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Essay on Contributions of Jazz Musician Louis Armstrong

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Table of contents

  1. 1920
  2. 1930 to 1940s
  3. 1950`s
  4. What was Louis Armstrong's best song?

Louis Armstrong had a nickname called Satchmo and was the influencer of 1920 when he created music from trumpet style and vocals that were known to be unique. He had such a stage presence that people just wanted to watch him all the time. He not only impressed the world with Jazz but all music. During his singing career, he recorded famous songs like What a wonderful world and Stardust.

His early years were that he was born in New Orleans on the 4th of august 1901. He had a very poor family life when he was younger. The family did not make much money, His father worked as a factory employee and left his mother straight after he was born. His mother had not a lot of money and would turn to the streets every night. Louis was often left with his grandmother and when he reached fifth grade, he was told that he had to leave school and find work.

On his first job he was taken in by a Jewish family called Kanefsky`s who encouraged Ali to sing as much as he could and invited him back to dinner most nights. On the evening of 1912 which was New Year`s Eve Ali fired his stepfather`s gun into the air in celebration, but he was quickly arrested and put into the boy's Coloured Waif.

During his time inside he received musical training and found his love for the cornet so when he was released in 1914, he made his mind up that he wanted to go into the professional world of music.

When Armstrong`s career started to take off, he still worked delivering newspapers and taking coal to the red-light district but by this time he began to earn his reputation as a blues player. He began to work with his mentor Joe King who would give him pointers but if he needed anyone to stand in then he would call upon Ali.

In 1918 he married his wife Daisy Parker, but this brought a lot of arguments and violence within the relationship. When his cousin died in childbirth, he took on her son called Clarence, unfortunately, he was the mentally disabled cause of an accident that left him with a brain injury when he was young. Armstrong took him in to care for him.

In 1918 Armstrong began to build his reputation more and spent many nights replaying Oliver in the Kid Ory's band. This was the band in New Orleans that everybody wanted to watch. When Armstrong became to build on music, he stopped the manual work and played at parties and funerals. This was the start of his career.

He focused a lot of his time on his Trumpet and became one of the nation`s favorite entertainers. His instrumental and vocals continued to influence American music and his reputation showed an impact on the civil rights struggle that he was coming across whilst in America. According to reports he was what Jazz was about and his music went down well in society.


He would play in many musical groups and with his success would sing solo. With his dedication, he was an artist that people wanted to follow, and he became a superstar in his profession. Professional artists wanted to work alongside him and his recordings of hot five and seven remain top of the leaderboard of songs that he has made.

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1930 to 1940s

During this time, he traveled the world to promote his singing and performing in large groups, over time he realized that he wanted to perform in smaller audiences so with the help of his manager Joe Glaser he was able to have a smaller group that included Jack Teagarden and Earl Hines. When he reached 40 his music career started to decline but he was still involved in playing at local staging.


During this time his music and himself were removed from the public eye, people were starting to recognize that he was a sensation in his own right and decided to form a professional relationship with George Gershwin and Ella Fitzgerald, the duet of Porgy and Bess was a popular choice in the music world. In the late 50s, he would play for more white audiences, but he was still in arguments that he was treating black society wrong.

Louis Armstrong spent many of his final days celebrating his music in small audiences across the world but sadly in 1971 in New York City he died from a heart attack. His legacy will always live on, and new inspirations will be formed within jazz.

What was Louis Armstrong's best song?

When his what a beautiful world was released in 1968 it became one of his most enjoyable songs. The meaning behind the song is that he treated life as a whole and using his life experience and seeing different events that he was involved with gave him happiness. The song is very relaxing.

George Weiss and Bob Thiele were the creators behind the song and spent many hours interlocking ideas that would work for this song. Unfortunately, the song was not given to him first and was given to an artist called Tony Bennett. When he turned this song down it was made for Louis. It was not his usual jazz piece but with different ideas, he made it his own.

It never made it in America, but it got to number one and became one of the best singles in our charts.

  • How did Louis Armstrong change the world?

His music had an important contribution to the history of jazz. Many professionals call him the Greek soloist.

  • Who does Louis Armstrong influence today?

Armstrong was unique in his own style and this is the reason Jazz worked. He influenced people like Frank Sinatra and many successful pop bands. People found inspiration from his life.

  • How did Louis Armstrong influence culture?

He was the country's one and only superstar that was black. He involved himself in Jazz but also through a strong relationship towards race and he was not afraid of voicing it when something needed to be said and a message needed to come across.

  • What was Armstrong's fear when he got arrested?

He was very passionate about his trumpet and to play this instrument you need your mouth to use it correctly. When Armstrong was arrested, he was scared that he would be beaten up by the police and they would hit him in the mouth. If this had happened, then who knows where his career would have gone.

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