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Most people nowadays do not listen to old Jazz, but back in the 1920’s it was incredibly popular it was the bee’s knees. After World War 1 it was hard for many people, but jazz was a bright light for many. Today there are so many different music genres, but in the Roaring Twenties, there was only one mainstream genre; Jazz. Jazz helped fuel the Civil Rights Movement and end segregation. It helped the world change for the better. Jazz...
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At Armstrong’s first rehearsal with Henderson, the other musicians first looked down upon the newcomer because of his out-of-date clothes and rural manners. But their opinions changed as soon as he played his first notes. It was largely due to his powerful playing that jazz changed into a kind of music that put the focus on brilliant and adventurous soloists. During his year with Henderson, Armstrong became a major influence not only on other brass players but on musicians of...
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The music industry had a major impact on some of the people in the music of World War I and World War II. Music allowed people to forget about wars and troubled times, even for a short time. The types of genres that appeared between world war I and World war II were Jazz, Swing, and Blues mainly, and the artists that came up on top were people like: Bill Murray, Irving Berlin, Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith, Duke Ellington, Bing...
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Louis Armstrong- Louis Armstrong, aka 'Satchmo” was a native of New Orleans. He was an A-class expert in his profession. His pinnacle came in 1920, during that time he influenced countless musicians with his outrageous trumpet style and vocals. He grew up in a poor neighborhood that was nicknamed “The Battlefield”. Armstrong had a difficult childhood: his father was a worker in the factory and soon after the birth of Louis he abandoned the family. His mother, who frequently turned...
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From the start of the 1930s, until approximately the middle of the decade, the music industry suffered from the Great Depression. Economical issues getting milder, and milder, helped the music industry to bring new life and a new era in music, where big band swing and crooning started to gain popularity. While World War II was fought (1939-1945), music would still grow in the 1940s even with all the negative stuff happening. Music has its fair share of magic in...
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Louis Armstrong and Bruce Springsteen are both well-known and highly respected musical artists. They are both gifted song composers whose works have been listened to by multiple generations and have remained popular through many decades. Armstrong and Springsteen individually achieved significant worldwide popularity, though they performed and composed music that differed in type, style, and rhythm. Louis Armstrong is a well-known jazz artist who lived in the 1900s. He was born on August 4th, 1901 in New Orleans, Louisiana. His...
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Louis Armstrong had a nickname called Satchmo and was the influencer of 1920 when he created music from trumpet style and vocals that were known to be unique. He had such a stage presence that people just wanted to watch him all the time. He not only impressed the world with Jazz but all music. During his singing career, he recorded famous songs like What a wonderful world and Stardust. His early years were that he was born in New...
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In essence, Louis Armstrong and Kenny G are two artists that draw various similarities and differences in their musicality. Nonetheless, both are well respected for their prowess in jazz music. Armstrong was born in Louisiana in 1901, and he perished in 1971 (“Louis Armstrong biography” n.d). He is widely recognized for his abilities with the trumpet, composing, and acting. As a result, he was considered the most influential jazz figure between the 20s to the 60s. On the other hand,...
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The research conducted focuses on the compositional aspects of Dixieland Jazz as well as the structure of its music. The music itself gained popularity in the early 20th century due to some iconic musicians that not only performed them but created the fundamental composition of Dixieland Jazz. This research also includes the origins of how this came to be and additional information from books, scholarly articles, and audio recordings that help support this argument. Introduction The purpose of this research...
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