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Why I Honor the American Flag Essay

Introduction The American Flag is a symbol of freedom, unity and sacrifice that has been used to represent the United States of America since the late 1700s. It is a powerful symbol of the nation’s history, values, and principles. As an American citizen, I believe that it is important to honor and respect the American Flag, which is why I am writing this essay to discuss why I believe it is important to honor the American Flag. This essay will...
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Entanglement In Honor In The Play Henry IV

In Henry IV Part 1, the play juxtaposes different views, ideologies and characters to analyze the concept of honor in a series of parallels and contrasts. Similarity lies between Hotspur and Prince Hal due to their responsibility to their country, England; a parallel is set up between King Henry and Falstaff, while both acquire a father image to Prince Hal, the parenting and belief in honor drastically differs from one another; opposition is establish between Hotspur and Falstaff, when Hotspur...
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Odysseus: Honorable Man Or Dishonest Person

A man in the likeness of dishonesty is like an illusion, one that hides his deception and guile. Odysseus displays a false representation of merit as his more prominent heroic qualities conceal his dishonorable traits. However, mere strength and bravery alone, does not make a hero honorable. Honor can be defined as an individual who adheres to a right or conventional standard of conduct. Odysseus does not abide by these standards, instead creating his own code of conduct for himself...
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Should An Individual’s Life Depend On Rigid Societal Code Of Conduct?

Afzal Kohistani was a man on a mission, a mission that he believed in and eventually sacrificed his life for. His struggle started in 2012 when he brought the Kohistan video scandal to our attention. The scandal shows the ugly face of “honor” in our society which ironically ends in death for those accused of bringing dishonor upon their families. And it takes very little to bring “dishonor”. Something as simple as clapping or dancing is enough. And that’s exactly...
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Honor Killing Of Women: A Society’s Choice

INTRODUCTION Honor killing is an act of killing which is being travelled in our societies related to any religion and any type of cultural followers, People just kill their loved ones who have caused any type of harm or disrespect for their family. Families feel shame of what the society will think about them and then in what they call necessary precautions they do such terrified things from which coming back is not possible and they kill each other just...
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Causes Of Honor Killing Around The World

Did you know according to United Nation, every year 5000 women are murdered in the name of honor killing?(Amnesty International).According to Human Rights Watch, “Honor killings are acts of vengeance, usually death, committed by male family members against female family members, in response to a belief that the women have offended a family’s honor and have brought shame to the family unit”(Tarun, n.d.). The perpetrators are considered honorable, when they commit this heinous act. Honor killing has consistently been occurring...
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The Meaning Of Honor And Dignity Of The Person

Honor is a set of human qualities, due to which he gains self-esteem. It includes such qualities as nobility, justice, valor, courage, honesty and strict moral principles. In the past, honor was associated not so much with the internal qualities of a person, as with his ability to behave in society, to comply with established norms and rules of conduct. It was required to maintain reputation and respect for oneself from others. Honor is closely related to the concept of...
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Honor vs. Natural Desires In The Tales Caterina And Ricciardo, And Tancredi And Ghismonda

The themes natural desire and honor are emphasized in the tales Caterina and Ricciardo and Tancredi and Ghismonda. Natural desire and honor conflict with each other in these tales. This conflict causes some of the characters to react positively to their situations while others react negatively. Obeying the laws of natural desire and honor results in Caterina’s marriage while opposing natural desire and abusing honor leads to Ghismonda’s death. In Caterina and Ricciardo, Caterina’s marriage is foreshadowed by her sleeping...
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My Understanding Of Honor And Dignity

I have always been found it interesting why and how the people came up with the whole concept of honor and dignity so long time ago. In ancient Greece, in ancient Rome and even in Britain we see these two concepts being highly valued and caused people’s admiration. In epics like Iliad and Beowulf we see how both Achilles and Beowulf posses’ similar qualities and how their decisions are more or less influenced by the ideas of honor and dignity....
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