Why Do You Want to Join the Honours Program: Narrative Essay

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Every student has a different reason for attending college. Some students are just trying to graduate to obtain a degree. Others may be looking for parties or excitement. However, I believe that I am looking for more than the average college student. I am looking for experiences that can help me grow not just academically, but also in the professional world of business and communication.

When I applied to UT Dallas, I began my college life pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology. As a Muslim, it is typical for students from my religious community to pursue the typical degree plan to take biology and chemistry courses and then go to medical school. However, I did not want to imitate the plans of the Muslims from my community and instead pursue a different path in life. I chose Global Business because I wanted a career with a variant lifestyle that relied on more than just studying and passing courses. Global Business accomplishes that by also requiring internships, community engagement, and study abroad. These requirements will allow me to improve important skills such as communication, applying for a professional position, and living on my own in a foreign country. I want to focus on preparing for the professional world, which encouraged me to apply for the Davidson Management Honors Program.

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I believe that the Davidson Management Honors Program can provide me with the experiences and the improvement that I am looking for. As a college student whose family’s net income is under $20,000 a year, I am not able to gain as many opportunities as other students due to financial circumstances. However, this program offers exceptional benefits such as scholarship opportunities and travel that can aid financially burdened students. I have always wanted to be able to learn and work globally. That is part of the reason why I decided to major in Global Business. The Davidson Management Honors Program can help me do that and more.

I also plan to bring my passion and qualities to the Davidson Management Honors Program. As a determined college student, I have been focusing my undivided attention on my responsibilities such as studying and working a part-time job in order to prepare myself. Not only can I dedicate this determination and motivation to the program, but I can also share my enthusiasm with other students. With fellow students, who like me, are looking for personal growth, I believe we can learn from each other’s mistakes and hardships as we persevere. I always look for ways to pay back the friends and family that have helped me out throughout my life. That is why I have been so involved in various activities within my mosque, such as volunteering as a Sunday School supervisor and being an active member of the Youth Committee. I can also bring this involvement into the program as well.

In retrospect, I am applying for the Davidson Honors Management Program in order to become a more capable person in order to overcome my hardships and obtain the skills to be successful. Working harder on my classes and studies can only get me so far, thus encouraging me to look for new opportunities to grow. I am not only passionate about gaining new experiences from this program but also to help and create connections with others so that they are able to fulfill their reason for going to college as well.

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