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Song Analysis Essay: 'Song Blow Us All Away' in the Musical 'Hamilton'

This is the 16th song of Act II in the musical, Hamilton. It speaks of an event that truly happened in Alexander Hamilton’s life as most of the other songs do. This song talks about what led up to the death of his son, Philip Hamilton. It shows Hamilton giving his son advice that eventually leads to his death in a duel. The title, “Blow Us All Away,” suggests that it may be related to the song, but it really...
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Role of Feminism in Development of the American Musical 'Hamilton'

Introduction The use of theatre is to communicate important issues from either the past or current, in one way or another. This essay will examine the role of feminism in Hamilton, an American musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda, and how the link to feminism creates an interesting look at the female characters within the performance. Feminism has become more ingrained in theatre in the last century and the music can be seen to show parts of that, even with the circumstances...
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Review of Theatrical Performance: Musical 'Hamilton'

On September 19th at the Orpheum Theatre, I saw Hamilton, The show follows the remarkable life story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Its creator and star, Lin-Manuel Miranda, retells the tale using rap music and lyrics that tackle even political deal-making: “Two Virginians and an immigrant walk into a room/Diametric’ly opposed, foes/ They emerge with a compromise, having opened doors that were/Previously closed/Bros.” This cast, which calls itself the #AndPeggyTour, lives up to...
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Essay on Hamilton Musical

Hamilton, an American musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, follows the story of one of the most influential founding fathers of America, Alexander Hamilton. Inspired by the biography “Alexander Hamilton” written by Rob Chernow, the musical takes its audience back to colonial America, riddled with themes of revolution and love, as it illustrates Hamilton’s life, influence, and the legacy he leaves behind. The musical made a name for itself, first performing off-Broadway and eventually winning 11 Tony Awards and becoming one...
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Analysis of Huge Success of ‘Hamilton’ Musical

“Hamilton” is probably one of the most popular Broadway shows today, right up there with “Wicked” and “Cats,” and it is all thanks to the one and only Lin-Manuel Miranda. He turned his dreams into a reality, even when it seemed hopeless and others kept telling him to give up. He kept going until he created and starred in the musical he had been writing for years, but it definitely wasn’t his first success. While the musical was a huge...
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Essay on Hamilton and the Abiding Racial Debate

Criticism will invariably persecute any artwork released into the public domain with no discrimination between renowned and anonymous authors. As expected, even Lin-Manuel Miranda’s preeminent, award-winning Broadway musical, Hamilton, has encountered dogmatic people who have condemned details of the exceptional production and pointed them out as sufficient evidence to ban the musical. The alleged support for slavery and white supremacy, topics that strike a raw nerve when addressed, is based on individual interpretation and constitutes a vitriolic diatribe that, by...
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Reflective Essay on Alexander Hamilton’s Story in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Mucical 'Hamilton' on Broadway

Cohen indicates that the musical genre is “the most commercially successful genre in the American theatre today.” The first real music that comes to my mind is the contemporary retelling of Alexander Hamilton’s story in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton on Broadway. “Eight years, 11 Tony® Awards, and one Pulitzer Prize later, Hamilton, Miranda’s hit musical, is the hottest ticket on Broadway and a pop culture phenomenon,” according to writer and editor for WNET, Elisa Lichtenbaum. I imagine Lin Manuel Miranda began...
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Musical Theatre Is More Than Art Form: Analysis of Musical 'Hamilton'

Musicals are a popular form of visual arts with over 11 million people attending a show on broadway last year. They are a performance where people tell a story with the aid of singing, dancing, and acting. Musicals can transport you across the world, you could spend an Arabian night in Agrahba in the musical Aladdin, spend a day under the sea with Ursula the witch in The Little Mermaid or even visit New York in the 1700s when Alexander...
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Musical 'Hamilton' as One of the Most Popular Broadway Shows

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Hamilton Hamilton are probably one of the most popular Broadway shows, right up there with Wicked and Cats, and it is all thanks to the one and only Lin-Manuel Miranda. He turned his dreams into a reality, even when it seemed hopeless and others kept telling him to give up. He kept going until he created and starred in the musical he had been writing for years, but it definitely wasn’t his first success. While the musical...
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Essay about Lin-Manuel Miranda: Rise to Success and Musical 'Hamilton'

In recent years, one of the most discussed and highly venerated musicals on Broadway is undoubtedly the hip-hop sensation known as Hamilton. The show has made millions of dollars since it opened at the Richard Rodgers Theater on August 6th, 2015 (Vine). Hamilton was a smash hit far before it even stepped on the Broadway stage. Then President, Barack Obama, even went to see a preview of the show in June of 2015 before its official opening night (MacGregor). Written...
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Hamilton Critique Essay

The second stage production I attended was Hamilton. From the time the original Broadway cast album came out in 2015, I had not listened to any of the musical numbers and knew little of the plot except that it followed Alexander Hamilton. I only heard snippets of people humming along to the songs because everyone in school was obsessed with the show. This past weekend I was fortunate to witness what all the rave was about, and Hamilton has earned...
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Critical Review on Musical 'Hamilton'

Chances are that you’ve heard the question, “Have you seen Hamilton?” if you’ve ever so slightly had an interest in theatre in the past year. This hip-hop rendition of the founding fathers and their contributions to America has revolutionized how we view American history. But “People don’t want a show with wigs” (Billington), so why is everyone making such a big fuss over this musical? Well, the truth is that the show is nothing less than spectacular. Lin Manuel Miranda,...
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Why ‘Hamilton’ Is a Hit: Argumentative Essay

The musical told the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the American Founding Fathers. Hamilton is initially about the founding of America, written by a man who in many ways personifies the most idealized version of the American dream. The producer of the play Lin- Manuel Miranda, decided to write a hip-hop musical about the story of Hamilton, featuring the Founding Fathers as iconic rap artists. Hamilton is a modern twist on the historical figures who have shaped America. The...
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Use of Allusions to Characterize an Individual in 'Maus I: A Survivor’s Tale' and in 'Hamilton'

Hamilton: An American Musical was written by Lin Manuel-Miranda and is a musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton. What makes this so unique is how it is presented in the form of rap and even has hip-hop references to go with it. Most of the play is historically accurate which makes learning history very simple for the listeners, even if they don’t realize that they are learning. With this recipe, Hamilton is able to connect with audiences of all...
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Essay on History and Context of Jazz Dance: Analysis of Musical 'Hamilton'

In this essay, I am going to discuss the history and development of jazz dance for musical theatre. I am going to do this by exploring the works of Andy Blankenbuehler who choreographed ‘Hamilton’ and Jerome Robbins who choreographed West Side Story. These two shows are incredibly different in their choreography. For example, in ‘Hamilton’ the choreography is a mash-up of styles, incorporating everything from jazz to hip-hop to swing to jitterbug., whereas the choreography in West Side Story is...
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Essay on Hamilton: The Gateway Drug for Musicals

A record sixteen Tony nominations were given to Hamilton (Hatzitolios). Winning twelve of those nominations, including best musical, it also won a Pulitzer Prize for drama, a Grammy award, seven Olivier awards, was honored by the Kennedy Center, and received raving reviews from seemingly everywhere (Klotz). One wonders why there are still those who haven’t listened to it yet today, almost 4 years after its 2015 debut (McCarthy). The music, lyrics, and book for Hamilton: An American Musical were all...
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