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Stonehenge as a Sacred Place: Descriptive Essay

What is Sacred? Ancient Egypt art and architecture detail the belief systems and socioeconomic structures of ancient Egypt. Some of the diverse architectural structures remain as primary focus points for tourists. The arts are at times compared with evaluations of their various similarities. However, there is still a diversified symbolism in most of them in their anonymity and association with religious beliefs. Art from ancient Egypt received focus and attention from diverse people based on its differences from our modern...
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Essay on Architecture: Analysis of Stonehenge

An example of such a structure would be Stonehenge in Southern England. Its purpose however still remains a mystery. Excavations are being done to find out various possible functions of these structures. However, it is believed to have multiple purposes and is estimated to have been built over many years. Stonehenge is enclosed in a large circle with a diameter of approximately 320 feet defined by a ditch. The circle has an opening characterized by a street that was once...
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Essay on Stonehenge: Analysis of Religious Beliefs and Traditions

What were the common religious/spiritual beliefs of the people living in this time period? What role did these beliefs play in the shaping/creating of their society? The main religion was based around Egyptian Gods and Priests. In these times there were many small communities that had developed their own god/s to worship. One of the biggest spiritual beliefs was that the stones were placed in that particular formation to form a calendar. This calendar was designed to keep track of...
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Stonehenge As the Most Iconic Pre-historic Monument: History of Creation

It’s one of the world’s most iconic pre-historic monuments. Questions like ‘Who built it and why’, has been inspiring countless theories. It could have been an ancient cathedral, or a burial place or also could have been a stone-age observatory. Every generation for a very long time has been coming up with newer theories. 5000-year-old bones testify to the elite families, perhaps a single dynasty that ruled Stonehenge. However even bigger questions that transpire are, what actually motivated these people...
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General Overview of Stonehenge: Descriptive Essay

Stonehenge (Monument) Key Features Stonehenge is prehistorical and was built around 3000BC. It consist of standing stones that make a ring. Many historians believe the people who created this used it as a burial ground. It is intriguing for many due to how it was built and how many years ago could’ve been constructed it with limited technology. The name of the monument derives from the Saxon stan-hengen, meaning ‘stone hanging’ or ‘gallows’. Along with more than 350 nearby monuments...
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Survey Level Instruments: The History and Types

Surveying is a profession that has been around since 2500 BC which was when Stonehenge was thought to be built. However, when this occurred the tools used to survey were different from the tools and equipment used today. The people who built Stonehenge did this through what is known as geometry today and with the use of a peg/rope system. However, the Greeks were the first to develop surveying equipment to help divide land plots. AS advancements have been made,...
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We See the World in Terms of Our Theories

Why are the theories we believe called facts and the facts we disbelieve called theories? Theory has always been the utmost important aspect of the introduction of tentative knowledge. Arguably, the system of provisional knowledge intended to explain and describe the existence of possible phenomena, thus aiding our understanding of the world through relationships, concepts and logic. Firstly, it is vital that we recognize that scientific theory is established by repeated observations and it seeks to diagnose why something occurs....
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