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The word ‘samurai’ is most often associated with skilful warriors dressed in heavy armour and fighting their battles with the famous Katana or possibly the ultimate battle of skill between the samurai and his brother-in-arms the ninja or simply the warrior one meets in mass-media. The above-mentioned associations may be true, but one rarely thinks of how this honoured expert...
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Ancient Japan lasted for over 16,000 years and during that time a number of events have changed history and affected the people of today. Over that period of time, some people called the samurai had contributed in changing history. The samurai began in 1185 by the Japanese government in the Heian period. The very first samurai was known as Yasuke,...
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While it is an attractive view of these legendary warriors, it is nevertheless quite a misleading one. In this video, we shall do our best to correct this, and cover the even more fascinating roles and perceptions of the samurai in Japanese society from the earliest days all the way to the modern day. The geographical situation that spawned the...
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You are a feudal Knight who has traveled to feudal Japan. You visit a samurai, his daimyo, the shogun, and the emperor. Write a letter home explaining the similarities and differences you notice between these people and knights, lords, and monarchs. Weapons Armour Training Weapons - Samurai They had a long and a short sword The swords were symbols of...
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The movie ‘The Last Samurai’ was useful to an extent for the education about the modernization of Japan. This movie is based on a historical event that unfolded in the modernization of Japan. ‘The Last Samurai’ is a 2003 American drama action movie co-produced and directed by Edward Zwick. It is set in 1876 in Japan, which at the time...
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Introduction The Edo period was crucial in the shaping of Japanese gender roles and expectations, creating norms that continue to influence modern-day views of femininity and masculinity. Japan was once a matriarchal society where women were head of social organizations, families, and clans, however, the influx of Chinese philosophy and Confucian ideas in the modern period led to a decrease...
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Bushido, a code of moral principles that dictate the samurai way of life, first came to the fore during the Edo period. Its origins were largely influenced by Shinto and Zen Buddhism, with many of its tenets being drawn from Neo-Confucian texts. Bushido was originally an informal code of conduct for samurai, encompassing a wide range of virtues and guides...
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The Evaluation How did the Samurai’s lifestyle affect their personal lives? The Summary My research was about the Samurai lifestyle and how it affected their personal lives. Japanese history has always intrigued me, I have always loved learning about their civilization and culture, and I especially loved learning about the Samurai. The reason I chose this topic is that wanted...
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Saigō was well known as ‘The Last Samurai’. He succeeded in the difficult task of overthrowing Tokugawa who led the Shogun’s and took control from the Emperor. Saigō returned all power to the Emperor and helped to establish the Meiji Restoration. However, being a new leader soon collided with his own values and beliefs as a firm follower of the...
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Ryunosuke Akutagawa’s “In a Grove” concerns various witnesses in a murder trial. Although each witness is testifying about the same crime, their accounts vary. They seem to remember different facts, making it difficult to convict anyone. Three of the witnesses, Tajomaru the thief, Masago, and her Samurai husband, Kanazawa no Takehiko all confess to at least one killing. It is...
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