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“Hey yo, I’m just like my country, I’m young, scrappy and hungry. I’m not throwing away my shot. ”He spent the past few years trying one of the best founding fathers Alexander Hamilton into a hip-hop Broadway play that made lots of money and spoke to larger groups of people. ...

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At this time, the 1750s-1800s, the United States was still very much a young, weak, and inexperienced nation. There are two major political parties wanting more power, the Federalists Party, and the Democratic-Republican Party. Alexander Hamilton was the leader of the Federalist Party, which controlled congress and the rest of the national government from the beginning of the new nation after John Adams succeeded George Washington as president. The Federalists believed that their political party was the government and that...
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In todays government, it is quite rare that two members of the cabinet have opposing political and economical views. Unknowing of this, George Washington appointed two men who he thought very highly of to be his head of Department of State and his Secretary of the Treasury, Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, respectively. Jefferson and Hamilton supported two different political views. Alexander Hamilton’s background helped shape his thoughts and ideas that would become a contributing factor of their rivalry. Hamilton’s...
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Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson were our main political components from the beginning to the middle of the 1800s. Each had a completely different personality and completely different political views. However, all three would have an interesting story. These were the times when our nation was being founded. Their actions shaped the way for our government today. It was interesting to read their views and I am more informed than I ever was. Alexander Hamilton had a huge...
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Cohen indicates that the musical genre is “the most commercially successful genre in the American theatre today.” The first real music that comes to my mind is the contemporary retelling of Alexander Hamilton’s story in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton on Broadway. “Eight years, 11 Tony® Awards, and one Pulitzer Prize later, Hamilton, Miranda’s hit musical, is the hottest ticket on Broadway and a pop culture phenomenon,” according to writer and editor for WNET, Elisa Lichtenbaum. I imagine Lin Manuel Miranda began...
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When we learn about the early history of the United States, the issues considered important then might seem largely irrelevant now. Sure, the framers of the Constitution debated the fundamental purpose and scope of government, but they agreed upon a framework that's been used ever since. Are their concerns over matters of economics relevant in our modern, technological society? They certainly are. Consider the disagreements between founding fathers Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Hamilton and Jefferson were famous rivals, disagreeing...
2 Pages 999 Words
After the United State of America became independent on the 4th of July, one of the problems the new-born country was facing is the concerning financial situation. The federal government had received $54 million of debt as an aftermath of the Independence War fight with the British. With paper, cash issued becoming worthless and without foreign savings, the financial prospect of the nation was faint. George Washington, the first president of the United States of America saw the high need...
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During the 1780s and early 1790s, the American debt was super high, both state debts which total 21.5 million dollars, and the national debt was very high. You’re probably going to say 21.5 million dollars are really not that much money anymore. You are correct today but back then in the late 18th century that was enormous. Money was worth little. Remember under the Articles of Confederation, each state could print its own money its own currency, so there were...
3 Pages 1271 Words
‘A Magnificent Catastrophe​’, written by Edward J. Larson, explores a story that not many people would know of. The events that were the 1800 presidential election, and possibly the most catastrophic presidential election to date. It follows John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, two of the founding fathers of America, as they race to take the presidential seat in the White House. Although history can already tell us that Jefferson was the one that took the term, there was a lot...
4 Pages 1783 Words
It all commenced in the 1790s with Alexander Hamilton at the lead of the Federalists and Thomas Jefferson leading the Democratic-Republicans. According to the textbook, “Merchants, lawyers, and urban artisans generally favored the Constitution, as did large landowners and slaveholders. Anti-Federalists tended to be rural, Western, and non-commercial men whose access to news was limited and whose participation in state government was tenuous” (p.207). The Federalists were made up of manufacturers, bankers, and emergence with some wealthy farmers and plantation...
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If there is one thing all Americans can agree on, it is that the government is slow acting. Too slow acting, almost like it doesn’t do anything, and when it does something, it is not the right thing (even till this today). The easiest answer to the problem of the government's inefficiency is to place the blame on a person or branch of the government, such as the President, Congress, or Senate. However, what most Americans either do not remember...
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From the early beginnings up to 1865 America was being created and shaped into the country it is today. Early civilization started with Native Americans. ‘Iroquois Creation’ by David Cusick was written during the Native American literary period. During this time authors focused on storytelling. The creation story shows speeches, tales and poetry of the Native American oral tradition. In this short story the author describes the foundation of what is now called North America. “When he made the universe,...
4 Pages 1713 Words
During the late 1700s, there was a heated debate between the Federalists and the Republicans. While both political parties had different ideas of what the government should become, it was ultimately Alexander Hamilton’s that eventually bested Thomas Jefferson’s vision. Hamilton was the first treasury secretary and had a great influence on President Washington over Thomas Jefferson. Alexander Hamilton was one of the most important founding father figures in the late 1700s. Thomas Jefferson believed in decentralized government, freedom of religion...
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