justice. In third world countries the amount of justice is little to none. People have to rely on themselves as their own justice. Rapes in many countries like Mexico, Brazil, and many others go unattended to or not even reported. Drug wars with the Mexican cartel with the Mexican government is ongoing. Sex trafficking is also an ongoing problem. Justice is very hard to get in places where the government; barely cares or doesn't act itself. According to the United Nations, the United Nations Charter and in its Preamble states and sets an objective, “to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international can be maintained”. This treaty's primary goals are to keep the same international law and peace among the nations. If all of the countries of the world came together and picked on form of government, all had one military, and had all the same laws the injustice that is ongoing in other countries would then be able to be abolished with the government and law of the ‘new government’. Having one main government would also solve many other problems like, war, sanctions, and even economic depressions. Solving economic depressions is also a step in the direction of equal wealth. Overall, if the governments stop the abuse of power over their own people and stop spreading the outlook of hate among people, humans would be in a better place.

Although many people don’t believe in climate change it seems to be an ongoing problem. NASA Climate Change states that, “the global surface temperature has risen to 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit, which is .09 degrees Celsius”. This has happened because of the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere including all the other pollution that is put into the air. The warming started about 35 years ago and has slowly continued to grow very little each year. In record 2016 was the hottest year yet, January through September had all record heats. The oceans have also become warming being .04 degrees hotter than usual. The arctic ice caps and sheets has plummeted in mass all in all losing 286 billion tons of use from 1969 till 2016 on record. Then Antarctic ice mass loss has tripled. The number of glaciers is also dropping around the world. Now that the ice and snow is melting the sea levels are rising, even rising 8 inches within the past century slightly growing each year. The number of intense rainfalls is also increasing with the hotter temperatures. All this is happening because of the increase of industrialization which increases the carbon monoxide in the oceans and atmosphere. As of right now the United States is not doing much to change the ongoing climate change problem. Changing the amount of pollution being released into the atmosphere means making the earth safer and renewing more resources. Greenhouse gases are very essential to human life and the environment reflects some of the sun rays and reflects them back to space. The increasing deforestation, agriculture and industrialization increases the amount of greenhouse gases and is risen to record levels. People around the world even protest against climate change. Since 2014 people have taken action to protest against climate change. Many people know Greta Thunberg for her protests from the Pacific islands, through Australia, across-south east Asia and Africa into Europe and onwards to the Americas. An estimated 185 countries where these actions took place had individual targets. From the rising sea levels in Solomon Islands, toxic waste in South Africa, to air pollution and plastic waste in India and coal expansion in Australia. Overall, all of the protests come together to stabilize climate change. This protest includes many young people. Using more environmentally friendly products that do not pollute or use our fossil fuels. The united climate agreement is the proof that the world can take on climate change. Making a reliable deal could end climate change. With the end of climate change humans can focus on making new resources that involve natural resources. Paris has made an agreement to combat climate change. Making eco-friendly vehicles at low cost so low- income families can afford them, growing more trees so we can make organic coal to replace fossil fuels is steps that can be taken to stop climate change.

World peace can be achieved through, stopping exclusion, bringing true equality to men and women, sharing equal wealth, tackling climate change, controlling arm sales, accepting political space, but the people must realize that not only one person can change the world. It takes the people that inhabit the Earth to make a change. Yes, people can influence one another and that's what it is going to take. One person saying or showing what we can do together. Start by listening to one another's opinions and problem solving with one another. Show someone their voice can be heard. According to 80,000 Hours what we think matters happens over a long period of time. Meaning we basically think change takes years to happen. Recently on CNN activists have been protesting peace with Iran. The use of the drone strike that killed Iranian commander Qasem Soleimani has made people uneasy and fearing war with Iran. January 4, 2020 anti-war protesters assembled across the U.S against starting a war with Iran. Act Now to Stop War and End Racism has helped organize these protests across the United States. Over 70 protests have taken place so far. People think the welfare of the people living in the future matters no less than ours. Making a difference is defined by, “The number of people whose lives you improve, and how much you improve them”. In other words, you can increase the impact you have in a few ways. One by helping more people or helping the same number of people with more extent. Helping more and more people out with great intentions will ultimately solve our problem. Not only did protests break out over the United States, but they also sprung up around the world. The Guardian reports that over 600 towns across the world rallied for no war with Iraq. Protesters from Tasmania to Iceland all marched. Over 30 million people worldwide demonstrated world peace and over 6 million in Europe alone. Tens of thousands filled the streets in Iraq for protests. The younger generation is also protesting and trying to make world peace. According to NPR millions of young people across the world raised their voices in a massive display on climate change. Some students even skipped school to be involved in the protest. Harshita Ray says, “I’d rather go protest about the Earth and how something is going wrong than sit in my classroom and act like nothing is happening”. Nonviolent protests are allowed, but when it turns to violet authorities have to step in. Even celebrities protest over world peace. John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono protested against the war with Vietnam. Henry David Thoreau in 1849 protested against slavery. Then as we all know Rosa Parks stood up and protested for civil rights. All these people are protesting for peace not to take anything away from anyone, but for the greater good of the world. Continuing to move forward, instead of backward, is always a step in the right direction. Although the world seems to be taking steps back instead of forward. It takes more effort than people are willing to put out. They believe the way it is now will not affect them or the future they won’t have to deal with. It’s our generation that will have to deal with the long-term effects of what is happening now.


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