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Essay on History and Context of Jazz Dance: Analysis of Musical 'Hamilton'

In this essay, I am going to discuss the history and development of jazz dance for musical theatre. I am going to do this by exploring the works of Andy Blankenbuehler who choreographed ‘Hamilton’ and Jerome Robbins who choreographed West Side Story. These two shows are incredibly different in their choreography. For example, in ‘Hamilton’ the choreography is a mash-up of styles, incorporating everything from jazz to hip-hop to swing to jitterbug., whereas the choreography in West Side Story is...
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Essay on Cool Jazz: Warm, Elegant, Soothing and Relaxed

In the late 1940s, as a response to bebop, a new, softer, warmer, more relaxed and relaxed jazz style appeared, which is called ‘cool jazz’. It is mainly composed of white musicians and is concentrated on the west coast of the United States, so it is also known as ‘West Coast jazz’. Cool jazz is like a kind of emotional music. It tries to combine jazz with classical music, trying to get rid of the empty and overly tense elements...
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Charlie Parker Changes Jazz

The American 20th century was dominated by many diverse genres of music, such as rock and roll, rhythm and blues, country, pop, blues, and jazz. Now in the early 1940s, the so-called swing style jazz had started to fade away and a newer trend of music had begun to form. This form of jazz, known as bebop or modern jazz, was completely different then the dominate swing for it was heavily influenced on smaller bands and the use of improvisation....
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Big Band Jazz and Its History

Jazz has been a genre of music that stretches past racial boundaries, generational separation and societal norms. The barriers of race were broken down with the newfound expression of jazz in the early 1900s. Jazz has a breadth of emotional meaning that resonated with multiple ethnic groups aside from African Americans. In Europe, jazz was seen as a form of musical liberation. Jazz reflected that African Americans had created a music which was a profound, timely, reflection of the nation...
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Essay on Cool Jazz and Its Famous Compositions

With jazz as one of the most influential and powerful style, there lay various well-known jazz compositions whose composers used different styles to engage their audience. Given jazz’s evolution, many great compositions and edits exist but one in particular, ‘cool jazz’, can be described as one of the most influential and inspiring components in jazz history. Cool jazz is a kind of contemporary jazz that sought much attention after World War II, with much of its notable growth and development...
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Jazz Vs Contemporary Classical Music: Comparative Essay

Jazz and contemporary classical music are a like in many ways, while also being very different. Music culture in itself is something that is developed slowly over a great deal of time, with constant study and rehearsal in the given genre. Each music culture having its own set of ‘rules’ of dos and don’ts. The better you know these rules, the better understanding of a genre you will have. First let’s start with a definition of the two genres. Jazz...
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Representation of African Americans in Jazz Music

One hundred and three years ago, on February 26, 1917, the first recording of jazz ‘Livery Stable Blues’ performed by the original Dixieland Jazz Band was released in the United States. But it was a problematic ‘first’ as these young musicians claimed to have ‘invented’ jazz. But it was published at an interesting moment in American history, when the emerging African American blues and jazz genres broke into American consciousness and spread throughout the country and the world. African American...
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Essay on African Americans: Jazz, and Their Contribution to America

A type of music that is usually played in the major key and quite popular in America is jazz. It was originally invented in the late 1800s by African-American musicians. However, it didn’t become very popular until the 1900s. By this time, jazz had become an inherent part of American culture. In the 1920, there was a time period known as the ‘Jazz Age’, since jazz music flourished and became extremely well-known especially among the younger generation. Jazz also spread...
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Essay on the 1920’s and Jazz

The 1920’s turned into a crazy year with the War occurring and with women gaining the right to vote there became a whole lot of stuff happening however nothing stuck out extra than the Jazz Age. Jazz had many diverse names, but one among the most typical names have become the Jazz Age. This complete fundamental amount became terrific famed for its development in rhythm, nightly hobby at speakeasies, and dance palace dances. Nearly anywhere you went in the 1920’s...
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Reflections on Why Jazz Is Important

1920s. A smoke-filled bar rings sounds of complexity and enthusiasm. Jazz is at its peak and quite rightly so. There is an overwhelming sense of popularity amongst people of African American descent. The audience. The band. Still nothing gets around the fact that the point of this bar is to entertain, to satisfy the musical urges. Nowadays when we think of a bar we think of alcoholic beverages, socializing, perhaps even some romance. Why is this? One reason could be...
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Essay on Jazz: Definition, Origin and Its Main Subgenre - Orchestral Jazz

This essay covers the definition and origins of jazz, how jazz started developing over the years and the changes involved. It will then focus on one of the many subgenres of jazz, orchestral jazz, and one of George Gershwin’s orchestral jazz compositions called ‘Rhapsody in Blue’. Starting off with what jazz is. Since jazz was described as “a piece of music entirely surrounded by noise” in 1919, countless attempts have been made to give it some kind of definition, but...
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Essay on Jazz in Nazi Germany and Role of Django Reinhardt

The Nazi takeover of Germany in 1933 brought many changes, often prohibitions and restrictions to parts of society that the Nazis deemed inferior to, or at odds with their ideology. One of the most prominent of these changes was the control and prohibition of music in Nazi Germany. Considering how vital and valued music is in society, many would question how anyone could successfully take away or control a society’s music. Thus, this paper attempts to answer the question of...
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Essay on Jazz in Nazi Germany

The German Nazi Party has lived on in infamy as one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century. Few things compare to the horror of the Jewish Holocaust brought about by the racist ideology and practices of this tyrannical political movement. Any reasonable person in the 21st century looks back and wonders, ‘How could this have happened?’. ‘How could an entire country in the modern world be complicit in the execution of over 11 million people, many of which...
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