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In the last decade of their reigns, a series of legal disputes arose between Francis and Henry which seem oddly trivial and unnecessarily prolonged to the modern observer. Yet, there was an earnest tenacity about them. The apparent issue in each was the respect for the legalities of treaties between them, and particularly honouring the financial obligations each had to the other. At heart, however, they were really about their respective claims to personal honour as kings and brothers. Having...
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When reading Shakespeare, it is clear that certain character types can be found throughout his plays. Two such plays that share the same character type are King Henry IV: Part I and Hamlet. Throughout these plays, the character type of a deceptive ruler is seen through King Henry in King Henry IV: Part I and Claudius in Hamlet. In both instances, these kings appear to hold aligned views on how a king should operate and maintain their kingdom. For both...
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Hal is dynamic. We see definite changes in his character from our first encounter with him (in Henry IV part I) to when he is king (in Henry V). He starts out as a rebellious and seemingly care-free youth. He chooses to spend most of his time with his lower class friends at the tavern where they laugh and need not worry about much. Being heir to the throne, Hal is constantly rebuked for his childish attitude by the Lord...
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Power can affect individuals very differently. This includes those who are in power, and those who are being led. Several of Shakespeare’s plays tell the story of various kings and how they have ruled England. Richard II, Richard III, Henry IV, and Henry V have all had different experiences when it came to ruling. Even though they were all leaders, not all of them demonstrated effected leadership, especially towards lower class individuals such as servants, thieves, and women. When it...
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In Henry IV Part 1, the play juxtaposes different views, ideologies and characters to analyze the concept of honor in a series of parallels and contrasts. Similarity lies between Hotspur and Prince Hal due to their responsibility to their country, England; a parallel is set up between King Henry and Falstaff, while both acquire a father image to Prince Hal, the parenting and belief in honor drastically differs from one another; opposition is establish between Hotspur and Falstaff, when Hotspur...
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In Part 1 of Henry IV, “blood” is the defining characteristic, separating the players into two distinct groups easily designated by their relationship to blood and providing the basis for the two lifestyles that Hal leads. The nobility’s obsession with blood in all of its meanings coagulates them into the first of the two groups. This blood obsession is manifested in the minds of the leading court figures, most especially those of the King, Henry IV, and Hotspur, Henry Percy....
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In the 16th century, Niccolo Machiavelli stated on “The Prince” that leadership came mostly from theatrics. That is to say, to be a good leader one must first be a good actor, or at the very least be convincing enough to get the loyalty of the people. In a time where the political situation of his kingdom was so precarious, when the people were so divided and opposed to one another, it is no surprise that King Henry IV was...
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