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Thank You, Veterans: Essay

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Loren Duke Abdalla was born in Wagner, S.D., in June 1925. He was a member from the Yankton Sioux tribe and his great granddad was Chief Running Bull. Abdalla was interviewed on October nineteenth, 2016. He's typically known as Duke, to the majority of his friends. He was in the Marine Corps during World War II. He enlisted in the Marine Corps in October 1943. Abdalla graduated training camp from Camp Elliott, San Diego, where he prepared as a heavy weapons specialist and an infantryman. He was assigned to be a member of the 1st Platoon, A Company, 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment and 1st Marine Division. Abdalla was sent on board USS Polk to the Pacific theater in March 1944 along with Marine Bill Veeck – future Baseball Hall of Famer and owner of the Chicago White Sox. Abdalla was initially positioned in what today is the country of Palau. In September 1944, Abdalla saw his first battle activity during the Battle of Peleliu, where he was severely harmed once taking shrapnel wounds to the two legs and blowing out both of his eardrums. He was one of 29 survivors in his force. He was granted the Purple Heart. Following his wounds, he returned to service and Abdalla took on at the Conflict of Okinawa in May 1945. In the fight, his squad leader got serious burn wounds; Abdalla protected him from harm, at that point came back to battle and took out six Japanese assault rifle nests. Afterward, he saved two more service individuals. In February 1947, Abdalla was honorably discharged. Abdalla moved to Fox Lake, Ill. In the wake of catching wind of his activities during the war, nearby government officials campaigned for Abdalla to get the Medal of Honor. In 2010, he was perceived by the Illinois General Assembly with a goal’s urging President Barack Obama to think about him for the lofty honor.

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Veterans are the foundation of this nation. Without them, there would be no United States of America. No life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Also, no real way to guarantee that our nation will keep on being the 'land of opportunity' it has been known to be. Veterans have ensured our privileges as Americans and made the fantasies of our Forefathers conceivable. War, albeit frightful, is inescapable inside humankind culture and our future veterans will be there to ensure our favored American land and qualities. Since the beginning our veterans have put their lives on hold and in danger to ensure our nation. Loren Duke Abdalla is one of those brave people. While it is important to talk about the positives in regards to veterans, it is equally as imperative to explore the impact of military service on the individual in regards to early, mid, and late adult life course outcomes inclusive of socioeconomic standing and health. We also need to consider outcomes by characteristics such as age at time of entry into military, biological sex, race-ethnicity, branch of service, and birth cohort. Through learning about Loren Duke Abdalla’s backstory, I was able to develop my perspective of military veterans. This has helped me look at war in more of a micro perspective, rather than the macro perspective you learn in history class. This empirical research informed my understanding of veterans across the life course. Loren Duke Abdalla’s story has opened my eyes and shaped the way I view veterans. Thank you, veterans, past, present and future for your service. You will never be forgotten and we as citizens will forever be indebted to you. Just as you have shaped our history you will shape our future. Continue to be the few, the strong, and the brave.

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